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The crew sat around the office. Beth Chapman had about five folders lying on the table. Leland walked in talking with his dad. Dog kissed his wife and walked up to the white board and started to erase everything they wouldn't need. Tim, Dog's brother, grabbed the folders and started looking through them. He pulled two to the top and laid them back down.

"We ready?" asked Dog.

"Yeah," said Tim.

"Who's first Youngblood?" asked Dog.

"James Kirksey," said Tim. "Charged with drug possession and assault. Bond was $1000."

Dog wrote down the information on the board and taped a pictured of him up as well.

"Who else?" asked Dog.

Tim flipped open the next folder, "Leilani Mitchell. She was charged with assault, vandalism, and theft. Bail was $2500. She's five foot five, one-ten pounds,"

Dog wrote everything down on the board and taped her picture up as well. Leland had been looking through the other files and had only been listening to Tim talk. He looked up at the board to see the girl and spit out the soda he had been drinking.

"What is it Le?" asked Dog.

"That's Leilani?" asked Leland.

"Yeah. She's twenty-seven," said Tim.

"That can't be Leilani," said Leland.

"Why not?" asked Dog.

"Because her name is Angela," said Leland.

"What? How is that possible?" asked Dog. "You sure this who we are going after Youngblood?"

"Yeah. I'd remember a face like that," said Tim.

The girl in the photo had the dark skin of Hawaiian natives. She had the dark hair as well. She had sea green eyes and a smirk on her face. She wasn't like the other women that had been in jail. She still looked beautiful.

"Leland?" said Beth walking over.

"I know her," said Leland. "Or I thought I did."

"We got a number for her?" asked Dog.

"Yeah," said Duane Lee flipping through her file.

"Call her up. Get her in here," said Dog.

Duane Lee nodded and dialed the number. When the phone started to ring he put it on speakerphone. After a few rings a man answered the phone.

"Hey man, is Leilani there?" asked Dog.

"Who is this?" asked the man.

"This is Dog Chapman," he said.

"Yeah man, hold on," said the man.

"Hello?" said a woman a few seconds later.

"This Leilani Mitchell?" asked Dog.

"Yeah. Who is this?" she asked.

"Dog Chapman," he said again.

The line went silent for a while and they thought she had hung up on them. It was a few moments later when she spoke again.

"Who?" she asked again.

They could tell her voice was shaking.

"Dog Chapman," he said. "You missed-" he started.

"Chapman? As in Leland Chapman?" she asked her voice wavering again.

Leland turned the phone towards him and spoke, "Angie," he said. "Where are you, Angie?"

"I'm at home," she said.

"Where's home?" he asked. "You close to Da Kine?"

"About fifteen minutes from there," she said.

"Angie, I need you to come down here," he said. "You're in some serious trouble."

"Okay. Give me time to get dressed," she said. "I promise I will be there."

Leland hung up the phone and leaned back in the seat. Everyone was looking at him. He shook his head in an 'I don't want to talk about it' motion. The subject was dropped for the time being. While they waited on Lelani to show up they worked on trying to catch the other guy.

Leland looked up at the clock on the wall. She would be there soon. He was sitting on the couch next to the door while Dog and Beth were next to the desk. They all looked up at the door when the bell rang.

"What's your name, sweetheart?" asked Dog.

"Leilani Mitchell," she said.

Dog walked over and slipped the cuffs on her, "You missed your court date, girl. What happened?"

"I know. I'm sorry. I should've called but I just…I couldn't," she said.

"Sit down, honey," said Beth walking over.

Leland had moved from the room by that time. He was in the back parking lot pacing around. Tim stuck his head out the back door and motioned for him. Leland sighed and walked back inside. Dog met him at the back door.

"You need to talk to her. You've got history of some sorts. She will listen to you," said Dog.

Leland nodded and walked over to the couch. Leilani was looking down at the floor at her feet instead of at Leland. He took a deep breath and sat down on the table in front of her.

"Angie," he said.

"It's Leilani now," she said. "I changed it."

"What for?" he asked.

"So Cody couldn't find me," she said.

