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"Of Reunions and Reconnaissance"


A golden hand landed on Wavelength's metallic shoulder, startling him from his thoughts over the events that had begun to unfold on their world. After what felt like ages of growing tension, the Decepticons had massed an army large enough to take what they wanted, what they thought was rightfully their's.

The Allspark.

The Prime had naturally called up his own army and war had thus broken out. Wavelength and his mate had fled their city in order to escape the battles that raged, but news had reached him that they soon would have to leave their small haven in the Iron Mountains and flee to the city on the edge of the Oil Sea. The armies were moving again, destroying everything in their path as they fought for ground.

"What is it?" Wavelength looked up, gazing into his mate's silver optics before he made room for her on his fallen Silver Tree log.

"There is something I need to tell you," Stargazer said as she sat, holding her other half's servos in hers as she met his optics. "Something that will change our lives."

Wavelength's grey optics widened and his tanks clenched. "What's wrong? What's going to change?" The mech bit his lower metallic lip as worry filled his gut.

Stargazer had gone to see a doctor recently. Her spark had been fluttering erratically in the past few days and dizzy spells plagued her. Wavelength grew more fearful by the cycle.

If something happened to Stargazer he didn't know what he'd do. This femme was his whole world. It would be empty without her. Was she ill?

Stargazer smiled and raised his servos, placing them above her spark. It beat in a steady rhythm causing the mech to vent in relief. Then the golden femme guided their linked servos slightly to the right on her chest and a small flutter became apparent. Wavelength's optics grew wider as he met Stargazer's shinning Cybertronian eyes. "What is that?" He croaked, vents stilling as he squeezed his mate's smaller servos.

"It's a sparkling," Stargazer said, a smile growing on her face as Wavelength's grey optics grew very large.


"It's a sparkling, love," She said, optics filling with joyful tears. "I'm carrying."

The large mech sat frozen for a moment, processing what his mate said before his metallic face broke into an elated smile and he jumped up with a whoop. He turned and picked up his small golden mate and twirled her around and round. All the time his joyful laughter mixing with Stargazer's as the planet's blue sun rose over the peaks of their small haven, staining the world in a faint turquoise glow.

He was going to be a father!

Wavelength stopped as he intook in quick bursts, calming his racing spark before he happily pressed his metallic lips to his beautiful mate's.

They both knew it wasn't the best time to start raising a family, but it was no less exciting. They would have to be much more careful and try to escape the worst of the war. If it got too bad Wavelength knew he had enough energon chips to buy a passage for his family off world. They could settle on one of Cybertron's moons away from the fighting. Their future would be peaceful, but for now they had to live in the present and prepare for was to come.

Hazel eyes widened as the image froze and the golden femme turned her head to stare at him, her silver optics sad as she slowly removed herself from her black and turquoise mate before she moved toward the smaller human. "This," She said, nodding her metallic head in the direction of her mate who was still frozen in the moment, "is the beginning of my end."

Sam frowned and stared at the scene before him before he looked up at the golden femme with curious eyes. "I don't understand. Your 'end?'" He tilted his head to the side and shifted his weight.

Sam was in his human form for the simple reason that this was the way he saw himself mentally. He would always be human at the very core of his soul and nothing could change that.

The femme smiled sadly. "This is the story of how I died," She said softly before she touched the young man's cheek with a single digit.

The cold from her plating seemed to seep into his very skin causing him to gasp and take a startled step back. In Sam's haste he tripped over his own feet and fell backward, his back meeting open as he went into freefall.

The young man stretched out a hand to make grab for the golden femme, but she was already out of reach. Her voice suddenly called out, seemingly coming from everywhere around the boy as the wind ruffled his hair and clothes. "Beware, Sam Witwicky, of the Dark One's servant. He will destroy you should he get the chance. Do not give him that chance…"

(Cargo Plane, Somewhere Over the Pacific)

Sam's eyes snapped open with a small intact of breath before blinked and looked around the plane with wide eyes as the images he had just been shown swirled around his mind.

The area was filled with Autobot alt-forms and holoforms along with their human companions. Sam himself was in his holo tucked against the blue shirted chest of his mate as Optimus leaned against the glass of his alt-mode's windshield. The dozing Prime shifted slightly without opening his eyes before he relaxed again with his regal nose buried in Sam's brown hair. The human-turned-cybertronain grinned and laced his fingers with the Prime's as the entire room began to rumble slightly, causing Ironhide to grumble in the corner while he watched Will play cards with Epps, Figg, and several other soldiers.

They were in a plane heading for the base in the United States. After a week of preparations they were finally going home. Sam was looking forward to seeing his parents again.

The Witwickys were notified the day after the Autobots meeting via video mail. Sam spoke with them for several hours, apologizing to a slightly hysterical Judy every five minutes after his mother had been revived from her dead faint. He had thought it would be better to show them what he was in person, so he had only hinted at his transformation.

It would be good to see Mojo and Frankie again as well. Though they'd have to keep the Chihuahua away from Ironhide in case the small dog decided the Weapons Specialist made an excellent substitute for a fire hydrant again.

Judy would have a fit if Mojo was reduced to a small black crater in the dirt. Cybertronian helms would roll.

Sam shuddered. They'd have to keep an eye on his mother for a while after their return. He didn't think she would take well to her baby boy being turned into a jet-transforming alien. No one wanted to get attacked by an angry, bat wielding Judy Witwicky, be they holo or human.

