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*~*~I feel like this story went by so fast!~*~*

Chelsea leaned in closer and opened her mouth, letting James slip his toungue in. She bent her back and grabbed the hem of his shirt.

James took her by the shoulders and pushed her back down onto the couch, letting his hands trace down her sides. He swung one leg over her hips and straddled her, grinding up against her slowly but persistently. Chelsea let a small moan escape her lips before she tangled her hands in James's hair. James's lips moved to her neck, sucking and biting at the skin until it bruised. She reached down and fisted his jeans. James squealed in pleasure and kissed her ear, licking at the skin a little bit. He took in the smell of her shampoo and Chelsea felt his scruff rub against her face one last time.

"Guys," Logan said, "really? In the living room?"

"This is where we first had sex," James told him with a shrug, "so I don't see why not."

"Chelsea, your flight leaves in three hours. Get your shit together! We have to go soon," Logan told her.

"Aww, but Logan," Chelsea whined, finally sitting up, "we weren't finished!"

Logan wrinkled his face and cringed a little, "Ew," he told them, "I don't need to know tha- James!"

"Hmm?" James said, snapping his head up. He had pulled Chelsea onto his lap and was kissing her shoulder when Logan scolded him.

"Get. Ready. To. Go," Logan said pointedly to his sister.

"I have to go get my stuff," Chelsea told him while she hopped off his lap.

"Or we could both go up to your room," James suggested huskily.

"Katie's up there," Logan said with a smug grin, folding his arms across his chest.

"God dammit!" James replied. He threw his arms in the air and shook his head.

~*~*Now we're at the airport!*~*~

"Bye Chelsea," Carlos and Kendall chorused together, pulling her into a three-way hug, "Hope we see you soon!"

They were standing at airport security, where Chelsea would leave them.

"Bye guys," she told them with a smile.

She turned to James next.

"From this moment on, we're just friends," James clarified.

"Right," Chelsea nodded. She put her arms around his neck for a hug, and James pulled her into one last deep kiss. He let his toungue travel into her mouth and his hands ran down her sides to pull her hips closer to him.

"I don't do that with my friends," Kendall mumbled. Carlos giggled and they high fived. Logan looked like he was just trying to keep his cool.

She nodded to James when they finally pulled away, then turned to Logan.

"See, everything worked out after all," Chelsea told him.

Logan smiled and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a hug.

"I don't care what you say," he told her, "You will always be my baby sister."

Chelsea smiled and waved to them as she went to get in line.

"Aww, it's okay buddy," Kendall said as the four boys walked away, "there will be other gir-" he stopped himself when he reached out to pat James on the shoulder and found he wasn't there.

All three boys turned around to see James standing in front of a Starbucks, chatting up soe blonde with a big butt as he bought her a coffee.

"You know," Logan said, "something tells me he's gonna be just fine."

*~*~TA DAAAA~*~*

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