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Koji was seated by the window inside the Delta Airline.

Moments before the plane landed, Koji whispered to himself, "Okay; this is it – Oh, god, I hope she likes me. Please like me."


When Koji reached the Tokyo City Air terminal, he saw a steady stream of passengers crowding the place.

Koji cautiously entered, looking into the sea of faces, waiting behind a velvet rope. Koji could recognize some of the Japanese the passengers were speaking but not all of it.


Koji turned around and saw, Hiroaki, who he easily recognized as Koichi's shitsuji.

"Hiroaki!" Koji called back, in his best Japanese accent which came out pretty well.

The blunette rushed to the older man and gave him a big hug.

"How was camp? Hiroaki asked, this time in Japanese.

Koji took a few seconds to detect what he was saying before he answered back in Japanese, "Great, I really like it there."


Koji and Hiroaki left the airport to get inside his car.

Tokyo, Japan – Koji looked outside astounded by the sights of the city. It was crowded, lively, and loud as people walked on the sidewalks to their destination.

Hiroaki passed by several shops and stores in the populated city, Koji rolled down the window and rested his head on his hands as he enjoyed every single bit of the sights.

"This is so amazing! What a city!" Koji exclaimed, in English, so absorbed in the sights, that he forgot to speak Japanese.

"Six weeks at camp and you suddenly sound like an American tourist." Hiroaki said, in Japanese.

"Uhh…" Koji said, then thought of an excuse, this time speaking in Japanese, "That's what camp's for. Makes you appreciate home. I just love how everyone drives on the wrong side here-"

Koji immediately stopped then realized, "I – I mean they actually drive on the wrong side, but after living…I-I mean being in America WHERE they drive on the wrong side, which after a while begins to feel like the wrong – right side, makes this seem like the wrong side…"

Koji stumbled on some of the words, not quite used to the Japanese vocabulary yet; he only had time to learn it in the last school year and from his older twin.

"Did they give you anything funny to drink on that plane?" Hiroaki asked.

"Plane…?" Koji asked, not comprehending what Hiroaki said in Japanese, then remembered and spoke, this time in English, " No-Not at all!"

"Why the English all of a sudden?" Hiroaki asked, in Japanese.

"Ah…because…you know everyone at camp spoke English so…I sorta got used to speaking English all the time." Koji nervously explained, trying to make up an excuse.


Once they reached an enourmous townhouse, Hiroaki pulled up and got out of the car, opening the back door for Koji. He stepped out and looked up at the giant suburban house.

"This is it." Koji whispered to himself, "Setagoya, Tokyo."

Hiroaki took out Koji's, or rather Koichi's suitcases as Koji rushed up the steps of the Japanese town house. He placed his hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it.

In front of Koji was a sun-filled entrance room with a fantastically carved staircase. Compared to the size of the room Koji felt very small. Before going further into the house, Koji remembered tot ake off his shoes once he entered the house.

"Hello?" Koji called out to no one in particular.

It was unusually quiet.

Koji peeked into several rooms remembering which ones were which. Finally, the blunette headed around the stairs, counting the doorways before stopping at one that was already open. He saw someone sitting in a chair, hidden behind a newspaper. Koji immediately recognized who this was.

His grandmother.

"Grandmother, I'm home." Koji said, in japanese.

His grandmother put the newspaper down, which revealed her face. She looked to be in her mid-70's with gray hair and a warm smile.

"Is that my little Koichi, That tall and gangly thing?" Grandmother teased.

"Yes, it's me." Koji replied.

Koichi's Grandmother immediently rose from her seat and embraced Koji in a hug, wrapping him in her arms.

"Did you have a good time, sweetie?" Grandmother asked.

"Uh-huh…great." Koji replied in a muffled response, buried in his grandmother's hug.

Koji close his eyes and hugged her back.


Koji and his grandmother separated from their hug.

Koji looked up to the balcony at the top of the stairs and saw, his mother-

-for the first time in his life.

Tomoko Kimura, Koji and Koichi's mother, was a natural beauty in her mid-30's. She had long, blue hair just like the twins that reached down to her back. Koji slowly walked up the stairs, getting closes and closer to his mom.

"Mom?" Koji said.

"Honey, welcome home!" Tomoko greeted.

Koji's mom rushed down the stairs as Koji quickly went up. Koji fell into his mother's arms, tears slowly cascading down his cheeks.

"I can't believe it's you." Koji said.

Koji shook his head and looked up at his mother with tears in his eyes.

"What is it, sweetie?" Tomoko smiled.

"I'm sorry, it's just…I've missed you so much." Koji laughed.

"Can you believe it? It seems like it's been forever." Tomoko replied.

"You have no idea." Koji replied.


Moments later, Koji and his mom entered his mom's room. It was beautiful, feminine, and altogether looked like a typical mom's room. Tea had been laid on a corner table as the two, casually sat across from each other on the bed.

"So tell me all about camp." Tomoko said, "Did you like everyone? Was it fun?"

"Yeah, it was great and I like this one guy a lot. I mean…in particular. He's from California, actually." Koji replied, "Have you ever been to California?"

Tomoko pored tea into a ceramic glass and handed it to Koji before answering, "Yes…it was a long time ago, before you were born."

Just then the phone rang, Tomoko answered it.

"Hello? Hi…really? Can you manage without me? Koichi just got home from camp…well, what's the problem?"

As Tomoko talked on the phone, Koji walked over to the dresser and scrutinized her hair brushes, perfume, and a photo of Tomoko as a little gil.

Koji turned back and looked at his mom. Tomoko made a face about the phone call; Koji laughed at his mom as she continued on the phone.

Koji noticed Tomoko's open closet door and entered, gazing at all of his mother's clothes. He looked at a row of evening clothes and touched the beautiful fabrics.


