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A line of three camp buses were lined up on the side of the road. They turned down a narrow lane then passed through a freshly painted wooden gate with a large sign that read, Camp Frontier. A magnificent lake sparkled in the distance with red canoes, lined up on its shores.

Over the loud atmosphere of the camp, the bus horns were honking, announcing that the first day of Camp Frontier for both boys and girls has officially began.

Boys and girls. Tall ones, short ones, and everything in between, ranging from the ages 11 through 15. Camp counselors tried to control the loud clamor of the kids as they ran at a fast pace towards the camp entrance.

The bus drivers tossed duffel bags of all types out of the buses into a large pile. Marva Kulp, the owner of the camp who looked in her late sixties wore khaki shorts held a bullhorn. Next to Marva, stood her daughter Marva Jr., short for Marva Junior who also held a bullhorn.

Marva kulp turned on her bullhorn and spoke, "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Camp Frontier. I'm Marva, your camp director and this is my daughter, Marva Jr. Please find your duffels as quickly as possible, we've got a big, big day ahead of us. Marva, bunk assignments, please."

Marva Jr. lifted her bullhorn and yelled out bunk assignments directly into her mother's ears. Marva Kulp covered her ears in pain.

"Berg, Katie, Cabin Wind! Bunk seven! James, Lily, Cabin Fire! Bunk Five!"

A scream of joy was heard throughout the crowd of kids, probably the kids who got their bunk assignments.

"Burnham, Daisy, Cabin Thunder! Bunk Three!"

As Marva Jr. called out bunk assignments, a mountain of duffel bags sat at the quad next to the bus lane as one 13 year old, Koji Minamoto popped up behind the pile.

"Okay, I found my duffel." Koji said to himself, "Question is, how do I get it out?"

Koji wore long Khaki pants that went right above his ankles with a plain, yellow t-shirt. A thin blue sweater was wrapped around his waist. His overly long, dark blue hair was kept in a downwards pony tail, partially covered in a dark, blue bandanna. He wore thick, white sneakers that hid his ankles.

Koji searched for the strap to his duffel bag. After he found it, he pulled onto the strap with all the strength he could muster from the large pile.

Koji heaved an aggravated sigh, not able to pull out his own bag from the crowded pile.

A shorter kid who wore a hat with large goggles that enveloped it, walked over to the blunette.

"You must be new." The goggled kid said.

"How can you tell?" Koji asked.

"You didn't know how to grab your duffel before the bus-drivers tossed it into the heap; I would say you need some serious help."

"Thanks, it's the big, blue one." Koji said.

The goggled boy helped Koji pull on the strap.

"Cool bandanna." The boy complimented.

"Thanks, it was a going away gift from my dad." Koji replied.

As Koji and the goggled boy pulled the strap together, the shorter boy asked the blunette a question.

"So what's your name?"

"Koji Minamoto; yours?"

"I'm Takuya, nice to meet you." Takuya said, as they both struggled to pull the duffel bag free out of the pile.

Koji nodded in reply and gave him a smile.

To both of their dismays, the bus drivers tossed another half dozen of duffels onto the pile. Takuya and Koji shot the bus drivers a quick glare before returning to their struggling.

Just then a heavy set male who was wearing a navy blue shirt with yellow pockets walked over to the duffel pile and easily pulled his duffel bag from the center of the pile.

"Wow, how did he do that?" Koji said, surprised at how easily the kid pulled out the duffel bag.

"Hey! Dude! Over here!" Takuya shouted as he cupped his hands over his mouth.

The heavy set male turned around.

"Would you mind giving me a hand?" Koji asked, "My duffel's the blue one, way in there."

The boy nodded his head and dropped his duffel bag which accidently landed right on Takuya's foot.

"You okay?" Koji asked Takuya.

"That would be negative." Takuya answered in a feeble voice as he winced in pain from his sore foot.

The thick-set boy easily yanked Koji's duffel out of the pile which also accidently dropped on Takuya's other foot.

"Aghh!" Takuya shouted in pain, hopping on his other foot, then sarcastically said, "Why thank you, now I'm going to have two broken feet."