Sam wiggled slightly, feeling restless before he gently pulled out of Optimus's tight grip while being careful not to wake the exhausted Prime. Just as quietly he slid off the hood of his mate's alt-mode and stretched before making his way across the grey plated floor to the corner where the others were. The Prime didn't stir even as Sam turned to check on him. He must have been much more than he let on.

Jazz grinned from beside Epps when his eyes landed on Sam and waved a large hand at him. His holoform was an inch shorter than Lennox with shoulder length, curly black hair and chocolate colored skin that pulled into dimples around his cheeks when he smiled. "How you doing, kid?" Jazz asked when Sam came to a stop beside him. He pulled his blue visor down his nose and winked at the Consort before he covered his silvery-grey eyes with the glasses again. "How you holding up?" He played with the hem of his white and blue t-shirt for a moment before he caught himself and wiped his hands on his jeans before grinned up at the boy.

Sam returned it, his hazel eyes glowing slightly. "I'm good. The ride's a little bumpier than I'm used to, but I'll live." The plane shook slightly as if to emphasize the statement. "I never did like turbulence."

"Why don't you join us?" Will suggested, shuffling the deck in his hands. "it's a game we made up." He grinned over at Sam when the boy eyed the empty table.

"What are the rules?" The holo asked, interested. He propped his head with his hand against the table as he watched Lennox deal. "Do you wager anything?"

"No, but they tally kisses," Mikaela said as she came to stand beside him. "Each player starts out with five cards in their hand. On each turn they must sacrifice one card and pick a new one from the deck. Each player gets five turns. If all you have is hearts in your hand you must place the card, no matter its symbol, in the throw away pile and take a new card. No passing turns. At the end of the game you must show your hand. The one with the most hearts wins. A full court of hearts beats any hand except the ace of hearts. That is an automatic win no matter how many hearts the others have.

"Each winner gets one kiss that they see fit to use on any of the other players at anytime they wish. It can be on the lips, cheek, forehead, or anywhere on the face," Mikaela folded her arms over her chest with a grin at Sam's curious expression. "So are you in? I'm playing Will," She directed this last statement at Lennox as he shuffled the cards more.

Sam nodded and Will grinned. "Alright. Epps has won once while Ironhide has three so far. I have two. Ready?"

The people around the table nodded and he dealt the cards.

"Oh," Lennox said, suddenly. "And no using any Cybertronian tricks or abilities," He raised a brow as he eyed the Consort. "That includes the Allspark, Sam."

Samuel's face split into a sheepish grin. The last time he had played cards with Will and the others The Allspark had decided to help and Sam gladly invited it into the game. He had won several times before the group caught on and put a stop to it.

Jazz snickered before Ironhide elbowed him hard in the ribs, making the visored holo jump and yelp. "What was that for?" Jazz asked, rubbing his sore side.

"Don't encourage him," Ironhide growled as he eyed the 3IC from the corner of an ocean blue orb. "I nearly lost all my chips the last time he played."

Mikaela laughed and prodded the burnet holo in the ribs, causing the Weapons Specialist to grunt and glare heatedly at the girl. "Come on 'Hide," She said, smirking. "You just don't want him to win a round and choose to kiss Will."

Ironhide opened his mouth to respond heatedly to her comment when Lennox sighed and gave a small yank on a strand of the Weapons Specialist's wavy burnet hair. "Behave," He ordered before turning back to the group. "Now let's this started," He grinned around the table, ignoring his mate's glare as he fanned out his cards.

The group nodded and the game began.

Optimus's eyes blinked slowly open as he came awake.

His blue eyes scanned the area as he stretched, searching for his missing mate. The sound of laughter drew his attention to the right, causing him to smile as he caught sight of the bright look on his mate's face as Sam played cards with his friends. He was relived the Consort was feeling more himself.

Samuel had not been feeling the best since their encounter that night a week ago. His recharge cycle was frequently interrupted by nightmares and what could only be described as visions, causing Sam to bolt awake in the middle of the night. These dream and images took their toll on his mate's already tired frame, making his smile not as bright as it once was.

It was good to hear Sam's laugh again.

Optimus stretched before he slid off the side of his alt-mode, making his way over to his mate and the others as they continued to play. Epps looked up from his cards and grinned. "Well," He said, eyes sparkling with mischief as he tipped his glass of water in the Prime's direction, "If it isn't Sleeping Beauty."

"Took you long enough," Ironhide grunted before he lowered his cards until it was only his eyes visible over the top, blue orbs glittering like Epps's. "But if you're Sleeping Beauty don't you require a kiss from your true love to awaken?"

Optimus blinked in confusion as he came to a stop behind Sam. His mate tipped his head back and grinned up at him before the holo grabbed the collar of his mate's blue t-shirt and pulled him down, molding his feather soft lips to Optimus's as the Prime's shoulder length black hair fell over their faces in a midnight curtain.

Optimus's tongue flicked out and ran along the edge of Sam's lower lip, causing Samuel to give a small intake of breath. The Prime grinned into the kiss before his tongue slipped its way through the Consort's lips and began to battle with Sam's own as one of their spectators gave a catcall that brought a flush to the hazel eyed holo's cheeks.

