A New Place To Stay

Chapter 53


Hogwarts - Severus' Quarters

A week had gone by since Harry had been finally rid of the Horcrux he'd carried around for fifteen years. If Severus hadn't been aware of what was happening, he would have been slightly befuddled. Harry had said his magic had only increased slightly, but during their training Severus realized it was more than just slightly. Harry had broken through his shield with only two spells, and he'd been putting a lot of magic into it. He was proud of the progress Harry was making, Severus was sure Harry could hold his own against some of the more tough Death Eaters. He doubted he'd ever think Harry was ready to face the Dark Lord though, mostly because of his feelings towards the teen. He'd taught Harry magic that the light side wouldn't approve of, boarding dark but never actually stamped as 'Dark'.

"You cannot go to Hogsmeade," said Severus his eyes narrowed, his arms crossed determination radiated from him.

"I can, Sirius signed it for me," said Harry lowering his piece of toast confused.

"Let me rephrase that, you aren't going," said Severus sarcastically.

"Yes I am," said Harry firmly.

"Harry!" sighed Severus exasperated, biting his tongue from just demanding again, it evidently wouldn't work. "To go out into the open is just asking for trouble."

Harry snorted "I don't think so, nothing will happen until the end of the year."

Severus hissed beyond infuriated with Harry, standing up shaking his head, fine on his head be it. Harry obviously wasn't going to listen to him, so he would just stop wasting his breath. Added to the fact he couldn't actually ban Harry from going, he did have permission from that blasted godfather of his. What was the fool thinking? Did he want his godson killed? Because his actions sure indicated as much. The worst part was he wasn't accompanying the students this year, which meant if anything happened…he wouldn't be able to help. The Death Eaters were becoming more and more active; he honestly didn't understand why Harry was risking it for some bloody sweets! He withheld the urge to slam the door closed as he left, making his way to the Great Hall, digging his fingers into his palms - stopping himself from going back and murdering his stupid idiotic charge.

Harry watched Severus leave his own quarters, clearly mad with him but instead of chewing him out he'd actually left. Harry gulped, feeling torn, on one hand he wanted to go, to be normal and forget he had a Dark Lord to defeat. Dark Lord? He really had been spending far too much time with his dad. Putting the toast on the plate suddenly feeling queasy, he'd never outright disobeyed Severus since he'd been taken in after fourth year. What if he stopped training him and wanted nothing to do with him? No, he wouldn't do that, Merlin what did he do? Cancel his plans with Neville to make Severus happy or go and prove nothing would happen? The Dark Lord wouldn't attack Hogsmeade surely. No he'd go and prove him wrong, he was perfectly safe, but he'd take his invisibility cloak as back up.

Well this wasn't how he'd expected the morning to go, it's the first time (other than training) that he'd spent any time with his dad since the Horcrux had been removed. Since then he had actually been sleeping a hell of a lot better, it's as if the darkness he'd carried around was gone. Sighing tiredly, he stood up and made his way out of Severus' quarters his stomach still rebelling he felt as though he'd betrayed Severus. When all he did was say he was going to Hogsmeade, irritated at himself, and his dad he put the invisibility cloak on and made his way out of the dungeons. Silently as possible since he had to sidestep a few Slytherins coming passed no doubt going up for breakfast.

Once he was at the entrance hall, he removed his cloak behind a statue and placed it in his pocket which was enlarged to fit anything. Sliding out, he made his way to the Great Hall, as if he was coming from Gryffindor Common room not the dungeons. Sliding in, he saw Neville with his feet up on the seats keeping Harry a space. Grinning wryly, he walked over and poked him in the back causing him to jump.

"Hey," said Neville swallowing the curse he'd wanted to yell, he was no longer the shy boy he had been a few years ago. Everyone had learned that at some point in the past year, even the Slytherin's ironically enough. Even Draco Malfoy hadn't bothered him or cursed him; it was turning out to be an odd year admittedly.

"You ready to go?" asked Harry, he was going to get Zar a dozen or so mice he liked them better than anything else apparently.

"Aren't you going to have breakfast?" asked Neville concerned he'd never seen Harry leave without eating something.

"I'll get something in Hogsmeade," said Harry. "You finish yours though." added the teen sitting down in the spot Neville had saved for him.

