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Famous Last Words

He was finishing his second mug of coffee for the afternoon and polishing the final report about strangler from Princeton, NJ between wondering which deities he had to piss off to be the only one from the team stuck in BAU at Friday afternoon.

Well, technically Morgan was in Baltimore delivering the profile on a high school bomber, Rossi and Seaver were in Boston, running two ViCAP interviews, Hotch was stuck in an important budget meeting, JJ wasn't supposed to return to work until Monday and Garcia warned every profiler in the bullpen that she was doing emergency backup and that every person who would dare to enter her liar without the news that the world is ending would experience sudden crash of all his or hers personal electronic devices.

So in the end it was just him and his reports. The whole mountain of them.

"Uncle Spencer!" he heard a happy by his left and he raised his head.

He came nose to nose with grinning Jack Hotchner.

"Hi Jack," he smiled. "What brings you here?"

"Aunt Jess," Jack answered simply. "Molly, Rory and Zack came with us too."

He raised his head a bit higher above Jack's head and spotted three blondes standing by Morgan's old desk. Two girls and one boy varying in age between about eleven-twelve (older girl), four-five (younger girl) and seven-eight (the other boy).

"Can you show us a magic trick Uncle Reid?" Jack asked eagerly.

"Sure, why not," Reid grinned, taking a break would be nice and having the attention of all kids focused at one point meant that Jessica Berkley wouldn't have to run around the building in search of them.

"Come here," Jack waved at his cousins. "Uncle Reid will show us magic."

"Doctor Reid?" Jessica's voice distracted him for a moment. "Do you know where Aaron went?"

He looked up to see her standing on the ramp in the doorway to Hotch's office.

"Budget meeting," Reid answered simply. "But he should be back in half of hour."

Jessica checked her watch with a pained expression.

"I can watch them for half of hour," Reid offered. "You look like you are running late anyway."

"Mum is going to visit grandpa Joe," the older girl said grimly. "Said that she has to go alone so Uncle Aaron promised to watch us for the afternoon."

"We don't want to go anyway," the other boy, Zack shrugged. "That…"

"Zack!" Jessica hissed softly.

"Father would be there," Zack finished grimly. "He doesn't want to see us and we don't want to see him."

"I really can watch over them for half of an hour if you are in hurry," Reid offered again. "And Hotch would have to come back to the office anyway after the meeting so it's not that he would miss them."

"Thank you, you are godsend, Doctor Reid," Jessica beamed at him then she looked at the four kids and said in a warning tone, "Try to behave."

"So who wants to see a magic trick?" Reid smiled.

Having an audience was rewarding while pulling a magic trick and a very observant audience happily busied themselves with practicing making the four dimes he pulled from his pocket disappear and reappear, meaning the oldest girl, Molly and younger boy, Zack did because they had fingers long enough to make successful attempts but Jack and Rory grew bored easily which lead Reid into fishing out markers and sheets of paper and having the four of them seated by the long table behind his back.

It allowed him to finish the report in between observing the bunch from the corner of his eye and watching the clock.

Half of an hour mark had passed and there was still no sign of Hotch.

"I'm tired," Rory yawned. "When uncle Aaron will come?"

"Soon," Reid smiled at her. "He should be finishing the meeting now."

Five minutes later:

"Is he coming now?" Rory asked sleepily.

"He will come in a moment," Reid answered nervously as he check his watch again.

It was ten minutes past the supposed end of the meeting and there was still no sign of Hotch.

"Pity that we cannot watch a movie," Zack sighed heavily.

"Sure you can," Reid offered and looked sideways at yawning Jack. "Give me a moment and I will put something for you but you two can go to the vending machines down the hall to buy some snacks while I will take Jack and Rory upstairs for a short nap."

"I don't want to," Jack yawned.

"Sure you don't," Reid agreed. "You are just going to let your eyes rest a bit so you can play when your dad comes back, kay?"

Jack looked at him suspiciously but Rory was already standing by Reid's leg with her arms outstretched so he could pick her up more easily.

"Few minutes," Reid winked at Jack.

"Okay," Jack yawned. "But I want to hear a story first."

"Sure Jack, what kind of story would you like?" Reid offered.

"About dinos," Jack said happily.

