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Chapter 1: Lions, and snakes, and a phoenix, oh my

Harry lay on his back, finally awake and away from his nightmares and visions. The moon shone through the window landing upon unseeing emerald green eyes. As he lay there Harry silently blessed his limited wandless ability at silencing charms that he had discovered at the beginning of the summer and refined over the last two months.

Harry was currently thinking about last year and the tournament that had led to Cedric's death. It was August third and there was just less than a month before he was back at Hogwarts with his friends. His friends... his thoughts took a darker turn when remembering his last letters from them. "Don't worry we'll see you soon... keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble... Dumbledore advises you to stay inside as often as possible..."

And on, and on it went. Their preaching angered him, who were they to tell him what to do and expect him to be a good little boy and listen when they had given him no information about his world and what was happening with Voldemort all while trying to comfort him and ease his doubts.

They underestimated him he realized, underestimated his patience and ability to cope. They had sent him off to the Dursleys assuming he would be fine while reassuring him in every letter that Cedric's death did not lay on his shoulders. He was sick of it, and now the Daily Prophet was claiming he was unstable and an attention seeking liar.

A smirk grazed his face. He had embraced his Slytherin side this summer and had prepared him self for the coming war. The first thing he had done was sneak in to Diagon alley and purchase a new trunk that was password protected, with a password he doubted anyone would guess (after all not even Tom Riddle would think to say I love professor Snape's potions class in parseltounge.)

The trunks other features included a one touch shrink option, fire and spell proofing, and if lost would transport itself back to the owners pocket. He had also purchased a variety of contacts in colored, clear, and even one that worked similar to Mad-Eyes eye. Muggle London also equipped him with a variety of new clothing even though he had to wear Dudley's cast offs during the summer. Also a variety of books from Nocturne alley gave him more than enough to do during the summer.

His thoughts slowly drifted to school next year and classes with Malfoy and his cronies; there was no doubt in Harrys mind that with Tom's return he would be even more arrogant. As his thoughts turned to grabbing a book to read a wave of dark magic assaulted him, making his hair raise and heart to beat faster, Death Eaters.

Rolling out of bed he picked up his trunk and slipped it in to the moleskin pouch hanging around his neck that Hagrid had given him for his birthday. He rose to his feet just as the front door was blasted off its hinges shaking the house

Pressing himself by the wall next to his door Harry checked his arm, making sure his wand was in its holster (A birthday gift from Sirius and Remus that was invisible and summon resistant.) As foot steps sounded up the stairs he let his arms fall to his side and curled his hands in to fists. His Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin were yelling now and the footsteps were outside the door. Then, BANG!

The door flew open and two figures entered the room, after the second was in the door way Harry struck. He slammed his knee in to the mans groin and as the Death Eater folded at the waist, raised his knee and connected with the mans chin slamming his head against the door frame with a loud THWACK.

Harry the rolled away from a red spell originating from the first DE. And spun on his heal swiping ,who he had dubbed DE#1's feet out from under him then sprang forward and knocked his fist in to the mans face, braking his nose.

Leaving him on the ground Harry turned and rose just in time to plant his fist in to a third DE that had just entered the room. Another crack was heard before "Potter, stop it this instance." The venom that accompanied Potter made it obvious it was Snape which caused Harry to pause a moment allowing him to be cornered as the newly escaped convict Belletrix Lestrange entered the room.

Her voice was dripping with her excitement for the violence accruing around her and carried more than a little insanity. "Oh, wittle baby Potter" she crooned "Does he know how to pway." Harry stared at her coldly as either the elder Crabbe or Goyle came up behind her.

Mentally Harry sighed; he could draw his wand and fight now, possibly get through Belletrix and most likely be captured by the DE's down stairs or wait it out until he saw an opening and wait for Dumbledore's Order to arrive. As Belletrix glared at him watching his every movement he figured option two was better.

