Author's Rant

I wanted a change of pace from writing lengthy chapters that goes on forever without anything happening.

I have a problem at making things simple and getting things quickly to the point as it needs to be.

I also feel that a lot of pieces I work on seem to mechanic and feels more like a report than a narrative so I wanted to work with emotions rather than detail.

So giving a little background on the work (though for most people it probably isn't necessary) it takes place in Millenium Castle Brunestud after the events in Tsukihime. If you played the game or watched the anime, it takes place after the games "True Ending" for Arcueid route.

Personally, I think it should have been called the "Sad Ending" and I much prefer the "Good Ending" over it. But as they say, "to each his own."

Including this one, during the time I've been on this website I have only finished 1 other piece out of 7. Finishing 2/5 means you have a lot on your hands but once it hits 2/7, I think it's safe to say that I'm very lazy.


Well thanks for reading.

Sincerely, this guy.