Samuel nipped lightly at the Prime's bottom lip, causing his mate to release a small sigh before the Consort pulled back, grinning at the dazed expression on Optimus's face with a satisfied glint in his hazel eyes. "Hello," Sam whispered, running his hand along the Prime's scruffy cheek.

"Hello," Optimus rumbled in reply before he went in for another kiss.

Sam chuckled as he pulled away, clearing his throat as he returned his attention to his cards and the Prime stood up straight. "You happy?" Samuel asked, watching Ironhide from the top of his cards as the burnet rolled his eyes. "He got his kiss so he's no longer a D.I.D."

"D.I.D?" The Weapons Specialist asked with a raised eyebrow as the humans around the table cracked up. "What in the Pit is a D.I.D?"

"Damsel In Distress," Will explained as he wiped his eyes. "Really Sam?" He turned his mirthful eyes on the Consort. "Quoting Hercules?"

"What? It's a classic." Sam shrugged as he tapped his cards against the table. "Why did you laugh?" He tipped his head at the new Major with a raised eyebrow.

"Touché," Will replied with a chuckle before he looked over at Epps when he yelped.

Mikaela had snuck up behind the dark skinned soldier and on his head with a grin making Bobbie jump. "Whoa!" She said, laughing at Epps's curious expression. "Is his hair out?"

Robert reached up and ran a hand across his bald head. "What?"

Sam snorted behind his cards as Ironhide sighed. "When did we get so cheesy?" The Weapons Specialist asked as he ran a hand across his face.

Optimus shook his head and chuckled as his hands rested on Sam's shoulders. "We've always been just a little bit strange, but then we started spending time with these humans and well…" He tilted his head and shrugged with a small smile.

"We sort of rubbed off on you guys," Sam finished as he grinned. "Alright ladies and gentlemen," He looked around the table they were playing at. "Cards down."

"What are you playing?" Optimus asked as he leaned over Sam's shoulder to get a good look at his mate's hand.

Sam had three hearts, a two of spades, and the ace of hearts in his possession. The table took one look at his cards and groaned as Sam looked up at Optimus and grinned. "I win another round," He leaned back in his chair and rested his hands behind his head. "That's two kisses."

"Kisses?" Optimus tilted his head to the side.

"Yeah. We call the game 'Go-Kiss.' The players tally kisses and the winner gets to kiss another player at anytime they wish." Sam looked up at Optimus with a small sparkle in his eyes. "What?" The Consort raised an eyebrow as the Prime stood up straight as a small rumble emitted from his chest. "What's wrong?" He had never seen Optimus act the way he was before.

The Prime was tense like a bow string, as if someone was about to attack at any moment. "Kiss?" The leader rumbled, his fists clenching as a possessive gleam came into his eye.

Sam blinked before he realized what was wrong and grabbed his mate's arm, drawing his attention to Samuel instead of the table at large. "Its nothing, love," He said earnestly, trying his hardest to avert the possibility of a fight. "The kissing thing is all fun and games. They don't mean anything."

"Really?" The Prime asked darkly as he watched his mate.

"How about this," Sam quickly came up with a compromise, knowing his other half would be forced to listen to him. The human-turned-Cybertronian placed forced the Prime to look directly at him and no one else. "I won't use my kisses. For me they will just be tallies. Promise."

"Good," The leader replied, satisfied that no others would touch Sam before he picked the Consort with ease and sat, placing Samuel rather in his lap as the hazel eyed holo let out a squeak.

Ironhide snickered from beside Will and Sam flushed, trying not to squirm at the looks he was being given.

Ratchet watched all of this from beside his mate on the other side of the room with a curious gleam in his cerulean eyes framed with square wire-rimmed, glasses. He seen many a Cybertronian act like that, but never his leader. Something else was at play and Ratchet had an idea of what it might be.

It looked like Skyspark was due for a check up after all.

(N.E.S.T HQ, Main Hanger)

The sun was shining in a clear blue sky and cool, fresh breeze as it blew across the dusty runway the plane had landed on. They landed on base not ten minutes before and the Consort hadn't been able to take his eyes away from it all since.

Sam stood at the top of the disembarking ramp with his alt-mode sitting behind him. His hazel eyes surveyed the base as the other soldiers bustled around him, unloading the supplies and ammunition with help from the 'bots. Others were running around the area to make sure all was in order for their Cybertronian comrades.

The Consort couldn't keep the smile off his face if even if he tried. It was good to finally be back on familiar ground. Sam hadn't realized how much he missed it all until the moment he stepped from the plane and the New Mexican sun greeted his eyes.

"Welcome home, Sam."

Lennox grinned down at the Consort from beside him, keeping his hand on the human-turned-Cybertronian's shoulder as Samuel grinned up at him.

"Its good to be back," Sam's hazel eyes sparkled as he turned his gaze out over the base again and its busy soldiers as they scurried around like bees at work in their hive.

"Come on," Will said, giving a small tug on his shoulder as he began to walk down the ramp. "We should get out of the others' way. Optimus would have my hide if you got shoved or ran over by a stray Hummer."

Sam grinned as he followed. "You're more likely to be run over," He flickered his form in emphasis as William turned to look at him as they continued down the ramp. "I'm just a Holo."

Lennox snorted and shook his head. "Don't do that. You might freak Fig out," He said, grinning when a string of Spanish curses floated their way. "Too late."

