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Good Work (T)

"I never thought I'd meet a commander who didn't want the respect of his men," Jee remarked as he poured two drinks, one for himself and one for Zuko.

The prince frowned as he accepted the glass. "But I do," he said.

"No, you expect it. Commanders who actually want respect do things to earn it." He sat down across from Zuko. Their knees bumped together, causing the younger man to blush slightly. Zuko took a drink to hide his sudden coloration and frowned down at his cup.

"Like what?"

"First treat them with respect. Acknowledge the dignity of every man and they will reciprocate."

Zuko said nothing. Now that he thought about it, it made sense, sort of. But he didn't want to let on that he had no idea how to put it into practice. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, whatever), Jee read his expression without anything being explained.

"Show interest in their lives. Be sincere." The lieutenant tossed back his drink. "I bet you couldn't give five personal details about any combination of men on your own crew, not including me."

"Of course I can," Zuko shot back.

"Prove it."

After a moment of struggling to gather up what he remembered, Zuko realized with a thrill of horror that he was right. He wracked his brain for something... anything... he vaguely remembered hearing about the crew's personal lives, but for the most part he couldn't recall the specifics. He hadn't thought it important to pay attention.

That was a tough bit of pride to swallow, but he managed. He looked back up at Jee, whose face thankfully showed no derision.

"There are other things you can do. Raise them up by treating them as your equals. Speak as a man to another man, not as a prince to his subject. Leave your ideas about Homeland superiority and noble entitlement on the shore." Jee raised an eyebrow at Zuko's puzzled, slightly dubious expression.

Everything the prince had learned in his palace education told him that these men were not his equals and that he owed them nothing in return for their allegiance, but his first-hand experience in his years at sea said otherwise.

"It takes practice, yes. But it's important." Jee's gruff voice was unusually warm, and something in it made Zuko blush harder—he didn't even try to hide it this time. He nodded, still saying nothing. None of this had ever occurred to him until now, but now he realized that it should have. His uncle commanded the crew's respect in an effortless way that he never could. He now understood how it was done.

"...I'll try."

"You might start with something even easier. Acknowledge their hard work. Say things like... 'nice job, Corporal.' Or 'good work, Sergeant.' Or even 'smooth sailing, Helmsman.'" That made Zuko smile just a bit. He made a note to use that one sometime, though it probably wouldn't sound quite as natural. Maybe he should just start with the basics.

Later, when Zuko lay on Jee's bed with his clothes on the floor and a breathless smile on his flushed face, he curled his fingers in his lover's hair and kissed him on the top of his head.

"Good work, Lieutenant."

Jee just chuckled into Zuko's neck. "You're a dork."

"Whatever. I'm your dork."