"You're welcome." The boy grinned, then noticed the name tag on Koji's duffel, "Hey, you're from California?"

Koji nodded.

"You are?" Takuya beamed, "Do you live in Hollywood?"

"Ooh! Ooh! Do you live like next door to a movie star?" the boy contently asked.

"No, no, I've never even been to Hollywood; I live in Napa, that's in Northern California, and I live next door to a vineyard." Koji replied.

"A whatyard?" Takuya stupidly said, raising his eyebrow.

"A vineyard. It's where you grow grapes to make wine. That's what we do. Me and my dad, we own a vineyard." Koji corrected, and then asked, "What bunk are you guys in?"

"Light." Takuya and the other boy, known as J.P, replied at the same time.

Koji noticed that all the bunk names were named by respective elements or something close to that.

"Minamoto, Koji." Marva Jr. yelled from the bullhorn.

"Here!" Koji yelled back.

"Bunk eleven! Cabin Light!" Marva Jr. assigned.

The three boys slammed fists together, glad that they were going to be in the same bunk for the month.

"So either of you by any chance know how to play poker?" Koji asked.

Both of the boys shook their heads.

"No?" That's a shame." Koji said, "So, then, how much cash did you guys bring with you this summer?"

As the three boys walked off to their bunks, not far from them, a car pulled up in front of the entrance. A man in his 30's stepped out, perfect posture, elegant grey suit, and extremely proper demeanor. His name was Hiroaki who was a Shitsuji which was another word for a Japanese butler. Hiroaki leaned into the back seat and took the hand of a well-kept 13 year old boy.

The boy wore a red shirt with a leather green sweater surrounding it, just slightly opened at the front to reveal the red shirt. He wore clean denim jeans without a rip or tear in sight. His hair was dark blue and chin length. As the boy turned to face Hiroaki, his face was in clear view.

He was the spitting image of Koji Minamoto.

Same hair color, same blue eyes, same nose, same mouth, same height, same weight. Identical in every way. The only main difference was their hair length; Koji's being much longer, going almost halfway down to his back.

"Well, here we are Koichi, Camp Frontier for boys and girls." Hiroaki said, then looked around with disdain, staring at the jumpiness and clamor of the kids, "We traveled 5,000 miles for this?"

Koichi gave Hiroaki a teasing smile, looking very excited about the camp.

The car driver lined up four pieces of matching luggage by Hiroaki's side.

"So let's review, your mother's list, right?"

Koichi's Shitsuji pulled out a typed list, "Vitamins?"

"Check." Koichi replied.



"List of daily intakes of fruits and vegetables?"

"Check." Koichi replied, then noticed Hiroaki's long pause, "Check for fruits, Check for vegetables. Go on."

"Herbal teas, sugarless candy, sun block, insect repellent, umbrella, stationary stamps, fountain pen, fish light, batteries, photos of your mother, grandmother, and of course…" Hiroaki read, the turned the page, "Yours truly!"

"Got it all, I think." Koichi smiled.

"Oh and here's a little something from your grandmother, a brand new deck of cards. Maybe you'll find someone on this continent who can actually whip your tush at poker."

"I doubt it." Koichi said in a smug voice, then said, "But thanks, and thanks for bringing me here."

Hiroaki was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. He quickly grabbed Koichi and hugged him tightly.

"And remember if you want me to pick you up at the end of camp, I'm only a phone call away." Hiroaki said, letting go of Koichi.

"I'll be fine." Koichi reassured, "See you in six weeks."

"Six weeks it is." The butler replied.

Hiroaki and Koichi bumped arms together and shared a brief handshake, then respectfully bowed at each other. Hiroaki returned to the car, giving Koichi an affectionate wave. Koichi gave him a generous wave back.

And just like that, the car left, leaving Koichi on his own.

"Koichi Kimura?"

Koichi turned around and saw Marva Jr.

"Yes, hello." Koichi greeted, now speaking in his fluent English, "I apologize if I'm late. My plane was delayed from Tokyo."