Koji immediately popped up from the closet, worried that he'd been caught trespassing.

"Would you mind very much running down to the studio with me?"


In the midst of all the Tokyo city taxi cabs and traffic, Koji and mom walked side by side, holding hands so they wouldn't lose each other in the sea of people.

Once they arrived to a certain store window, the two stopped. Behind the window, there was a mannequin wearing an exquisite wedding gown. Above the window, marked in English and Kanji letters was Tomoko Kimura's Designs.

"Wow, that's incredible." Koji said, still surprised by the fact that his mom owned her own business.

"Really? You don't think it's too over-the-top?" Tomoko replied, thinking that Koji was commenting on the wedding gown.

"No, not at all." Koji replied.

Inside the building, a skylight filled the entrance room of the store with a splash of white light. A huge vase of white orchids sat on an antique table. Koji and his mom climbed a circular stairwell, passing a Bridal Boutique on the first floor.

Koji and his mom were engaged in a conversation until Koji asked her…

"-You mean you never think about getting married again?"

"No, I like things exactly the way they are, thank you." Tomoko replied.

An assistant hurried past them, carrying a veil.

"Hi Kimura. Hey Koichi, welcome home." The assistant said as she passed them.

"Uh…thanks." Koji replied, then turned back to face his mom, "But, mom, seriously, doesn't design all these wedding gowns ever make you think about marriage…or maybe just think about the "F" word?"

""F" word?" Tomoko repeated, thinking about the infamous curse word.

"My 'Father'." Koji replied.

"Oh. That 'F' word. Well no; actually it doesn't because I didn't even wear a wedding gown when I married the 'F' word."

"You didn't? –Why not?" Koji questioned, with a look of concern on his face.

"Hey, how did we get into the discussion anyway?" Tomoko said, as they both arrived at a large loft filled with people, "Okay, here we are. Now let's see what disaster awaits us."

As they stepped into the loft, there was a photo shoot, a model wore a beautiful wedding gown as a photographer shot away. Make-up, hair people, and assistants scurried about. Koji watched with complete astonishment having never been to a shop this lively in his entire life.

"Okay, she's here- we're saved!" the photographer said, as he noticed Tomoko's presence.

"Uh – huh, the pressure's on." Tomoko replied.

"We don't know what to do with the veil, if she wears it, it covers the back of the dress, if she doesn't the dress looks-"

"-incomplete. Right." Tomoko interrupted, then turned to the model, "Can you try standing sideways…? Head up,…that's it. That's perfect."

The model did as she said.

"Now slip the veil on and drape it back…not over her shoulders…" Tomoko said to the assistant who put the cloth over the models shoulders, "…Straight back, there you go."

Then she focused back at the model, "Now lift the bouquet in your arms like you're carrying it. …Beautiful, and look happy, it's your wedding day!"

The model laughed as the photographer took more shots, some of them which included Koji and his mom.

Even though Koji wasn't into the whole fashion business, he was glad that he could spend this moment with his mom for the first time.


Later on after the hectic photo shoots, Tomoko and Koji made their way down the hall, passing a row of design offices. Two assistants walked and passed them, carrying a rather large wedding gown.

"So what did you wear when you married dad?" Koji asked, trying to bring his dad into the picture.

"Why the sudden curiosity about your dad?" Tomoko replied.

"Well, maybe cause he's never mentioned and you can't blame a kid for wondering…" Koji replied.

Koji's mom stuck her head inside an office.

"I'm going home, guys…see you tomorrow."

As Koji and Tomoko headed back down the circular staircase, Koji couldn't help himself by asking this question-

"-So what's he like? Really."

"Who?" Tomoko asked.

Koji rolled his eyes.

As they exited Tomoko Kimura's designs, Koji and Tomoko stepped onto the busy streets of Tokyo.

"Mom, you can't avoid the subject forever." Koji said.

"Okay." Tomoko replied, giving in, "He was quite lovely to tell you the truth. When we met, he was… actually entirely lovely. All right?"

"All right." Koji smiled.

All of a sudden, it started to rain. Tomoko immediately snapped open an umbrella.

"Are you cold?" Tomoko asked.

"I'm fine." Koji replied to his mom, the looked up to her, "So, did you meet him here…in Japan?"

Tomoko took Koji's hand as they dashed across the rainy street.

"We met on the QE 2."

"The QE what?" Koji raised an eyebrow.

"The Queen Elizabeth 2. We met on our very first night on board the ship, actually. We were seated next to each other at dinner. He's an American, you know."

"No kidding?"

Tomoko nodded, then said, "We kind of hit it off immediately."

"Hey, I love Americans. I mean, if I wasn't Japanese, I'd be an American." Koji said, then asked, "So, was it love at first sight?"

"I knew you were going to ask me all these questions one day." Tomoko replied, and then yelled, "Taxi!"

As a taxi passed them, it immediately came to a stop. Both Koji and Tomoko, hurried inside the car and sat side by side.

"So did you see each other every single night?" Koji asked.

"You know, this part of your personality reminds me of your father. You'd think he raise you instead of me, "Then looked straight into Koji's eyes, "Yes we saw each other every night, every morning and every hour-in-between. This one night, he popped the question."

Koji nodded his head.

"…and since a ship's captain can do all kinds of special things, like even marry people…"

"You mean, you got married on the QE 2?" Koji asked.

His mom nodded.

"That's so cool. So what happened, you didn't love each other when you weren't in the middle of the Atlantic?" Koji asked.

"I don't know, Koichi. These things are complicated. I tried living in California and he tried living in Japan, but…"

"It just didn't work out." Koji said.

"No it didn't, except for having you." Tomoko smiled.

Koji smiled back as his mom put her arm around him, pulling him close.

Dad. I wonder what he's doing at this very moment.

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