"Princesses," Rory said petulantly.

"How about a princess of dinos?" Reid asked pensively, trying to find middle ground.

Both kids looked at him skeptically but apparently his mediating abilities were convincing enough for Jack to allow him to lead the two of them to Hotch's office where Jack laid down on the couch while Reid made a makeshift crib from the armchairs for Rory.

He barely had started the story and only managed to get to the part where supposed princess of dinos had wandered too far away from her family when both kids fell asleep.

By that time he had Molly and Zack back by the door to Hotch's office with their arms full of sweets and wild grins on their faces.

"So what movie we are watching?" Zack asked eagerly.

"Looney Tunes?" Reid offered. "I was preparing a documentary for the seminar and they are part of the material."

"A seminar on Looney Tunes?" Molly asked skeptically.

"Have you ever analyzed the behavior of the cartoons?" Reid smiled. "It's a very interesting study."

"Cartoons are supposed to be funny," Zack said simply. "Daffy Duck is funny."

"Why?" Reid smirked. "Why Daffy is funny?"

"Because he fails constantly," Zack said simply.

"Exactly," Reid agreed. "That's the merit of the cartoons they are funny and at the same time they are educational… Well not all, but most of them are."

"How so?" Molly asked curiously. "What Daffy Duck is supposed to teach us?"

"Or Yosemite Sam?" Zack piped up.

"Recognizing the behavior and through repetition teaching us what kind of behavior is unacceptable and leads to string of personal failures. How about I show you instead of talking about it?" Reid offered.

Apparently his input was interesting enough to have both kids fixated on watching the string of Looney Tunes movies he had saved on his computer and quite loudly commenting on various behaviors and more often than not succeeding in recognizing the right (or rather wrong) kind of behavior while they happily munched through the pile of snacks.

In the meantime an hour had passed and there was still no sign of Hotch.

He put on another playlist for Molly and Zack to watch and had ventured to Hotch's office to check upon the other two who were still sleeping and he frowned.

Seventy minutes past standard two hours was more than enough for a budget meeting to properly end and now it was the highest time for Hotch to come back or at the very last for him to call Hotch on the cell phone.

"Hotchner," came stressed out answer.

"Reid here, I don't want to complain or anything but is there a chance that you would come back to the office?" Reid asked quietly. "The meeting was supposed to end more than a hour ago."

"You weren't interested in budget meetings before," Hotch sighed. "Listen Reid now is not the best time…"

"Just tell me when you will pick them up, Hotch," Reid interrupted him.

"Pick who?" Hotch asked, he sounded completely surprised.

Reid sighed and mentally counted to ten and then for a good measure backwards before he calmly said, "Jack and his cousins, Hotch."

"Jess has them for the weekend… I've got to…"

"Hotch!" Reid hissed. "Jessica went to see her father."

"She? What?" Hotch muttered. "She went to Georgia?"

"She said that she is going to see her father," Reid repeated. "All four is with me in BAU waiting for you to come."

"I'm in New York," Hotch admitted. "They called me out from the meeting. Sean had an accident and his condition is critical…"

"Never mind," Reid interrupted him. "Stay with Sean, just please tell me that someone in DC has a copy of your apartment's key or Jess's house."

"Rossi has the copy of my apartment's key and I have the key to Jess's house," Hotch sighed. "Reid, I'm sorry that it came to that…"

"Worry about Sean and let Jess worry about her father, I'm not prying but from the vibes I picked up I can tell that she is anxious enough and I can honestly take care of them for one day before you will arrange an alternative," Reid said calmly even if he initially didn't feel as confident as he sounded.

Watching over them for an hour or two was something he could calmly pull off, watching them over for the whole day was entirely different thing.

"I'll arrange a flight for the early morning," Hotch sighed.

"Concentrate on Sean," Reid stressed. "I have a spare bedroom and a very comfortable couch and enough food to survive until tomorrow afternoon."

"Reid…" Hotch sighed.

"They will be fine, I'll be fine, you and Jess have nothing to worry about," Reid interrupted him. "And apparently I have a story to finish because Jack and Rory fell asleep after few minutes of it. We are going to be fine, don't worry."

The thought that had crossed his mind in that moment was:

Famous last words.

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