Sam threw his head back and laughed as they stepped off onto the dusty runway at the bottom of the ramp before making their way into the shadowed hanger.

"Sammy!" A shrill voice rang out, causing Sam to turn in time to be wrapped up in the arms of a hysteric Judy Witwicky. "Oh, my baby boy has come home!"

She tightened her hold on the boy as she began crying, shifting so her arms enveloped the Consort's face and head. Sam blushed in embarrassment as the soldier beside him began to laugh. "Gah!" Was all he managed to get out as his mother held him even tighter.

Ron Witwicky came up beside them and stood to the side, fidgeting for a few moments before he wrapped his arms around the other two, closing his eyes.

Sam managed to shift until his arms were around his mother and his hands rested on his father. The movement caused Judy's arms to shift from their chokehold and hold his shoulders again. The boy placed his head on his mother's shoulder and smiled at his teary eyed father. "Hey Mom, Dad. I'm back," He whispered as the room quieted to watch the touching scene.

A slight rumbling caused Judy to look over her son's shoulder to see a silver and blue jet roll up behind them. "Sam? Who's that?" She asked before pulling away. "Is that a new team member?"

Sam froze and turned to see his alt-mode had followed him while he had his mind else-where. He cursed silently. The Consort knew his parents would be there when he arrived, but he had wanted to avoid this until they were in a more private setting.

But things didn't always go to plan.

"Mom, Dad," Sam began reluctantly as his alt-mode rolled closer. "That is me," He flickered where he stood, causing Judy to jump back.

"What?" Ron asked, mouth opening and closing as Sam flickered again in stress. "What have they done to you?"

"Do I need to make some heads roll?" Judy asked, baseball bat appearing in her hand out of no where.

"No!" Sam said, chewing on his lip. "It was my choice," He waved his arms and grabbed the bat. "I chose to come back as this. It was to better help Optimus and the 'bots. I am one of them now," He wrapped his arms around his parents and squeezed them tight. "I'm still your Sammy only I can become bigger."

His alt-mode unfolded from its jet-form to its bi-pede mode and leaned down to look Judy and Ron in the eyes, smiling as he gently ran a digit across his mother's cheek. "Its me," The holo whispered along with the Cybertronian. "This form has a new name though. Its Skyspark, but people still call me Sam. I'm still me. I'm still your Sammy."

Judy smiled slightly in understanding as she spied the Prime watching them closely from a distance. She knew the look in Optimus's eyes as he observed them. She had caught Ron giving her the same look frequently. It was one of utter devotion and love.

Sam had finally admitted his true heart to the Prime and now they were dating or even more judging from the way the leader was acting.

It was like Ron when he was introduced to her parents. Her then boyfriend had been terrified of what his parents would think of him, but would stay by her side no matter what they said. That was how Optimus was acting in that moment as Sam explained himself.

The Prime would stay with him not matter their opinions.

"So," She whispered into Sam's ear with a smile as the Prime approached at the Consort's beaming wave when the human-turned-Cybertronian caught sight of his mate. "When's the wedding?"

Sam froze again and looked at his mother in shock. "What?"

Ron shook his head. He was till confused about the whole fiasco, but if his wife accepted it and if Sam was happy he was happy. They would have to talk later, but for now they would revel in the fact that they were a family again with one more addition.

He was proud his boy had admitted himself to the Prime. It didn't matter to him whether his son like men or women. As long as Sam was happy everything would be good. Ron had seen the way his son had changed the moment he began to help the Cybertronians. Optimus had helped him become the man Sam had always wanted to be and if they fell for each other along the way it was all for the best.

Far be it for him to come between Sam when he had set his mind on something. Samuel Witwicky was his mother's son after all.

Sam laughed, tears glistening in his eyes, as he pulled away from his family to beckon his mate over. Optimus came slowly, not sure how welcome he was in the group. He still blamed himself deeply for what happened to Sam. The pain on the Witwicky's faces when he delivered the news of their son's passing still burned brightly in his memory. The Prime would gladly take his mate's parent's wrath if they still held him at all responsible for Sam's death if that was to be his penance.

A small hand grasped his wrist in a tight grip, startling the Prime from his thoughts as he was pulled forward into the family circle.

"What-" The Prime gasped before he was cut off by Judy Witwicky as she wrapped her arms around his waist in a hug.

Her head only reached his chest, but her grip was strong she held him. He stood for a moment in shock before he carefully wrapped his own arms around the matriarch of the Witwicky clan, holding her even as a small wet stain formed on his shirt where Judy hid her face.

"Thank you," Judy Witwicky whispered, voice catching and muffled before she looked up at him with teary blue eyes. "Thank you for returning him to us."

A hand settled on his arm and the Prime settled his startled sapphire gaze on Ron as he patted the light muscle that rippled beneath his skin. "Yeah," He grinned. "If it weren't for you Sam would never have returned."

Optimus blinked and his gaze landed on the Sam's softly smiling face as tears formed in the Prime's eyes. 'I came back for you,' The shorter holo whispered in his mind. 'Only you.'

A sob of relief lodged itself in the Prime's throat as his mate wrapped his arms around his waist from behind and rested his head against the leader's back.

They didn't blame him. Sam's parents wouldn't try to keep him from his mate in their anger. He wouldn't be alone. Optimus swallowed and hid his face in Judy Witwicky's hair, shaking. "Thank you," He whispered, gently lowering his arm so his hand could grip Sam's, twining their fingers together at his waist. 'Thank you.'

