Kurt was running late.

However, Blaine didn't seem to care at all, as he currently had him pressed into his designer sheets, running a trail of kisses across his face, seemingly oblivious to Kurt's feeble, but present protests. His only acknowledgment that Kurt was even talking was to kiss Kurt passionately on the lips. This, of course, proved to be a successful tactic, as it took Kurt nearly a minute to recall his argument after Blaine had moved on to his cheekbones.

"That's not going to work every time you want me to shut up, Blaine."

"It worked this time. That's all that matters to me at the moment."

"But," Kurt tried his damnedest to put forth a valiant effort at restraint. After all, he was already fifteen minutes late to Rachel's house for their weekly 'diva night' with Mercedes. Blaine, however, was simply having none of it.

"Yes, you have one of those. I am a bit busy feeling it up and attempting to silence you with kisses at the moment." Kurt remained uncharacteristically silent for a few moments, before he regained the ability to speak.

"I…need to-"

"Yes, sweetheart, you have eyes and knees too. You know, if the whole Broadway thing doesn't work out, you have a very promising future as an anatomy teacher."

Blaine continued his ministrations, reasonably satisfied that Kurt would put up no more resistance for the time being. He was growing bolder, beginning to trail feather light kisses down Kurt's neck, occasionally nibbling on the unnaturally smooth porcelain skin beneath his lips, but soothing the marks with his tongue immediately following each bite. He was, regrettably, interrupted when Kurt's phone began ringing shrilly; playing a light tune that Blaine couldn't place, most likely because his head was still reeling. Kurt lunged for his phone immediately, pressing the green button with a slight twinge of regret.

"Hey Cedes, I am getting in the car as we speak," Kurt began buttoning his shirt (when had he ever un-buttoned it?) but made no other attempts to escape Blaine's iron grip around his waist. Kurt made a few noncommittal noises, presumably assuaging Mercedes's nerves and slightly ruffled feathers over the fact that her so-called "boo" was running late. "Yes, I will." Kurt ended the call and turned to face Blaine, who by now was sporting a sheepish smile in the vain hope that Kurt wasn't mad that he was late.

"Mercedes told me to tell you, and I quote, let your boy-toy – which I resent, as I hardly belong to you – get in his damn car and get his white boy ass over here. Again, somewhat offensive, but I am sure that she meant it as a term of endearment."

Blaine heaved a long-suffering sigh, and promptly released Kurt from the confines of his arms, silently bemoaning the fact that their, ah, relations, had been so rudely interrupted.

"Next time I attempt to remove you from civilization so I can have you all to myself, remind me to confiscate your cell phone."

Kurt smiled, amused at the feigned desolation in Blaine's tone.

"You know, Blaine, it's not kidnapping if I don't put up a fight. I believe the phrase you were looking for is 'run away together,' and in that case, I will never, ever sacrifice my cell phone. Not even for you."

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