"Great," said Neville munching on his breakfast, which was healthy food, he didn't want to put the weight back on after fighting so hard to get it off. They'd gone running today, but he'd had to finish some homework he'd completely forgotten was due today. Harry had left to go to the library. "Hey did you find the book you wanted?"

"Nope, I'm just going to order it from Flourish and Blotts," said Harry shaking his head.

Neville doubted that there was a book missing from the library that Harry could possibly want. He had to admit he was curious about what Harry was up to. Unfortunately if Harry wasn't going to tell him he'd have to guess and wonder, since he wasn't about to follow him. He'd seen how he'd reacted to Ron following them, and he didn't want that fury and anger directed at him, no way, no how. Maybe one day Harry would trust him enough with whatever he was up to.

Harry stared at the food longingly, he was hungry, but his stomach rebelled against the thought of him eating. His eyes went to Severus, but he looked furious. Which didn't help his stomach at all, and then Neville began speaking, tearing Harry's attention from him altogether.

"That's the teachers getting ready to go," said Neville, hastily eating the rest of his meal, they were still escorted by the teachers even though they were sixteen. He was relived to note that Snape wasn't coming this time.

Harry looked up, noting that Neville was right; Flitwick, McGonagall, Hagrid and Sprout were standing up clipboards in their hands. Standing up he made his way out of the Great hall with Neville and the rest of his classmates who were going to Hogsmeade too.

"Something wrong? You look as though your…you don't want to go now," said Neville correcting himself, not wanting to say 'your cat died' he didn't want to depress him further.

"Just worried," grumbled Harry, what if Severus was right? And they attacked? Stiffening his resolve, if it was going to happen it would with or without him there.

"About what?" asked Neville frowning. Then again this was Harry; he always seemed worried about one thing or another. Even before they had become friends, although normally it happened in the middle to end of the year. He'd joined the dots and learned it was mostly about You-Know-Who.

"Attacks, stuff like that," admitted Harry.

"I knew it!" said Neville smugly, before adding in a sympathetic tone. "It's not just you worried Harry, everyone else is, we are at war it's expected."

Harry turned back to the doors of the Great Hall, his eyebrows rising in shocked understanding. Was that the real reason Severus didn't want him going? Was he worried about him? Was that all? Merlin he wished he knew the uncertainty made him queasy. He hoped Severus didn't stay mad at him, turning back around waiting in line until McGonagall began moving.


"So where to first?" said Neville as everyone began wandering off all around Hogsmeade.

"How about going to Honeydukes?" asked Luna, "Chocolate will help ward of the wrackspurts."

"Yup, the invisible wrackspurts can't have that happening," said Harry wryly, sharing a look with Neville who just grinned sheepishly.

"No we can't," said Luna seriously.

Harry pursed his lips as to stop himself laughing, feeling much better about everything as they made their way into Honeydukes. Raiding his pocket to find the bag of money he had within it somewhere. Finding it he yanked it out, absently pushing his invisibly cloak back in as he did so. Thankfully most of the older students had opted to go to The Three Broomsticks first for a Butterbeer. So they were able to navigate around the shop without difficulties.

"Oh look, they have my favourite back!" said Luna dreamily leaving Neville and Harry to grab a few of her favourite sweets.

"I thought she was going to stop wearing her wand behind her ear," said Harry watching her bemused, it wasn't a safe place to have it in his opinion.

"She tried," said Neville laughing softly, "Didn't you notice it was the first thing she did when we were duelling? Reach behind her ear to get it?"

"Yeah I did," said Harry nodding reluctantly.

"She's brilliant at duelling, she has nothing to worry about." said Neville, Luna made him look like a novice, she was skilled and competent. She was able to conjure a Patronus and it took her less time than him! And considering he got it done within a period of Defence it was saying a lot. Her Patronus was a hare, utterly magnificent it was. She had definitely proved she was a Ravenclaw with the way she was able to master spells.

"She is, isn't she?" said Harry, it wasn't a chore teaching her spells that's for sure. In fact he'd never admit it but she was easier to teach than Neville.

"Yeah," said Neville, picking up a few chocolate frogs from the shelf, and then moving a long to get some sweets for his mum. He always gave them to her when he visited. She always handed him the empty wrapper back, it was as if she knew he gave her the stuff. Before moving off towards the line, waiting to buy his stuff. Harry joined him a few seconds later his hands full of stuff. He wasn't like Harry he couldn't eat all that and still stay thin.