(Decepticon Base, Mars)

"Your victory is nearly at servo, my most precious Lord."

Megatron vented and pulled his mate closer against him with his slivery arm. Ruby optics met fond crimson in the dim lighting of their room as the seeker grinned. "Yes," The leader murmured as he brushed his lips against Starscream's black helm. "It is so close I can nearly taste it and yet…" He trailed off, a slightly lost looked coming to his metallic face.

"Yes?" The Air Commander asked, closing his wings so he could lay more comfortably on his side. Starscream rested his helm on his servo, tipping his metallic head to the side in curiosity as he watched his mate find the words he wished to say.

"And yet it seems like the victory will be a hollow one," The leader sighed, closing his crimson optics. "My spark does not burn with the vengeance it used to."

"It feels as if the need to destroy vanished with the Fallen and you aren't certain why you should be in this place, fighting against the one you once called brother," A voice rang out, speaking all the uncertainties that presided in Megatron's spark and mind.

The two Decepticons startled before the leader trained his cannon on the intruder as he stood, pulling Starscream behind him. Megatron's optics narrowed as they landed on the golden, glowing orb that floated peacefully near the end of their berth. It was a perfect sphere and large enough to fit in the leader's clawed servo. It pulsed slightly as the former Lord's weapon hummed warningly. "Show yourself!" He snapped, tense and ready to defend his mate should whatever was inside the orb decide to attack.

A laugh like wind chimes floated through the room before the glowing sphere flared brightly, momentarily blinding the two Decepticons.

Once the light had died Megatron cautiously opened his optics, blinking them to clear the blur the glow had left. A golden femme came into focus and the leader's mouth dropped open as she smiled at him. "I know you," He said breathlessly as his gaze took in her plating and braided, golden metal fiber hair. "But that's not possible," The femme's silver gaze brightened in amusement. "You're dead."

Flashes of darkened silver optics and a cracked, broken frame imbedded with metal shards floated through his mind before he shook his helm to banish other memories he carried of the destruction wrought on that Cybertronian day so very long ago.

Stargazer smiled sadly before she looked to Starscream and nodded at his equally shocked expression "It is indeed me, professor. Even after several thousand earth years and death behind me I still have not changed all that much."

The Air Commander raised an optic ridge as he examined the partially see-through frame of the golden femme. He did know her, but she had been young back when he had briefly taught at the science academy. The femme had been one of the brightest in his class. It had impressed him how much she knew about his field at such a young age.

"You are the one who wrote that thesis about organic life on other planets and proved it to be true despite what the others said," Starscream frowned as the memory of catching blue-grey optics watching Stargazer closely as the golden femme spoke with him…

That same gaze now stared back at him from the other side of cold metal bars with hatred shining in their depths. Starscream shuttered and pressed himself against the dull steel wall of his prison in an attempt to put more distance between he and his captor, clutching the bright sliver relic closer to his cassis as he grit his denta to keep from saying something that would most likely get him killed.

The seeker's last comment had earned him a swift punch to his tanks and a metallic knee to the cassis that left a crack in the dome above the armor protecting Starscream's spark chamber. The cold of the cell bit into his armor and irritated the small wound, causing it to burn every time the freezing air snuck into the crack.

The Key must not fall into enemy servos. That is what the old 'bot had said and the Air Commander would follow the Wise One's words or die trying…


The tri-colored Jet-former blinked, his gaze coming into focus on the worried crimson optics of his mate and the sad silver gaze of their visitor. Megatron had his servos on his mate's metallic shoulders ready to shake the flyer if he didn't reply."What happened?" The leader asked as Starscream shook his helm to clear the slight fogginess that had settled there.

Megatron had been talking with Stargazer when the flyer beside him suddenly became silent, his gaze catching nothing as the jet-former stared blankly into the distance. The gentle hum of thought that constantly buzzed in the back of Megatron's mind through the bond had gone quiet, scaring the leader and making him turn and grip his mate's shoulders, calling Starscream's name.

It had taken several tries, but after what felt like an eternity his mate had finally returned to him and the flyer's bright ruby gaze had settled once more on Megatron.

"I don't know," Starscream replied, turning his sights onto the golden femme who stood before him. Stargazer shook her helm with a sad expression on her pretty face.

"What did you do to him?!" The former Cybertronian Lord snarled, his mood changing as the golden spirit began to approach.

"Peace, Megatron. No harm has come to you mate," She said softly, long metal fibers singing against each other with every step she took toward the seeker. "It is merely the beginning," Stargazer sighed as she came to a stop before the seeker and ran a golden servo over her face in a rare show of exhaustion. "I had hoped they would wait a little longer."

"What has begun?" Starscream asked, biting his metallic lower lip as Megatron's servos clenched, his armor groaning as the pressure increased with the leader's growing sense of dread.

"The beginning of what is to come," Stargazer said, fixing her tired gaze on the seeker as she sat on the corner of the berth, her transparent form not leaving a dip in the memory foam. "You and the Consort both have a destiny to fulfill. One that will lead you back to the place where this all started," She vented heavily as seeker came to stand beside her. "I have been sent here on the behest of the Primes to guide you through that journey."

