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Sergeant Thomas Richards of the Erusian Army scanned the forest around him, his rifle at the ready, determined to spot any movement in the thick forest.

You cannot see me. I am a leaf on the ground, barely worth your notice.

Seeing nothing, Thomas relaxed a little.

"Hey Sarge, looks like the ISAF cowards have run!" Private Sive yelled over in a mocking voice. "There's not so much as a single booby-trap!"

I wait and bide my time.

"Keep searching, it's been far too easy!" Sergeant Richards yelled. "It's been far too easy!"

Private Sive, a hastily trained conscript soldier gives his sergeant a plaintive look and continued searching. Eventually, after about an hour, he finds a small minefield. They spend another hour clearing the mines by hand.

The mines were a distraction. I am the REAL threat. And you cannot see me, I am invisible.

"Tell the General that the route has been secured." Sergeant Richards told a gormless looking private. As the private dashed off, Thomas struck a match and lit a cigarette. As he took a drag, he mentally cursed idiot privates who were too indoctrinated by state propaganda to credit their ISAF enemies with the intelligence that they actually had.. As he heard the generals car approach, he threw his cigarette down and stamped it out

I am ready for him.

General Theodore Daspin's field car passes by Sergeant Richards and Sergeant Richards salutes him as he passes.

He moves into my sights. I squeeze the trigger gently and my rifle barks

There is a sudden crack and suddenly a bullet hole appears in General Daspin's head and his brains are splattered all over the back seat. Suddenly snapping to alert, the Erusian soldiers spread out and started to search for the sniper.

I have achieved my objective. I will disappear without a trace.

Despite all of their efforts, the Erusians found no trace of the sniper. The only evidence he had ever been there at all was his spent bullet cartridge.