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Chapter 7: A Talk Among Friends

Knowing that his friends would corner him if he didn't hide, Harry made his way up to the greenhouse. The windows had all been cleaned but the floor still needed to be swept and the dead plants taken out.

The next few hours were spent cleaning up the room using wandless magic. Once he was finished, the tiles on the floor shone a midnight blue and the planter boxes were free of dirt. Realizing it was lunch time, Harry made his way down to the kitchen. Sirius was notably absent and the other teens were separated; Hermione and Ron on one end of the table, with Ginny and the twins at the other. They all looked at him when he walked in but stayed silent, most likely because of Mrs. Weasleys's presence.

After washing up and eating the sandwich had set in front of him, Harry tried to sneak out of the kitchen only for Molly to remind him that they would be going to Diagon Alley in an hour. He quickly retreated as soon as she finished and tried to outrun his friends to the safety of his greenhouse. He was on the second floor landing when they caught him.


Harry sighed and turned around to look at her glaring at him with four redheads behind her. "Fine, we'll talk. Let's go to Ron's room." They quickly followed Harry to the shared room and settled themselves on the beds and against the windowsill.

Harry sighed and leaned against the wardrobe. He looked to Hermione expectantly. "Well, ask away." Hermione jumped to start speaking and for a moment Harry expected her to raise her hand and bounce in her seat.

"What happened to you Harry? You're acting strange; going in to London without permission, teasing You-Know-Who and then defending Snape."

Ron's face grew red at the mention of Snape and he started up the second Hermione finished. "How could you defend that greasy git Harry? He's evil and Sirius was just taking him down a peg." Hermione half heartedly scolded Ron for calling a Professor a git while the other Weasleys in the room rolled their eyes at their brother.

Finally fed up with the argument, Harry let out a sharp whistle. All heads immediately flew up and focused on him and the room fell silent. "Nothing's changed Hermione." He said ignoring Ron, "I just decided to let my Slytherin side out."

Ron snorted "Nice one mate. You're nothing like those slimy snakes."

Harry rolled his eyes. He liked Ron but he could be very prejudiced. Ginny, Fred and George seemed to understand what he was talking about but Hermione was leaning more toward Ron's point of view. It wasn't a surprise really; she saw the world in black and white instead of shades of grey.

"If I had listened to the sorting hat, I would have been in Slytherin." Harry announced. Ron froze for a moment then stood and stalked out of the room, muttering angrily under his breath. Hermione shot him an apologetic look and went after him. He turned to the other occupants of the room.

"Come on Harry. Don't look at us like that. We're not prats like our brother, you know." Ginny said.

Fred and George nodded in agreement "Yeah, we get why you defended Snape. He lets us use a lab for some of our experiments."

Harry smiled at them; it was good know that he had loyal friends.

"Actually," Ginny spoke up, "I was wondering why you called Sirius a bully? It doesn't seem like you."

Harry ducked his head slightly "First off, I know who the marauders are." The twins looked exited at the information but Ginny looked confused so Harry spent the next fifteen minutes telling them about third year and then the book he had found in his vault this summer. Once he was finished the twins had dark scowls on their faces and Ginny looked furious,

"Well Harry"

"Good job giving"

"Sirius what he"

"Had coming."

The twins said in their usual way. Ginny nodded along with them and Harry shrugged.

"Well, if I kill the bastard and the prejudices of the light side simply replace the dark, then we've accomplished nothing."

Ginny nodded "We'll stand by you Harry. No matter what you decide to do." Harry smiled and the next hour was spent with small chitchat and plans of pranking Sirius.

They were still laughing together at an impression Fred had made of Fudge when they walked in to the living room to floo in to Diagon Alley. Ron and Hermione were waiting for them along with Mrs. Weasley and Tonks. Mrs. Weasley fussed about for a few minutes; reminding them to be careful, stay together and not to go wandering off in to Knockturn Alley. Finally, she held out the floo powder and in a rush of flames they stepped through the fireplace.

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