"That reminds me, maybe you'll be able to get that book out of Dervish and Banges." said Neville.

"Not that important," said Harry quickly.

"I'd love to go to Dervish and Banges," said Luna sneaking upon them. "I know daddy would love a new necklace."

"Alright then, Dervish and Banges it is," said Harry wryly.

Neville just grinned as he placed his sweets down and paid for them, moving to the side waiting on Harry and Luna paying for their items. It was nice being able to get out of Hogwarts for a while, sixth year was hard work, plus the help Harry was giving them. It was just really great to take a break from it all.

"Do you think they've found Ollivander yet?" asked Neville, he felt sorry for the old man, despite the fact he hardly knew him.

"I don't think there's going to be anything to find," admitted Harry sadly, "I mean what could he want with a wand-maker? Other than to try and stop wizards and witches getting their wands?"

"He might not have always been a wand-maker, I mean Fortescue didn't just make ice cream." said Luna solemnly.

"I know he was brilliant at Medieval Witch-burnings. He helped me with my homework three years ago, he was really nice, kept bringing me sundaes every half an hour." said Harry chuckling sadly as they turned right into the main road. "I still don't see why they'd take him to be honest."

"There's no rhyme or reason to You-Know-Who's attacks." said Neville.

"There's always a reason," said Harry sombrely.

Neville couldn't say anything; he hasn't been the one who's battled the dark wizard…how many times was it now? Four in total unless he was mistaken. Opening the door to Dervish and Banges they entered the shop silently. Luna's eyes lit up just being inside the shop, her eyes went from left to right immersed in the items the shop had to offer.

"Daddy will love this!" exclaimed Luna holding out a pendant with shapes on it. Circular, triangle and of course a line through them.

"That looks familiar," said Neville eyeing it curiously.

"It does," said Harry slightly pale, that's the sign he'd seen on the Gaunt ring.

"It's the sign of the Deathly Hallows," Luna told them dreamily as she wandered off to pay for it.

"Deathly Hallows?" asked Harry cocking his head to the side eyeing Neville curiously.

"Mad as a hatter," said Neville shaking his head.

"You know what they are?" enquired Harry perking up.

"Its nonsense." replied Neville.

"Hmm…" murmured Harry waiting on Luna coming back, hoping to get an answer from her. Whether it was nonsense or not, he wanted to know what the sign meant. He'd been meaning to look up about it, but he'd just never had the time nor come across it.

"Finished? Let's go get a Butterbeer," said Neville as Luna approached them.

"What's the Deathly Hallows?" asked Harry as soon as she was back.

Neville rolled his eyes as he followed them out, Harry listening intently to what she said.

"Don't you know the story about the Deathly Hallows Harry?" said Luna surprised.

"No, tell me," said Harry curiously, a story? He'd be inclined to believe Neville if the design hadn't been on a Horcrux.

"Well, it's said in the legend there was three brothers, Ignotus, Cadmus and Antioch Peverell confronted Death itself and beat him…" said Luna.

"Beat him?" asked Harry arching an ironic eyebrow at her.

"They used magic to conjure a bridge, Death wasn't happy that they had beaten him. So offered his congratulations and tricked them." said Luna.

"Okay, tricked them how?" asked Harry and what did it have to do with the sign?

"He gave them items, items that became collectively known as the Deathly Hallows." said Luna, "One item was given to each of the brothers, a stone of resurrection, which lets the person touching it see the dead. The second received the most powerful wand in existence, it became known as the Elder wand. The third received the cloak of invisibility, it's said he handed it down to his son and joined death as an old friend and went with him to the next world."

Harry shivered, his hand automatically going to his cloak, was it possible? It seemed ludicrous but it seemed that behind each myth lay some resemblance of truth.

"What happened to the other brothers?" asked Harry realizing they had been left out.

"One was killed the night he got the wand after getting drunk and boasting about it. The other committed suicide when he realized he couldn't have the one he loved in this life." said Neville finally joining in.

"Have either of you heard of the Peverell brothers?" asked Harry curiously.

"Of course," said Luna, "They are buried in Godric's Hollow."

