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Veils of Deceit

Chapter Twenty

Come Crashing Down

Blood thundered in his ears as Naruto stared down at his daughter's lifeless form. How did this happen? He just had her in his arms, alive and breathing, and now she laid there staring at nothing. Dead. . . His vision blurred, obscuring his sight of his beautiful baby.

Through his tears he saw Aki crawl up to his fallen sister, whimpering, "Nee-san?" He nudged her with his small hand. "Nee-san, wake up. You're making Chichiue cry." Aki looked at him when she didn't move, tears falling down his angelic face, breaking more of his already damaged heart. "Why won't she wake up, Chichiue?"

A broken sob escaped him at his son's innocence. He grabbed him and brought him to his chest, encircling his arms around him in order to protect him from the horrors of reality.

Sasuke's hand reached forward and closed her eyes. He followed the limb up to his face, where a man in agony did his best to keep himself together. He slid his gaze back down the arm as his hand caressed the side of Asuka's face. Sasuke leaned forward and pressed his lips to her forehead. "You did good, sweetheart. I'm so proud of you." The scene sent a fresh wave of despair through him.

"Well, isn't that sweet," a familiar male voice said that had his insides freezing and Sasuke's head to snap in the direction the voice came from with his Sharingan activated. "Sometimes she was far more problems than she was worth."

In a blink of an eye Sasuke was gone and stood protectively in front of him and Aki with Kusanagi out. His reaction was much slower, the shock still weighing him down, as he turned and saw Sohma at the far end of the room with his former body next to him. He was startled a little at the sight of his own face being reflected back at him, but seeing Sohma ignited a rage in him that he hasn't felt since finding out that Itachi had attack his daughter. His daughter that now laid dead because of the man standing there.

He wasn't stupid, he already deduced that Sohma rigged something up to keep Asuka in line. Ouroboros didn't keep around risks unless they had complete control over them.

"Kyoko. . ." he called out as Nibi and Gobi walked into the room from the far set of double doors nearest Sohma. He sensed Kyoko approach. "Take Aki." Aki didn't fight when he handed him over, probably sensing the tension that had thicken to unbearable levels.

Sohma leaned to the side, looking straight at him. "My, my. . ." He cocked his head and looked over at his former body, and then back at him with a twisted smile. "I will admit, what you did with your body, and then your boy, and then. . ." He waved his hand at him, causing not only him to tense, but also Sasuke to shift in preparation. "I never saw any of it coming. I thought your lover was a wild card, but you. . . I can't help feeling fucking impressed. I can see most outcomes, but what you pulled off was even past my capabilities."

His lip curled back in a snarl, a growl rumbling low in his chest. His desire to rip him apart heightening with every breath he took. He had no right to breath when she didn't.

"There's no need to be so upset," Sohma said. "I'm only giving you some compliments. I don't do that often at all." His eyes shifted to where Asuka lay and settled there. "Unless. . . you're upset about her. It is a waste. She had such talent –"

"Don't you fucking look at her!" Naruto charged Sohma, fist pulled back and ready to deliver it at the smug bastard now facing him. His former body intercepted him and caught his fist in his hand. He snarled at the bland look, "How can you get in my way after what he did to her?!"

Sasuke sprinted around the two Narutos, concerned but still confident enough that Naruto could handle. . . himself?, and went straight for Sohma. Nibi attempted to intercept him, but sand wrapped around her entire leg and prevented her from getting too close. Gobi did the same, but Itachi, Miki and Jun distracted her.

He swiped his sword at the man who caused so much misery, wanting to slice off the satisfaction. Sohma caught his sword between the palms of his hands, smirking. "We meet again, Uchiha. I did say you would have more than one grudge to settle with me when that happened, didn't I?"

He charged Kusanagi with Raiton in response, causing Sohma to jump back as lightning pulsed and crackled along the blade. He continued a nonstop onset, only seeing his daughter's face so desperate for his love in his mind.

