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Blackrenamon: Hope you don't screw up. I'm in this story.

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Black: Yeah but you're not that important.

Delfim: (eyes darkened, evil grin and laugh) Not important am I? Well since I'm not important why don't I just erase you? After all I created you. How important am I again?

Black: (very nervous) I'll be good now.

Delfim: You better.

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Chapter 1 Black hearted boy and fox

It was a hot summer day, so hot you could see an egg frying in the middle of the street. The road was deserted and quiet, until a single shadow walked right through it.

It was Delfim Domingues, an 18 year old boy who lived down that lonely street. People avoided him because he tended to be rude with everyone that tries to talk with him ever since his parents died. Of course though, there was one exception.

It was his grandmother, Cidalia whom he lived with. She is an old hag with more spirit and strength than most teenagers and with her experience to boot. Delfim had such a respect for her he calls her "boss" instead of "grandma" and he never keeps anything from her.

They live in a house in the outskirts of the Town of Shinjuku (sorry if misspelled). Cidalia works in a farm they have there, with the help of Delfim when he wasn't at school. As he came into the house, he heard his grandmother yelling.

"Dinner is served." Yelled Cidalia from the kitchen.

"Okay, I'm just going to put my bag in my room Boss."

And he ran upstairs, not knowing that his life would change forever, that night.

Inside an ice dome, a girl was being held by two big demonic white hands. The girls name was Rika and she was digimon tamer. Her partner was renamon, but it wasn't the golden kitsune who was holding her.

It was Icedevimon, a white demonic-looking digimon. At his feet was renamon, beaten to a pulp trying to free her tamer.

Icedevimon sneered. "See, your partner is pathetic. Let me be your partner, and together we will be the most powerful digimon and tamer ever."

Rika looked at her partner with disgust. Is this what she was worth. Renamon should have won! She didn't deserve to be her digimon. Icedevimon, however…

"Rika, don't do this."

"Don't you dare Rika."

The two tamers, Henry and Takato, were yelling at her, trying to make her listen to them as their partners were trying to help Renamon. They were watching the event and couldn't stay quiet. They believed it wasn't Renamon's fault. But Rika didn't hear them.

"I accept."

And with that Rika's D-arc changed to an icy white.

Renamon was speechless, after everything she has done for her, Rika betrays her! She felt hollow, and alone. As she felt that, she was involved in a black cocoon.



The tamers watched as a new Renamon appeared. No more was her fur yellow, but black. Her gloves were dark purple and her eyes were yellow, just like Guilmon's.

And without further sound, she disappeared.

Delfim had just taken out the garbage, when he heard a sound coming from the roof. The sound was one he recognized as crying. But that was ridiculous, "boss" never cried before in her life.

Curious, he went to the roof and saw a dark fox-like creature crying. Delfim was going to make some rude comment when she looked at him and he saw something he knew all too well. Pain, emotional pain. He to felt that same emotion two years ago when his parents died.

Without knowing why, he just went to her and hugged her.

Blackrenamon was shocked! This boy had just come out of nowhere and hugged her. She wanted to punch him, beat him up. But the warmth of his body felt so good she didn't fight him. She cried herself in his arms and felt asleep.

Delfim felt her falling asleep in his embrace, so he picked her up and brought her into his house, thinking how am I going to explain this to boss?

Delfim: There it his, first chapter done.

Black: What, that's it? When do I get to kill Rika?

Delfim: Patience, my dear. Soon you will have your fun.

Black: Good. Can I have a name of my own?

Delfim: Why?

Black: I want to be different.

Delfim: I'll think about it. Review please.

Black: Or I'll kill you in your sleep.