"Why are you telling me this and not the boy they resurrected?" Starscream asked sitting beside her on the berth under the watchful gaze of his mate. "Why me?"

Stargazer looked him dead in the optic, her gaze piercing. It seemed to the Air Commander that the femme's stare could penetrate his armor and look into his very spark. It sent a shiver up his metallic spine.

"Because the Consort must not know of his future," Stargazer spoke softly, but her echoing voice still seemed to carry throughout the silent room. "The actions he will take could be affected by any foreknowledge. Skyspark's choices must be based upon what he feels in the instant before he takes the first step," She bit he lower metallic lip as she gently nudged the soft, chrome colored rug at the side of the berth with the edge of her pede. "For good or ill, his destination will change the course of this war and the future."

Starscream ran a servo across his black face, confused as to what was going on. A metallic hand rested on his shoulder, causing the seeker to look up into the warm crimson gaze of his mate as the leader smiled reassuringly down at the Air Commander.

The steel blue room seemed to dim in comparison to the brightness of Megatron's gaze in that moment. It had been centuries since the leader's visage had softened in the way it was now, making the sliver mech look as he had when all he had to worry about was whether the troops were trained properly or not. He looked as he had when he was High Lord Protector and content to be so.

Megatron's crimson optics had been the color of burnished bronze before energon and hate had darkened his gaze. Starscream himself followed his mate down that path. It had been startling to one cycle wake up and find a pair of ruby optics staring back at him through the polished sliver mirror where a liquid copper gaze had once been.

The darkness in their sparks that consumed them for the past several billion earth years had receded and now it was finally time to find a way to help their brother against a new darkness as it grew on the horizon.

Starscream gathered strength in his mate's gaze before turning his sights back onto Stargazer, secretly hoping to see the burnished bronze there once more in the future as his servo held the silver leader's on his metallic shoulder.

"So the boy has also been having these visions of what is to come?" Stargazer nodded. "And it is up to us, the Decepticon's, to help our brothers fight against the rising evil we can all sense?" Another nod. Starscream gripped his mate's servo tightly as he drew in a deep vent of calming air and looked Stargazer in the optics, feeling as if this very moment would be the start of something far greater than he could imagine.

"What must I do?"

The golden messenger smiled blindingly as she stood, her gaze flickering between to two. "The Key must be found," She replied simply, taking in the confused looks on 'con's metallic faces. "It is hidden in the place we once called home, protected by the oldest of our race." Her form began to fade, her voice echoing louder. "I must go. My time with you has grown short. I must leave, but for I go I have one more warning," Her silver gaze locked with former Cybertronian Lord's, making the leader stiffen at the seriousness within Stargazer optics. "Take heed Megatron," She said gravely, form almost gone, "There is danger within your walls. One you call friend will betray you," Her voice echoed loudly throughout the room, "If your most precious possession is taken all will be lost, unless you take up arms with your once enemy…"

The room grew silent as the two 'cons stared at the place where Stargazer had stood only a moment ago.

The Air Commander turned and grinned at his shocked mate. "Come on," He said, standing and pulling Megatron with him from the room, "We have some preparations to make before we leave."

"For what?" The silver mech asked, trying to resist by digging his pede's into the floor. "Where are we going?"

Starscream looked back and grinned before he gave Megatron's metallic arm a strong yank, causing the silver leader to trip forward slightly. "Why to Cybertron of course!"

(Soldier's block, Will's and Ironhide's Quarters)

The door to Lennox's room was shoved open with enough force that it hit the wall with a loud bang. Ironhide's holo stepped through a moment later with an irritated William in his arms.

"Dammit 'Hide," The new Major grumbled even as his hold on the Weapons Specialist's neck tightened, "I'm not some Disney Princess who needs to carried into her castle. Put me down."

He began to squirm in the holo's form as Ironhide began to laugh, amused by the image of Will standing in the middle of a forest, covered in birds, and singing about how he would find true love one day. "No, you aren't," The burnet holo said, still chuckling as he set the Major down on the light blue carpet. "That would be more in Sam's department."

Lennox suddenly burst out laughing, leaning back against the white colored wall as the Weapons Specialist closed their oak door. Large hands were placed on his shoulders and the new Major looked up after wiping tears from his eyes.

The moment he met that ocean colored gaze he was trapped. The spark that had been lingering in Ironhide's eyes all through the ceremony ignited into a burning flame, threatening to consume his mate through the bond.

"Ironhide?" Will's voice was rough and a little husky as his hands found his mate's arms and squeezed, anticipation building in his gut.

His tough flicked out to wet his suddenly dry lips and 'Hide's gaze followed it before he leaned in until there were but inches between them before he stopped, eyes moving back up to his mate's. "Will," He said softly, hot breath ghosting over the Major's face, "May I?"

Lennox blinked before a slow smile spread across his lips, warmth pooling low in his gut. "Need you ask?" He replied, his nose brushing the Weapons Specialist's as his hands bunched in the fabric of Ironhide's silver dress uniform sleeves.

The holo smiled as he tipped Will's chin up, closing the distance between them before he captured Lennox's warm lips with his own in a heated kiss. The Major pulled the Weapons Specialist closer against him so there was no space in between their bodies. He shifted his hands up to run his fingers through Ironhide's silky hair and scrape his nails against his mate's sensitive scalp, causing the Weapons Specialist's eyes to roll back into his head as a low groan escaped his throat. Will smiled into the kiss and swallowed the sound.