Why did this always happen?

No matter what he did he couldn't keep the ones he loved safe. Each time they slipped right through his fingers, never being able to hold onto them. He targeted his family one too many times, it was going to end now. Sohma nor the rest of Ouroboros were going to be a threat anymore even if it was the last thing he did.

An opening came and he angled his sword just right to impale him in the liver, but a shield of rock formed. He pivoted on the spot, throwing a punch instead that connected with the side of Sohma's face and sending him crashing through the wall. A laugh came from the dust as he attacked again with his chakra charged sword. Spikes of rock came from around Sohma, forcing him to flip backwards until he was out of danger.

Sohma came walking out, a manic grin spread across his face, and said, "Now you can do better than that, Uchiha! I'm the reason Kyuubi and your brat died in the first place! And then I killed your daughter a second time! At least pretend you want revenge!"

The fury that built and boiled in his blood exploded, causing his eyes to burn like torches and shift. Sohma dodged just as pain spiked in his left eye and black flames burst forth, hitting Gobi who happen to land in the flames path.

He covered his eye and breathed deeply from the chakra expended. What the hell just happened?

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Sohma shouted.

Itachi stared in shock at Sasuke. When did he get the Mangekyou Sharingan?

"What was that?" Miki asked, voiced tinged with fear and and a bit of awe.

"Amaterasu," he said, and when all he got was a look of confusion from not only Miki but Jun also, he continued. "It's a technique only an Uchiha with a Mangekyou Sharingan – an advanced form of the Sharingan – can perform. The only way to obtain a Mangekyou Sharingan is witnessing the death of someone close to you."

Miki's eyes widened. "You don't think. . ."

Itachi glanced over at the prone body of his niece. Guilt ate at him mercilessly from the stillness of her, since the last time he had seen her she had been so full of fire. Could seeing her die be enough to trigger the change? Or could it have been the trauma of losing Naruto? Yet, that was so many years ago; was it even possible to have the Mangekyou Sharingan and never know it throughout that whole time?

Jun scoffed, and without even seeing the man's face, he knew the judgment was still there. "What do you fucking think?" He didn't wait for any response before he went off to help with Nibi.

His eyes snapped to where Sohma ready himself to attack Sasuke when he was momentarily weakened. He moved without thinking about it, putting himself between Sohma and his brother. He blocked the attack while Miki came up from the side and issued a series of icicles, causing Sohma to dodge back. Still, one icicle came in contact with the man's sleeve, resulting in the ice to spread along his whole arm.

An inhuman growl – one worthy enough to have come from Naruto – came from behind him. He turned, seeing Sasuke without his mask, blood running from his left eye and his hand going down to his side with his mask in its hold. The glare he received with the Mangekyou Sharingan unnerved him to his very core.

"Get out of the way," Sasuke prowled forward, dropping his mask to the ground as he past him and Miki. "Get in the way again, and I'll kill you."

If there was ever a time he had ever been afraid of his younger brother it would have been right then. The insanity that always lurked just beneath the surface now shown prominent in his eyes as they focused solely on Sohma.

He didn't dare try to stand in Sasuke's way as both him and Sohma engaged in battle again.

Scanning the area, he easily located Naruto with two of them. His whole body flinched when the blond's former body sent Naruto soaring and crashing into the wall. The wall cracked at the impact, but remained solid. It was solid proof that both were running at half-chakra. With a fully powered attack that wall would have crumbled with ease. His first instinct was to help, but he doubted his help would be welcomed. They weren't a team anymore. He didn't even know if they were family anymore. . .

The only reason they came together – a feigned appearance of united – was because of Aki and Asuka. And if Naruto and Sasuke hadn't been desperate enough to get their children back safely he could almost guarantee that neither would have allowed him, Miki or Ruri to help. It really shouldn't hurt as much as it did that their trust in them had died. It really shouldn't. . . it's not like he didn't see it coming.