Although Koichi and his family came from Japan both him and his family including Hiroaki were fluent in English, because his mother internationally designed wedding dresses and bouquets. But most of the time they would speak Japanese in the house.

"Ah, well then, welcome to the U.S of A an what we like to think of as the most beautiful spot on God's green earth – Camp Frontier."

Marva Jr. saw Koichi's amazing amount of luggage.

"Okey-dokey, let's get this show on the road!"

"Can you manage?" Koichi asked.

"Manage?" Marva Jr. questioned, "Suppose I can…why not?"

Koichi nodded his head as Marva Jr. awkwardly gathered up all of Koichis luggage. She lead Koichi towards the bunk rooms.

When they arrived to Koichi's assigned bunk cabin, Marva Jr. huffed and puffed as she struggled to carry Koichi's luggage.

Marva Jr. led Koichi up the steps to the cabin.

"Showers are to your right, Rec rooms to your left, mess hall's straight ahead. Chow's at 7:00, 12:15, and 6:30. Marva Kulp gives demerits for being tardy, so don't be." Marva Jr. explained between tired breaths.

Marva Jr. opened the screen door with her leg as she balanced Koichi's suitcase under her arms.

"Welcome to the Dark cabin, as you can tell each different cabin in the camp is named by different elements like earth, fire, water, light, etcetera."

Inside the cabin was a room with three beds each with a separate dresser. Two other boys were already inside, each unpacking.

"New arrival boys, name's Kimura." Marva Jr. said to the two boys.

A short boy who looked to be ten with short brown hair and an innocent face with a large tan hat spoke up.

"Your name's Kimura?" He asked, not familiar with his Japanese sur-name.

"Koichi Kimura. Just arrived from Tokyo, Japan." Marva said, dropping Koichi's luggage, "First time in the country, I believe, right, Koichi?"

"Yes, ma'am." Koichi politely said, "Just arrived this morning.

"Your English is very good Koichi." Marva Jr. complimented.

"My mom speaks it fluently…so I learned it from her." Koichi said, "And thank you."

Koichi noticed the empty bed out of the three.

"Is that one mines?" Koichi asked.

"Yep. Has to be made every morning. Marva Kulp is a stickler for neatness, so remember to police your area daily. Now change into your uniform, Kimura, chows at 13 hundred and Marva Kulp gives five demerits-"

"- For being tardy." Koichi interrupted with a friendly smile, "I remember."

The other boy in the room gave Koichi a friendly smile.

"Introduce yourself boys, be social." Marva Jr. said as she excited the room.

On her way out, Marva Jr. almost tripped over a sneaker. The three boys tried to hold in their laughter as she banged her head on the door frame. As soon as she was gone from sight, the boys burst into laughter.

"How scary is it that woman's in charge?" The boy with the giant hat said, who's name was Tommy.

The second boy introduced himself as Cody.

The dinging hall of the camp was enormous. 150 kids, all dressed in uniforms arrived for dinner. Two lines of people approached the central buffet table. On the first line, Koji was busy picking his selection of food. On the other line, Koichi was also doing the same. Both Koji and Koichi didn't notice each other because they were too busy talking to their friends. Just as the two blunettes were about to see each other for the first time, Marva Kulp stepped in between them with a plate full of food.

"Excuse me boys, I've just got to have a scoop of the gorgeous strawberries."

As she held a large spoonful of the strawberries, she turned to Koji.

"Care for some?" She asked Koji.

"Oh, no thanks, can't, I'm allergic."

Koji took his plate and left.

Marva Kulp turned to her other side, facing Koichi, "How about you dear? Strawberries?"

"Sorry, I wish I could, but I'm allergic." Kouichi replied, as he too, left the buffet table.

Marva Kulp had a confused look on her face and looked back at her other side and noticed Koji who was already gone.

"Oh, yes allergic, you just told me that. How'd you get over there? Oh well first day of camp, you'll have to excuse the ol' girl. At least I'm not putting salt in the sugar shakers yet, I mean, sugar in the…" Marva Kulp said then finally turned around to realize that Koichi was also gone, "Now where'd he go?"

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