Don't own Naruto because if I did I woulda killed of Sakura along time ago I mean shes useless all she dose is bitch and cry then she has some break through about being strong next time only to fuck it up far worse and go back to crying

Chapter 1

( Forest outside Konoha the night after graduation)

"If you ever touch my sensei again I will kill you" Naruto yelled anger coming welling inside him as he looked down at his injured surrogate brother Iruka.

"Ha like you could, ill kill you in one hit" Mizuki sneered.

"Fine bring it on and I will return it over a thousand times Kagebushin no jutsu" and suddenly the forest was filled with over a thousand shadow clones.

Mizuki didn't have time to respond as he was attacked by a barrage of orange clad wanna be ninja.

"Eh guess I over did it hey Iruka sensei?" asked Naruto sheepishly.

Iruka was stunned 'maybe he can surpass all of the Hokage's' little did he know those same thoughts were going through the minds of two observers.

"Naruto close your eyes" doing as he was told Naruto waited as Iruka took off his forehead protector and placed it on his favorite students head.

"Ok you can open them now" Iruka said voice full of pride.

Naruto saw the new addition to his outfit and jumped for joy shouting about how "He did it" and how "He would be hokage in no time" with unbridled joy in his voice

"I promise I will make you proud Iruka sensei" he said barely containing tears of joy

"you already have Naruto"

(Hokage office)

"Well the kid definitely has guts and by the looks of it a shit load of untapped potential what do you think sensei?" asked a man with waist length white hair and red marks on his eyes.

"Yes he certainly dose Jiraiya, but with that much chakra it is no wonder poor Naruto couldn't do a standard clone, he simply has far to much to control" Sarutobi Hiruzen answered.

"Well I was going to wait around a year or till his first chunin exams before I took up training the gaki

but I think its about time I get to know my godson and take up his training" Jiraiya said proudly.

"Hm Kakashi will not be happy he was hoping to have the boy on his genin squad, especially seeing as the counsel will probably try and force him to pass his team because of the Uchiha" Hiruzen responded.

"Don't worry ill take care of that anyway this is the same counsel that refused to let me take the gaki with me when I had to leave for my resh... uh spying, even though Minato and Kushina left me as his guardian. What do you think the counsels orders are going to be to Kakashi give all his students a equal time or focus on the Uchiha" Jiraiya argued

"Very well I'm sure Naruto and Iruka are on the way here would you like to stay and talk to him now?" the professor asked.

"Nah I'm gonna go catch up on my research" and with that the toad sage was out through the window.

"I wish just once he would use the door" the aged Hokage sighed and went back to stare at his paperwork before breaking out into tears.