"EVERYONE!" Jun shouted, drawing everyone's attention to where Nibi was powering a Bijuudama. "PREPARE YOUSELVES!"

"Shit. . ." was all he got out before everything went white.

The first thing Naruto expected to feel was pain, but when he took stock of himself all he felt was the same aches from fighting his former body. He opened his eyes, and then they widened at the sight of Sasuke towering over him on all fours, breathing heavily.

"Sasuke!" It was then as he raised himself on his elbows that he saw the purple like shield surrounding them. He looked at it in wonder, "What is this?" before focusing on the strange Sharingan staring back at him.

"Who knows," Sasuke said as the shield flickered and disappeared. The strange Sharingan disappeared next, leaving only his onyx behind, while he collapsed.

Catching him, he called his name. "Sasuke. . ."

"I just used too much chakra," the raven explained, rolling to his side and onto his back.

Without Sasuke's body blocking his view of the rest of the room he saw the destruction that Nibi had caused. His breath stuttered when there were no more walls and the rising sun of a new day could easily be seen within the crater that was created.

His head swirled around to where Aki and Asuka's body had been, and breathed far easier when Kyoko and her shield still stood mostly strong around his children. Kyoko breathed heavily and he could make out a tremor in her limbs. Ruri stood beside her, now within the shield also. Kyoko must have expanded her shield to encase her when she saw the impending danger. Now the only way for Ruri to get out was for Kyoko to let down the shield. And one of them better be dying before she would dare bring that shield down.

"You and I both know her shield is strong enough," Sasuke said, pushing himself up into a sitting position.

Sasuke hadn't seen Kyoko's shield collapse when enough force had been put against it. With the strain she displayed he didn't think she could take another Bijuudama.

"She can't take another hit."

Sasuke turned to her, staring for a moment before standing. "Then we best figure out how to take Nibi down," he said as Nibi came up from a pile of rubble.

He held his hand out for him and he took it, pulling himself up to his feet. With only half of his chakra, he didn't think he could beat her. He was struggling to beat his former body as it is. He needed the rest of his reserves if he didn't want to be a burden. And in order to do that, he had to get close enough to his former body. Unfortunately, his former body wasn't making it easy. He gritted his teeth and glanced around to see if he could spot where his former body might be buried.

His focus went back to her when she took notice of them and headed toward them. Him and Sasuke tensed in preparation for the fight, but sand wrapped around her complete lower half while more sand moved a rock to his far right, lifting a slab of rock and spilling it over to reveal Gaara, Neji and Jun.

Both Neji and Jun were missing their masks along with cuts on Neji's arms and a gash on Jun's forehead that dripped blood down the side of his face. The only damage he could see that Gaara sustained was the crack that went almost completely across his mask.

"Fucking Christ, that was close!" Jun hollered as he bent down and pulled his broad sword from the rumble also. "Damn, she's not dead yet? I mean, dead again. Oh. . . You know what the fuck I mean."

Next to unearth themselves were Itachi and Miki. Both were fairly unscathed, except for Itachi missing his cloak and half of his shirt sleeve. And even if the betrayal ran through his veins like acid he still felt a sense of relief that they were both alive.

Wind broke through the rocks, creating a crack right down the entire middle of the crater and uplifting the rocks. When the dust settled, Sohma came into view, dusting himself off with his former body by his side. "Phew. . . she gets carried away, doesn't she?"

Nibi broke free of her sand restraints and joined the other two. They were a powerful front. One that sent dread sinking into the pit of his stomach, unsure if they could be beaten.

Naruto stared at each one before settling on his former body. He had to get his chakra back. He lowered himself into a sitting position, closing his eyes and saying, "Cover me." He didn't have to check to make sure anyone would. If no one else would, he trusted that Sasuke would. That was proven true a second later when a loud crash sounded only feet from him, but not reaching him. The flair of Sasuke's chakra only soothed him further, relaxing him.

