danny's pov

"i miss you"
"miss you too" Alice answered back down the phone before hanging. I sighed, it had been a week since Alice had left for England but it felt like a lifetime. The earliest flights we'd been able to book weren't till monday, another 2 whole days ! I buried my head in my hands and wished again I'd gone with her. A knock at the door distracted me. " yeah?"
"Danny?" it was Thabo. "Dup wants you, he says its urgent"
i followed Thabo out the door of the tiny B&B room i'd been staying in and walked up to dup who was in his jeep.
"Good news, Trevanion"
"What is it?"
"well i was talking to some guys at the bar last night and one of them has a friend whos sister works in Joburg so i got talking and i may have mentioned your situation-"
"spit it out Dup" I wasn't in the mood.
"Well i managed to get you a flight for tonight"
I grabbed Dup for a bone crushing hug "Get off!" but he grinned.
i couldnt keep the smile off my face as i looked from him to Thabo. I was going to see Alice.

alice's pov

"charlotte bed!"
"but mu-" i looked at her stopping her short. "night" and she moped off to her room.
I smiled after her and went to sit in one of Georgina's many 'lounges'. She and Caroline were out and Liv was in her room so the house was quiet.
i turned the tv on and curled up on the sofa. There was nothing much on so i found myself thinking of Danny ... again. "monday!" i said to myself.
Words couldn't describe how much i missed him, from the moment he'd said goodbye i felt like a whole part of me was missing.i curled up tighter pulling the old blanket from the back of the sofa around me. I ignored the silent tears that fell as i drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Danny's pov

As i pulled up outside Georgina's the anticipation was unbearable. I walked in the front door quietly everyone was probably sleeping.i sat my case down and followed the noise coming from the front room. I peeked through the door and there she was. "alice" i breathed. She was sound asleep i smiled as i sat down beside her and gently put my hand on her cheek. She opened her eyes.
"Danny!" she sat up. "But i thought-"
"I got an earlier flight" and i pulled her close to me.
We held each other in comfortable silence, the sweet taste of reunion in the air. "I love you, Alice"
She looked up smiling "I love you too". I dont think either of us could stop the tears that welled in our eyes. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers.
This, here with Alice, was home.