Candle Flavor: café au lait
Triangle: JamesOCLouis
Prompts: bloom, mythology, freestyle

"You don't even know her favourite coffee!" Louis protested to his cousin James, about Emily Longbottom, the girl James had decided he was going to marry. Louis only disapproved because he was also in love with her, but he couldn't (wouldn't) say that to James, so instead he'd settle for trying to talk James out of this.

"Café au lait!" James said, smirking and looking proud of himself. Louis wanted to wipe that shit-eating grin right off of his cousin's face, but held back. No, he was a peaceful person and didn't believe in unnecessary violence.

"Favourite type of book?" Louis pressed.


"Favourite coffee?"


And ten minutes later, after they established that James knew a stalkerish amount about Emily (included but not limited to "she loves mythology and spring time because things bloom or something, and dragons are cool"), Louis realizes that there's nothing he can really say to stop James from asking Emily out, except what he really wants to say – "I'm in love with Emily, though." But he doesn't say it and James asks Emily out and she says yes and a good cousin would be happy for James.

Louis isn't a good cousin, though.