He didn't know if this would work, but they were running out of options and he needed to get his chakra back. He delved deeper into himself, focusing on his chakra, and allowed the outside world to fall away. It took several moments, but he found the tiny connection he shared with his former body and split off. He followed that connection back to the source and crashed through the rubble as a Kage Bunshin, slamming his fist right into the fabricated seal on his former body's stomach.

"I'm taking back what's mine," his Kage Bunshin growled.

The strangest thing occurred, his former body smiled as he siphoned his chakra out and started to disintegrate. His former body crumbled into a pile of ash on the rocky ground.

His Kage Bunshin vanished, causing his eyes to snap open from the rush of his chakra returning to full strength. Unable to settle at first, his chakra burst from his body, blinding him. He gasped, the echoes from his chakra – from everything that his former body had ever done – suffocated him and had his eyes burning with tears.

His vision still blurred even when his chakra settled and the surrounding area came back into view. His sight sharpened on his hands, seeing a layer of chakra coat the limbs like fire. But the fire didn't stop there, it covered his entire body. What is this?

This is something you would've been able to accomplish a long time ago if you hadn't had the build-ups, Kyuubi said. Since you lack illness and have all our chakra back, you can now enter into Kurama Mode. You can now fully utilize my chakra. Well, mostly utilize. I might be secretly doing something. And no, don't bother nagging me, I'm not telling you.

The connection shut down almost brutally. He was too confused to even force his presence on Kyuubi and question him on whatever secret thing he was doing. Not that it mattered at the moment. Whatever Kyuubi had planned could wait until after he lived through this battle.

Lifting his focus, he saw every pair of eyes within sight staring at him. He zeroed in on the pair that mattered most to him. The normal Sharingan stared back at him, the tomoes spinning wildly with a mixture of shock and relief. Sasuke leaned on one knee, the other bent up and supporting his upper body by his arm. Five-feet in front of the raven a struggling Nibi was bound within the same fire that coated his body. He must have subconsciously protected his lover.

He sent Sasuke a reassuring smile before he stood and flexed his hands out in front of him. He felt strong. Stronger than he's ever been. Now he won't be a burden. He lowered his hands and found Sohma scowling at him with such hatred that he must have realized that he wasn't going to win. With the power of a full Bijuu the residue that resided within Nibi didn't stand a chance, and then all that would be left would be Sohma.

Extending the chakra around Nibi, he covered her completely. He forced his chakra into Nibi's body, breaking down her cells and molecules, and causing her body to disintegrate like his former one. A sense of gratitude flooded his chakra before disappearing. When his chakra returned to his body there was nothing but ashes.

"You think you've won," Sohma said, his face twisted with a maniacal smile. "This shit has just started."

Sohma tore off the jacket he wore to reveal the sleeveless shirt underneath. Along both his arms sigils covered every inch of skin, carved right into his flesh. He bit both thumbs, crossed his arms and ran the blood from the wounds down his forearms.

Chakra exploded outward like a tsunami.

Naruto reacted quickly, using extensions of his chakra to shield every member of his team. Especially the barrier of Kyoko's. She couldn't take even a mild hit. And he wouldn't allow harm to come to his son. He failed one child, he'll be damned if he failed another.

When the chakra cleared Naruto didn't expect to see a pair of giant feet where Sohma once stood. He narrowed his eyes and followed those feet up thick as tree trunk legs, a brick house mid-section, mile wide shoulders and a head that held a grotesque version of Sohma. Whatever the man sacrificed to get this boost definitely hit his appearance first. His face was covered in seven pulsing warts, cleft lips and a sickly orange pair of eyes.

"What the fuck is that!" Jun hollered.

A hundred foot giant with a single intention of killing them. He let out a long breath, this could be a bigger problem than he expected. And far more disastrous. He thought of Kyoko's shield and her inhabitants. If they stayed, his son would be in danger.