The holo gasped as Will nipped his lower lip and sucked his mate's tongue into his warm mouth. Ironhide growled low in his throat as heat pooled in his groin and retaliated by pressing William into the wall and grinding into the Major's hips, causing the human to break the kiss with a low groan. "P-Primus 'Hide," He panted as warm lips began to trail down his now exposed throat before sucking on his pulse point and making his knees go weak. "Bed," He ordered, trying to push the Weapons Specialist in that direction. "Now."

"No," Those liquid blue eyes met his as 'Hide ground his hips against the human with low groan, shattering Will's ability to think into a thousand pieces. "No, I think we'll try something new," He returned to sucking on Lennox's throat and grinding into him. 'With your permission of course, my dearspark.'

Will had never had the ability to say no to his mate and now was no exception. Not with Ironhide's lips on his neck and those hands of his as they cupped his ass in a firm grip and a warm tongue flicked out to trace the shell of his ear. 'I…' His thoughts stuttered to a halt a halt when teeth replaced tongue to nip at the sensitive flesh of his earlobe. 'I… Primus! Shit, do that again!'

Ironhide obliged and his nips turned into nibbles and licks. William moaned deep in his chest, nearly sliding down the wall before Ironhide put his knee between his mate's legs for support. "Do you wish to try something new, love?" The Weapons Specialist, enjoying the pink flush that ran up Lennox's neck and across his cheeks.

Will growled, grinding into his mate. "Yes, yes," He said between hums as 'Hide scraped his nails against skin on the Major's sides causing the skin to ripple under is touch. "Get on with it!" He gripped Ironhide's hair suddenly and pulled the taller holo down, biting down the Weapons Specialist's neck just above the pulse point, making Ironhide's breath stutter in his throat and sent a spear of pleasure straight to the holo's groin.

The Weapons Specialist grinned once he had recovered and chuckled as Will pulled away. "Very well," 'Hide whispered, placing his forehead against his mate's and holding him tighter. "Now this will feel a little strange," He murmured, closing his eyes, "But I guarantee that you are going to like it," Ironhide placed his hands gently against the sides of William's head, his fingertips touching his human's temples to ground himself. "Ready?"

Lennox nodded and closed his own eyes, copying Ironhide as he placed his own fingers against the holo's temples. "Yes," He answered breathlessly, his heart beating fast in excitement.

Ironhide nodded. It was the only warning Lennox got before something brushed against his mind, sending white hot pleasure through his brain, making his legs give out. He gripped his mate, keening as the Weapons Specialist pressed harder against that spot.

Ironhide's groan was swallowed by Will's hungry mouth as the Major rolled his hips in just the right way.

Another push had Will panting and crying out for more. Ironhide knew that, even after a few moments of playing with the Major's pleasure centers, they would not last long. Will's own mind had begun to cling closely to his, causing a feed back loop that sent them flying higher and higher with each push of psychic energy. Ironhide squirmed as Will's hand left hand snuck their way down his sides and beneath the waistline of his dress uniform and a groan escaped him as warm fingers wrapped themselves around him. Ironhide buried his face in his mate's shoulder, biting down on the fabric and growling as Will's thumb moved across his head while the new Major's right hand unbuttoned his uniform and the shirt beneath to splay his warm fingers against his chest where his spark was.

Will's left hand stuttered and pulled away as Ironhide pushed against the pleasure centers of his brain again and went back to nibbling on his mate's ear, causing them both to groan as the loop increased the pleasure twofold. "Come on Will," The Weapons Specialist murmured as the Major jerked and panted, his fingers balling into a fist against his mate's chest. "I know you're close," He groaned as William ground against him. He built up his energy and smirked. 'Come for me, love.'

He released the energy in a wave that hit the shores of William's mind, sweeping everything away in its path.

The major screamed, eyes rolling back into his head as the world went white around him.

Ironhide was not prepared for the tidal wave that hit him through the bond as Will came. It dragged him down with his mate as they both went over the edge and plunged into the white abyss.

Fingers were running through Will's hair as the Major came back to himself. A deep voice chuckled in his ear as he opened his eyes and found himself on the floor with a thoroughly disheveled Ironhide wrapped around him.

The Weapons Specialist's hair was sticking up at odd angles and his lips were swollen and red. A bruise was forming on his mate's neck and red lines from his nails ran a trail down Ironhide's bared chest.

"Whoa," He said breathlessly as he pulled his mate closer, wrapping a leg around the holo's bent legs.

Ironhide chuckled and held him tighter against him. "I said you'd like it," He closed his ocean blue eyes and buried his face in Will's hair.

The Major laid there enjoying the warmth of his mate before he suddenly caught sight of the clock on their wall. ''Hide?'

'Hmm?' Ironhide replied, opening his eyes. He sat up and leant back against the wall, holding Will with his chin atop his mate's head.

'We really need to get cleaned up,' Will shifted and stood, holding out a hand for his mate to take. 'Its almost time for Sam's departure.'

Ironhide sighed and took Will's hand, allowing his mate to pull him up. 'Alright,' He murmured with a small pout, following his mate to the bathroom on the far side of their shared quarters.

Will looked over his shoulder, smirking. 'You know,' He said thoughtfully. 'We may have time for another round while we get cleaned up.'