"Now" Belletrix purred "Be a good little boy a get downstairs otherwise I might have to do something nasty." Sighing Harry strolled past Snape towards the door "If you insist, though I must say you're being quite a terrible houseguest. My Aunt and Uncle will be displeased." All he got for his efforts was a hard shove towards the stairs and a snarl.

When he reached the living room his relatives were silenced and bound on the couch, though Vernon was still shouting himself purple.

Malfoy senior was standing in the middle of the room behind him were Avery, Nott, McNair, and what must be Crabbe as Belletrix had called the one behind him Goyle. Also about two more he didn't know.

Malfoy raised one sleek eyebrow as the two men Harry had named DE#1 & DE#2 came in to the room their heads bloody and Snape caring a broken mask.

"Put up a fight did he?" Malfoy enquired, though his gaze was on the Boy-Who-Lived. "Of course" Harry replied in mock outrage "It would be terrible for my reputation if I didn't" Snape smirked in a way that meant "Shut up before I cut you up and sell you on the black market."

Malfoy merely snarled at him before speaking again "The Dark Lord has an offer for you Potter and you should count your self lucky for it." He waited for a second and Harry rolled his eyes and muttered "Really, dramatic pause, never thought Malfoy would be in to Drama. Note to self buy him a play script."

The other DE's hissed slightly. Malfoy's glare hardened and he looked as if he were physically restraining him self from attacking. Harry could swear though that he saw a flash of amusement cross Snape's face.

"Shut up you idiotic brat the Dark Lord has offered you a chance to join him if you refuse he will make sure you beg for death at his knees." Harry smirked; idiots just gave him a perfect way to stall. He shrugged his shoulders lightly "Sure, why not, I got nothing better to do." He replied in such a casual tone one would have thought he had just agreed to buy a magazine subscription from a door to door salesman.

There was a thirty second silence and Snape's face showed his surprise for an instant before his mask was back in place. Harry was trying not to laugh, a corner of his lips turning up reviling a long incisor.

"Do not play games foolish child" spoke Snape "The Dark Lord does not take well to such things" Harry's smirk only grew wider "But I am not"

He then spoke in parseltounge lacing his words with all his hate and anger towards Voldemort "Your Death Eaters are very foolish to believe me Tom. Though not as foolish as a Half-Blood such as yourself for thinking I would join you."

There was a gasp from a few of the DE's as they looked at with some fear in their eyes, even the Dursleys were looking at him differently and Vernon had stopped trying to yell through a silencing spell. "He he, I knew it how the mighty will fall, soon they shall know that their Golden Boy is not so golden" Belletrix cackled as Malfoy's smirk grew larger.

Harry was glad he could lock away his laughter so easily otherwise he would be rolling on the floor from the fact that a few words of parseltounge spoken with hatred could convince them. Even Snape was wearily regarding him.

Then as Belletrix was about to speak again Harry felt the wards break once again as the order of the Phoenix arrived. "Finally" thought Harry as he called his wand in to his hand and stunned DE#1 just as the Order rushed in to the room.

The next few minutes were hectic as Harry wove his way through the Order and the DE's throwing stunners and shield charms, unfortunately they activated portkeys before more then two or three were caught.

There was a moment of silence and Harry realized that the people standing around him were Dumbledore, McGonagall, Remus, Mr. Weasley, Made-Eye, Snape, a bald black man, a young woman with bubblegum pink hair, and a man he recognized as Diggle.

The silence was interrupted by Dumbledore as Snape strode over and grasped the back of his neck. Oddly enough the cold fingers were rather soothing though he could still not relax.

"We meet back at headquarters, Minerva, Remus and myself will be along shortly after we have fixed the damages" He than strode over to Harry handing him a piece of parchment which had "The Headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix is located at number twelve Grimmauld Place." Read it, memorize it, then burn it."

Harry did then nodded once to Dumbledore, "Ok, on my mark, 3…2…1" and the world disappeared.

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