"Jun, Miki," he called, keeping his eyes on the danger in front of him and not seeing if the two men turned to him or not, but positive that they both heard him. "I want you two to take Aki, Kyoko-chan, Ruri and Asu-Asuka far from here." He didn't even have to look to anticipate Jun arguing. So, he cut him off before he could start. "Do not argue with me on this. Take them and keep them safe."

Sohma laughed, the sound thunderous. "You think I'll let any of you escape." For a giant, he moved pretty fast in throwing his arm forward, fist tight and heading straight for Kyoko's shield.

He reacted instinctively, half-haphazardly throwing his chakra into the arm's path and catching the fist with the same chakra shaped as an open palm hand. He grunted and gritted his teeth from the strength behind the hit. Damn, what the fuck did he do to himself?

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw both Sasuke and Itachi speed toward Sohma. Sasuke hopped on hovering sand that Gaara provided and sent his Kusanagi through the wrist still pushing against his chakra while Itachi traveled up the side of the giant's body, heading to the highest point.

"GO!" Naruto yelled to Jun and Miki, who didn't hesitate in obeying this time.

Lightning crackled around Kusanagi and traveled down the blade into the arm at the same time that Itachi reached the giant's shoulders and set off a powerful Katon jutsu right into his face.

Sohma howled, relinquishing his assault as he used the same arm with Sasuke on it to grab Itachi. He threw Itachi across the crater. Sand enclosed around the elder Uchiha, the sand taking the brunt of the impact when he crashed into the ground.

Meanwhile, Sasuke extracted Kusanagi, flipped off the arm and landed next to him. "At least he's not indestructible. Although his large form is something to be annoyed about." Sasuke turned and stared at him. His Sharingan adorned eyes he assumed were examining his chakra. He must have found his chakra pleasing, because Sasuke nodded and said, "Back up to your standards and more."

Naruto grinned and threw a punch into his other hand. "It's good to be back. Now," He faced their opponent, his grin turning more feral. "let's show this asshole why it's a bad idea to ever fuck with us."

Sasuke stared at Naruto, not only memorized by the flame-like chakra that embodied him but also by his fierce spirit that's brightened even further by the return of his chakra. He hasn't seen Naruto like this in a long time. It made the worry that's been knotting and twisting in his stomach to disappear. This was the man that could defy all odds and survive.

He slipped Kusanagi back into the scabbard as he focused on their opponent. "Let's finish this."

Sasuke pointed his hand down and used his other hand to grab his wrist. He concentrated his chakra into his hand, causing lightning to pop and crackle around his hand. "Chidori!" Naruto shot forward, faster than he's ever seen, and he followed. A Futon-Rasengan formed in Naruto's hand as they went to opposite sides of Sohma's body.

Sohma stumbled, the ground beneath him grounded down into a sand pit, and came closer to the ground where Neji stood positioned.

Sasuke jumped on the boulder-sized knee and used that as enough leverage to propel himself upward. He caught a glimpse of Naruto coming from the other direction. They met in the middle of Sohma's chest and went to hit him right where his heart's located. A second before their attack made contact black stone formed over his entire chest. When their jutsus hit both seemed to be absorbed within the stone.

He shared a brief glance with Naruto as Sohma cackled madly. "You think it's going to be that easy! I know exactly what each of you are capable of! Especially you, Kyuubi! Although, I will admit this level of control of your Bijuu is a surprise! This is what I love about you Kyuubi, you keep me on my toes! I will control you! All of you!" Sohma reached for Naruto, causing Sasuke's breath to seize.

Sand shot up and wrapped around Sohma's arms, preventing him from reaching Naruto and attempting to pull him down to the ground where Neji still stood ready. If they could block his chakra points then this could finally end.

Sasuke landed on one side of the giant while Naruto did the same on the other side. He didn't like to be this far from his lover in battle, especially when the enemy had a strange obsession with him, just in case the blond got in a tight spot like before and he couldn't get there in time to help. He couldn't lose Naruto again.

