A/N: Well look what we have here. I finally found my muse and mojo. I was in a bit of a funk with this story. To be honest I didn't want to continue it because…I was ashamed of the first chapters? But now I'm kicking into gear and I plan on finishing this fanfic and re-writing the first chapters because all and all this fic is my baby and it's the only fic on here that has gotten a tone of well positive feed back. So I want to thank you all for being so patient with me and I'm sorry for the shortness of this chapter!

Kendall was on cloud nine to say the least. Everything was falling into place and he didn't have a single fear hanging over his head. He was content and that wasn't something he could normally say. There was a bubbly sensation in the pit of his stomach. It wasn't a feeling he's felt before; let alone was he enjoying it. It was almost a giddy feeling…pure and innocent. Innocent wasn't how Kendall rolled, so this feeling was one he wanted to get rid of. He knew damn well what it was to. For fuck sakes this wasn't supposed to happen this never happened to him.

Kendall had butterflies.

The cause of these little fucking critters was obviously James. Kendall would have been fine with the thought of killer moths in the pit of his stomach.. not these fucking butterflies. He was supposed to be the cause of this not the recipient. Not even a week ago James hated Kendall's guts. The blonde didn't exactly hate James but he wasn't his biggest fan as well. Yet now here he was, at home alone in the dark falling so desperately head over heels in love with the kid.


It was a word Kendall never threw around. Let alone was it a feeling he's felt before. Sure he's said 'I love you' too his mom and sister. They were family, you have to love family no matter (then again his dad wasn't exactly in that loop) But this short of love? It was the kind of thing movies, books and Tv portrayed. Real love. This couldn't be happening to him. Kendall Knight was incapable of real love. He was his only number one; He didn't need anyone but himself and himself only. So why was he feeling like this now? Why did James have this effect on him and so fast? No one has ever been able to break down those walls he had spent so many years building up. But then again no one has ever taken the time to see the boy underneath all that leather.

It was cliché to say but in some weird way the beauty was taming the beast, and suddenly Kendall felt like he had a heart. Not a hallowed out shell where one should have been. The blonde was finally allowing someone in other than Kaite…and actually learning to trust again. The thought…It honestly scared him more than anything. Letting someone be the care taker of his heart, it was such…such a risky thing. Kendall was known for taking risks, but something about this just made him uneasy. It struck fear into his core and Kendall never allows himself to feel fear.

Kendall Knight has a reputation for being a bad boy, a hard ass, a worthless piece of shit and a cold hearted, selfish, manipulative person. Now everything was changing before him, his world was turning upside down by this prissy - high dollar- I'm better than you -perky ass boy. Someone he should hate with ever fiber in his body. He should be making James' life a living hell, not taking him to some stupid dance.

That was the thing about James' though, he opened the boy's eyes and made him do things he'd never do. And now it was plain to see that Kendall Knight was in fact in love with James Diamond.

James motherfucking Diamond.

Alas, he'd never admit it to anyone, not even James himself. He had a reputation too keep. He wasn't about to lose it over some petty little crush.