Harry closed his eyes it seemed like confirmation enough, the Potter's had been buried along with their wives for generations in Godric's Hollow. Who's to say his family hadn't originally been Peverell's? He knew quite a bit about his family history, wait a minute he was related to Voldemort…the gaunt ring and the cloak…they were related through the Peverell's. The so called story was real, the sign was a sign of the Deathly Hallows, and too bad it didn't really help matters much. He had assumed it would help him discover the rest of the Horcruxes. There wasn't really many left though, at least that they thought anyway. By their reckoning there was only about three Horcruxes left, but they had no idea where they where.

"We're here," said Neville opening the door to the three broomsticks.

"I'll get us some drinks, Butterbeer?" questioned Neville.

"Yes, please." said Harry, "Just get six, avoid the queue. I need to go to the toilet; I'll give you the money when I get back."

"Alright," said Neville in agreement.

"I'll find us a table." said Luna wandering off.

Harry hastily made his way to the toilets, bursting into it despite the fact the sign said 'out of order' and quickly did the toilet. Sighing in relief, he flushed the toilet and zipped himself up. He froze when he heard a woman entering the toilets, had he accidentally went into the females? Oh he hoped not, he'd never hear the end of it. He shook off his silly thoughts; he had come into the mens room. He exhaled sharply when an unforgivable was cast. The voice sounded familiar, but what he heard next made his blood run cold.


"Use the Imperius curse on Luna Lovegood and give her this necklace, tell her to give it straight to Albus Dumbledore."

Harry banged the door against the toilet wall his face a mask of fury as he confronted a surprised yet paling Draco Malfoy and a blank Madam Rosmerta.

"Obliviate!" yelled Draco aiming it at Harry, who quickly ducked down slipping his wand into his hand, he fired back with such force Draco Malfoy basted through the wall of the Three Broomsticks and out into the pub causing screaming panic to ensure. Harry not thinking straight stormed out the door and into the pub yanking the blonde back onto the floor from where he'd tried to scramble up unsuccessfully.

Chants of 'Fight' 'fight' 'fight' 'fight' 'fight' filled the pub as the students crowded around watching it with morbid curiosity.

"Fucking dickhead!" snarled Harry punching him in the face. "I should kill you where I stand!"

"Let me go Potter!" hissed Draco utterly humiliated his wand was in that bathroom.

"HARRY!" shouted Neville wrapping his arms around the teen and dragging him bodily off Malfoy.

"You're done for Malfoy!" snarled Harry trying to fight against his friend to get back at the blonde. "You can do what you like to me but nobody hurts my friends." to his surprise Neville stiffened and Harry used the opportunity to get out of his hold and punch the boy once more, sending him to the floor again.

"Enough Harry," said Neville dragging him back, just as the teachers entered the fray.

"MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" boomed Minerva McGonagall and out of instinct they listened to her. "Potter." she said when she caught sight of them.

"Hagrid see to Mr. Malfoy, Potter follow me." snapped McGonagall taking charge.

"Get Luna back to Hogwarts, I mean it Neville don't leave her alone." said Harry furiously.

Neville nodded vigorously immediately leaving Harry's side looking for Luna; grabbing her he immediately left the Three Broomsticks. Noticing that Harry had been dragged off through the Floo, Hagrid was following her Draco Malfoy in his huge arms. For once the idiot wasn't complaining in fact it was the most quiet he'd ever seen him. What the hell had he said to Harry to get him to be so furious?

He noticed Flitwick investigating the scene before the doors closed.

"What's going on?" asked Luna baffled.

"Let's go." said Neville shaking his head hastily dragging her along Hogsmeade and back towards the castle as fast as humanly possible.

There we go :) the next chapter! Severus was right but for the wrong reasons :P will Harry tell them everything and have Draco in Azkaban? or will he keep quiet and have the blonde indebted to him? will Harry help Draco find a safe place for Narcissa? from what i can gather from the books its her he was worried about i think? wasnt it? will severus convince harry to either keep quiet or tell them? or will he allow his son to do what he wants? will we see slughorn posioned and leave Hogwarts in the middle of the night? or him dying? hes a good dueler and will be handy during the war so its up to you! will harry tell severus why he wanted to go? and severus forgive him? although i cant see severus really enjoying hogsmeade he never had money but he did get to have time with Lily no doubt until they fell out...hard to decide :D R&R PLEASE!