"Naughty, naughty Shukaku!" Sohma wrestled out of the holds. The black stone moved along his skin and settled in the palm of his hand that faced outstretch at Gaara. "I never had much interest in you! Only your Bijuu! Now, you're only in my way!" Chidori and Rasengan came out of the black stone and barreled toward Gaara.

Gaara's sand gathered around him, but it's been proven that a single Chidori could break through his defenses. A Chidori and Rasengan combined could possibly kill the red head.

Naruto tried to reach him, but it was Neji who got to Gaara first and used his body as a shield, apparently willing to take the hit. With all the choices Neji's made regarding the red head, he never expected him to be willing to die for him. Nor did he expect Gaara to try to save him by extending his sand out to wrap around the brunette also. Maybe more's been going on between those two since Neji's arrival than he ever paid attention to. It wouldn't be the first time he's missed things like that.

The Chidori and Rasengan hit, causing a backlash of massive proportions. He loaded chakra into his feet to keep him in place and shielded his face from the flying debris. When the dust settled, his eyes widened in shock from the red skeleton hand covering both Gaara and Neji. That hand connected to a red humanoid with Itachi at the base.

What is that? It somewhat resembled the shield he erected around Naruto, but stronger.

"Well, isn't that something," Sohma said. "Both brothers able to create Susanoo."


"Is your knowledge suppose to impress me?" Itachi asked, sounding bored. "Anyone willing to dig deep enough would be able to know that. And let's just say your obsession with the Bijuu and their Jinchuuriki, specifically Naruto and anyone around him is not subtle." The skeletal humanoid now known as Susanoo pulsed, the skeleton filling out and being covered with armor. A shield in one hand and a sword in the other. "The question is though, is your defense better than my offense?"

The tanto in the humanoid's hand struck out at Sohma, who lifted his arm to block. The black stone stretched and covered his entire forearm, taking the attack head on. The impact sounded like a strike of lightning, sharp at first before it thundered.

Hundreds of Kage Bunshins filled the cavern then, each one holding a Futon Rasengan. He knew what that meant. He sped through the hand seals, inhaled and exhaled a blast of fire. The Futon Rasengans ignited, filling the cavern like an atomic bomb.

He stood his ground, shielded his eyes from the bright flames with his arm, and cloaked his body with chakra to protect himself from the worst of the burns.

Peeking over the edge of his arm, he saw that the worst had passed. Smoke filled the cavern thickly, causing him to cough. He tried to search through the smoke in an attempt to find Naruto, but he could barely see ten feet in front of him.

Wind blew through the cavern, thankfully taking most of the smoke with it and showing the danger Naruto was in.

His breath stuttered as he took in the scene of Sohma having one of his hands pressed against one of Naruto's chakra made ones. Without realizing it, he speeds toward Naruto while at the same time Itachi brings his tanto down at Sohma's arm. Before the blade could make contact black stone shoots out of Sohma's hand and expands over Naruto, engulfing him completely.

He screamed for his love, and didn't slow down even as Sohma avoided getting his hand cut off and took his next swing at him. Water barreled over his head, aimed at his comrades behind him, but he only had eyes on the spiked cluster of stone which held Naruto within. His only obstacle, the hand trying to intercept him. Sneering, he aimed Kusanagi at the palm of the hand, expecting the black stone to appear. The blade of Kusanagi shattered, but it gave him enough of a distraction where he could slip under the hand, charge up a Chidori, and strike the back of the hand before the stone could move to protect the area.

Chidori pierced through the hand completely, almost severing the hand from the wrist. A scream thundered throughout the cavern, but he cared not as he wrenched his arm from the hand and continued on to his original destination without a second thought.

With another charged up Chidori he slammed into the black stone surrounding his dobe. The attack didn't even scratch the surface.

This can't be happening. He just got him back. He couldn't lose Naruto, not again, especially not after losing his daughter for the second time.