Only in battle had Will ever seen Ironhide move as fast as he did to the shower, dragging him along.

(Earth, NEST HQ, Main Airfield)

"I'll be fine, don't worry."

Optimus raised an optic ridge at his Consort's comment to the anxiety that flowed through the bond.

They stood outside the Autobot hanger on the main airfield of the base. The sun was slowly setting, staining the sky with reds, blues, and purples. The sliver Allspark markings on Skyspark's plating looked to be alight with fire as he stood beside his mate awaiting the arrival of the Aerialbots and Silverbolt.

Several soldiers stood around their pedes, ready to give 'Spark their blessings and well wishes. The Consort's parents sat on Bumblebee's metallic shoulders so they could have a better view for when their son took off to the moon. Ironhide and Will had come charging out of the base a few moments ago with excuses of losing track of time much to Skyspark's amusement.

'But I do worry,' Optimus murmured, taking his mate's servo and squeezing it tight in his. 'I don't wish to lose you again.'

'You won't lose me,' Sam said firmly, cupping the side of Optimus's face in his metallic hand. 'I promise to stay safe.'

The Prime nodded as the sound of plane engines filled the air and Silverbolt landed before them. He went to Bee where they had a murmured conversation, gripping each other's servos like their lives depended on it. After a moment Silverbolt kissed Bumblebee's metallic cheek and turned away to face Skyspark.

"Are you ready Sam?" The Aerialbot leader asked, bowing his helm to the Prime and his mate as he paused a foot away from his leaders.

The blue seeker nodded, pecking his mate on the cheek and tipping his silver chevroned head to Bee. It was a silent promise that he would be careful and watch over Silverbolt in the process.

Optimus grabbed 'Spark's servo as the Consort was walking away, pulling him into warm embrace and a burning kiss. Sam responded immediately, placing all the reassurance he could in the action.

He knew Optimus needed this. Pit, he needed it just as much. The Consort had been hiding his own worries for the past week. He was afraid that Megatron would attack again while he was gone and he couldn't be thereto protect his mate.

So many what ifs ran through his processor, but his biggest worry was the flutter that had developed beside his spark. It had not been there a week ago. It had begun in earnest the morning after he and Optimus's bonding. It worried him that there might have been something with the bond.

Optimus pulled back, resting his helm against Skyspark's. 'You will come back safe,' He ordered.

Sky smiled and kissed the Prime's metallic nose. 'I will.'

It was right then and there that Sam decided, against his better judgment, to see Ratchet when he returned.

The Consort nodded and pulled back, racing after Silverbolt as they gained speed ahead of him. He leaped into the air, transforming as he went.

Optimus watched as, with a burst of his engines, he took off with the rest of the flyers toward their destination.

'Come back to me safely,' The Prime murmured as his mate faded from sight, knowing he would not get an a ounce of sleep that night.

White dust swirled about Wavelength's pedes as he stared out into the distance before him.

His mission had brought him here with his comrades and he was to see his task done for it would mean the beginning of the end for the Autobots and their enemies. His vengeance would be complete and his master would finally grant him the peace he so longed for.

Earth suddenly rose like a blue sun over the mountain range the mech was surrounded by, casting the machine that stood in the distance into silhouette.

He had been sent here by his master to oversee its building so he could return to the planet of his birth and retrieve the Key that would help in returning his master to full power.

A thrum of impatience vibrated inside his chest where he kept the orb. His Lord was becoming annoyed by how long it was taking he and his comrades to complete their task.

Even now it was almost in its completion. A few more parts and then they would only need to test it.

"Soon, my love," The mech whispered, stroking his chest where the welds from that explosion so long ago gleamed in the light reflected of Sol, "Soon we will be together again and this universe will burn."

(Spacebridge Construction Site, Moon)

/So it's true./ Sam murmured across the comlink as he peeked over the rocky outcrop they were hiding behind.

He and Sliverbolt were observing the Spacebridge's construction from their side of the valley. The other Aerialbots were spread out in pairs, situated at different points around the area. They had been there for the better part of a day, observing the goings on of the 'Cons.

/It looks like they're nearly finished./ 'Bolt murmured, optics narrowed. /We've gotta report this to base./

Sam hummed and turned his blue-green gaze out across the valley before movement caught his attention. A figure was standing at the edge of the construction site, surveying the work.

The Consort narrowed his gaze and zoomed in on the figure. It appeared fuzzy for a few moments before his vision cleared and he raised an optic ridge at the familiar purple mech with the cannon for a servo. /Its Shockwave./ He murmured.

/Where?/ 'Bolt leant forward, following Sam's digit as the Consort pointed in the direction of the Decepticon science officer. /Well, I'll be damned./ The Aerialbot leader grinned over at the Consort. /Good optic Sam. Now HQ will really want to know what's going on. Let's get going./ Silverbolt shifted, being careful not to disturb the dust and rocks on their perch. /They look like they're about ready for testing. I don't want to be caught and used as a cyber-guinea pig. C'mon./

Sam nodded and slowly moved away, following 'Bolt's lead as they carefully moved down the other side of the mountain in order to meet the others.

/You were great Sam. We might just make a spy out of you yet./ The Consort grinned at Silverbolt's comment as he revved his engines and took off with the others.

They did not notice the pair of grey optics watching them as they transformed and sped back to Earth.

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