Lightning crackled from the stone and shot out at him, sending him soaring back. Sharp spasms sparked through his body as he gritted his teeth and pushed himself up, finding that he had traveled a hundred feet from the stone cluster.

Sohma cackled. "He's mine, Uchiha."

No, he's not. . . he thought, glaring at the stone cluster and feeling his anger reaching new heights. I'll die first. . . Fire set into his eyes and the painful morph like earlier occurred, and then without knowing how he did it a warrior of purple similar to Itachi's encircled him and lifted him up until he settled into its torso. He glanced around at the humanoid, amazed. This could work.

If he couldn't get through the black stone, then he would just have to get rid of the caster and pray that Sohma was the only reason for its power.

Darkness embraced Naruto like a warm blanket, digging into his pores and relaxing him. There were no worries, no pain, just nothingness. He like it here. He felt like nothing could bother him, like nothing could hurt him, but there was an itch – only a small one – that whispered to him that something wasn't right, that something was missing. But what could be missing?

Kit. . . a whisper came from the darkness. Kit. . . the voice came again, but louder. KIT! the voice yelled, causing him to open his eyes a slit to see if he could find what was disturbing him. You have to fight!

What's the point? He was so tired. He just wanted to sleep and drift in this endlessness. He didn't want to fight anymore. Besides, what was there to fight for? He closed his eyes back up, wanting for it all to fade away.

Really? the voice said, annoyed. This shit's already fucked with your head that much. What have you always fought for with every last ounce of your strength? What about that Uchiha brat. . .

Sasuke? Merely thinking the name brought an image of his lover to his mind. How could he forget him? He's been a part of his life since he could remember.

Or what about your kits?

Kyosuke and Aki. . . Tears sprung to his eyes at how big of a failure as a parent he felt. The darkness around him tried to siphon the emotion away, but he wouldn't allow the feeling to leave. He had to stay grounded to the small sense of reality that the emotion brought him. Why would he want to stay here if his family wasn't with him?

Or what about the unborn child you're carrying?

Naruto snapped his eyes open, "Unborn child?" He found himself standing in front of Kurama's cage instead of floating in eternal darkness. He also felt like himself instead of feeling satisfied in giving up without care to who he was leaving behind. That wasn't him. He's always been a fighter. And he's always had something worth fighting for. He'll be damned if he's gonna stop now when he had people counting on him.

"Now that's more like it," Kyuubi muttered, but the sound echoed through the chamber loudly.

"What do you mean, unborn child?" he repeated.

"Well, I thought that was obvious, but you've never been the brightest so I guess I'll have to spell it out for you. Congratulations brat, you're pregnant! And if you don't know how that happens, then you're slower than I thought."

"Pregnant?" Naruto then gasped and pointed his finger at the large fox. "That's that secret thing you've been doing! Are you out of your mind! If you haven't noticed Kyuu this isn't the best time to be pregnant!"

Kyuubi shrugged, unrepentant. "I could just as easily end the pregnancy."

Nausea rolled through his stomach, causing him to dry-heave. He couldn't believe that Kyuubi would even suggest that. He would never consider getting rid of any child of his. An image of Asuka flashed through his mind, twisting his stomach even more and forcing more heaves.

"Oh, I was wondering when morning sickness would start."

He wiped his mouth and glared at Kyuubi. This whole being brought back from the dead has seriously messed up Kyuubi's sense of humor. It's always been morbid, but this was pushing it.

"I'll take it that's a no."

He glared even more and crossed his arms over his chest in part irritation and in part a semblance of protection for himself. "What happened anyway? I remember fighting Sohma and then blackness."

"Whatever that black stone is encased us and you sunk into that artificial bliss."

"So everything out of here. . ."

"Is affected," Kyuubi confirmed.

"Then how do I get out?"

A feral grin slowly spread across Kyuubi's muzzle, causing weariness to settle into him. "I think its time you fully utilize my chakra."

"Your chakra? Weren't you paying attention when that stone overpowered both of our chakras?"

Kyuubi had the nerve to roll his eyes like he was the one that was stupid. "You weren't using my chakra to its full potential. When you do the frequency will change enough to battle against that stone."

"How can you be so sure?"

Kyuubi sighed, giving off a hot breeze. "Because the stone vibrates with Bijuu chakra."

"Then what are we waiting for," Naruto said as he positioned his hand over the seal on his stomach, remembering his teachings from Jiraiya many years ago. "Let's show this piece of shit what we're made of." He charged the tips of his fingers with chakra symbols, yet he hesitated. "This won't hurt the baby, will it?"

"Would I allow this to happen if it would?" Kyuubi asked sarcastically.

"Well, you did just threaten to end the pregnancy."

Kyuubi flicked one of his tails at him. "Yeah, but it's not like I would've done it. You take things too seriously."

Naruto shook his head and decided to let it go for now, but once this battle was over Kyuubi was going to get an earful. "Right, let's do this!" He placed his hand on his stomach and twisted, releasing Kyuubi.

Sasuke cursed violently when yet another attack didn't affect Sohma. It's that fucking stone that he keeps maneuvering around to take the brunt of each attack. Not to mention the hand he damn neared severed down had bars of the black stone keeping the limb attached. And no matter what's thrown at the stone, nothing breaks it in any way. Not a chip, or a crack, or even a scratch.

Desperation sunk deep, right down into his bones. He didn't know what to do. What the hell would it take to get to Naruto and keep him safe?

A sharp burst of Kyuubi's chakra came from the black stone, causing his heart to skip in hope. He caught sight of a sliver of a crack forming, allowing a stream of chakra to become free. That crack multiplied and grew until the black stone exploded with the escaping chakra. Kyuubi's chakra didn't stop expanding though. The chakra continued to grow to massive proportions, the energy whipping and then forming into a figure of Kyuubi. Within the head of Kyuubi Naruto hovered, a vicious snarl pulling at his lips.

With a roar Sohma went to attack Naruto with the stone again, but a swipe of Kyuubi's paw shattered it like it was simple glass. Kyuubi's jaws opened then, and chakra swirled and built. Sasuke recognized what Naruto planned to do. Concentrating, a bow made of chakra formed in his hand. He pulled the string back, resulting in a arrow to form the further he pulled. Once he was fully cocked a full-length arrow was positioned in his bow, ready to be released.

He waited for that second when Naruto fired the Bijuu ball to release his arrow. The arrow soared through the air, meeting Naruto's Bijuu ball just before hitting Sohma in the chest. Everything whitened out from the explosion of chakra afterward.

The blast had his humanoid around him dissolving as he fell to the ground. He flipped and managed to land on his feet even without being able to see anything.

Once the chakra settled, Sasuke sought out Naruto, who crouched down in the same area as before without Kyuubi surrounding him. He vaguely felt the others were alive, but that mattered very little to him as he made his way to Naruto.

"Is it over?" Naruto asked, eyes focused on the fallen Sohma several yards from them. He was back to the normal size of a human and not moving from where he had fallen.

They both eliminated the space until they stood over Sohma, who held a distortion between his human visage and his giant one. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the rise and fall of the man's chest. He tightened his hold on Kusanagi and flipped the blade where it lined up with Sohma's heart.

An eye of Sohma cracked open and stared up at him. Sasuke sneered at the life that still existed. "You should've never touched my family."

Sohma had the nerve to smile, blood slipping out of the corner of his mouth. "But it was fun."

A sadistic asshole until the very end.

Sasuke plunged the blade directly into his heart and gave the handle a satisfying twist, killing the plague that's been destroying their lives since they were children.

A hand grabbed his, snapping him out of his disbelief of the monster finally being dead. Instead he focused on Naruto staring at him with an expression of such relief that even he could feel in his bones. Those sapphire orbs he's loved for as long as he could remember said it all.

It was finally over.

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