"What happened? You were such a peaceful girl? You were arrested for assault, Lei," he said.

"It was self defense, I swear!" she said finally looking at him.

She had tears in her eyes and streaks down her face. She was terrified.

"That's not what the courts are saying," said Dog.

"Coby's uncle was the judge that was assigned my case," said Leilani. "He found me and tried to take me back to Maui."

"You should've called me. I could've helped you," said Leland.

"I know," said Leilani crying.

Beth walked over with a tissue. Leilani took it and wiped her eyes.

"You want a cigarette?" asked Dog.

She shook her head and took a deep breath trying to calm herself.

"We can help you, sista," said Beth. "We can get you out again, but you've got to check in with us."

Leilani nodded her head, "Just do me a favor, please?" she asked.

"What?" asked Beth.

"Go get my little girl outta that house. She don't need to be staying there without me," said Leilani. "Coby will find her sooner or later. My mom will take care of her."

Beth nodded her head and wrote down the address and left. Leland was still looking at Leilani. She had turned her gaze from him again.

"How old is you daughter?" asked Dog.

"She's gonna be five next month," said Leilani.

"You should know better than to act like this. You don't want your little girl growing up without her mom. You need to straighten out. You've got to let us know when something is going on," said Dog.

Leilani nodded her head. Dog walked over and helped her up off the couch. They walked out the back door towards the Suburban. Once she was in the car Dog climbed in the front seat and Leland next to her.

Beth pulled up at the house. She knocked on the door and waited.

"How's it, bra," she said when the man opened the door.

"How's it. Can I help you?" he asked.

"Leilani asked me to come pick up her daughter," said Beth.

"She in trouble?" asked the man. "Cause I can't have her living here if she's gonna keep getting in trouble."

"Not much," said Beth. "She's being dealt with."

The man nodded and walked away from the door. He returned a few minutes later with a little girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Beth reached for the girl and took the bag from the man. The girl looked up at Beth with a curious look.

"Hi," said Beth. "I'm Beth. I'm a friend of your mommies. What's your name?"

"Kai," said the girl quietly.

"That's a pretty name," said Beth.

Once they were in the car they headed back to the office.

Dog pulled up outside the jail. Leland hopped out of the car and walked to the front and acted like he was messing with the paper work. Leilani sighed as the door was opened. Dog was looking at her.

"What's going on, girl?" asked Dog. "I know you Angie. I know that you two were together a few years back. What happened?"

"I fell in with the wrong group, Dog. I know I messed up," said Leilani. "I should've done a lot of things differently and I didn't. Just make sure my little girl is safe."

Dog nodded his head as he helped her from the car. Leland walked over and grabbed her arm and started walking towards the building. Dog sighed as they walked through the door.

Leilani was sitting on the bench while Leland was filing the paperwork. She was staring at the floor when he walked over to her.

"Stand up," he said.

Leilani stood up but didn't say anything. Leland un-cuffed her and put them back in his belt. He sighed as he stood there. He finally looked up at her. She was looking at the ground still.

"Lei," he said.

"Your dad has already talked to me, Leland," she said. "Just while I'm in here, please make sure my little girl is okay. Kai doesn't need to be around Coby."

"Kai?" asked Leland.

"Yeah," said Leilani smiling.

The jail officer walked over and re-cuffed Leilani before he walked her through the door. Leland watched until he couldn't see her anymore before he walked outside. Dog was leaning against the front of the car smoking a cigarette. Leland climbed in the car without saying anything to him. They drove back to the office in silence.

Beth was sitting in the front of the building working on a few things. Kai was sitting on the floor coloring a picture. Beth heard the car pull up and the guy's climb out. Duane Lee and Tim were still at the office. Dog walked through the door first followed by Leland. Leland stopped short when he saw the little girl on the floor.

"Big Daddy, this is Kai. Leilani's daughter," said Beth.

Dog knelt down beside the little girl. "Hey there."

"Hi!" she said looking up at the man. "You're Dog! Mommy watches you on TV!"

Dog chuckled as he stood up.

"Where is mommy?" she asked finally.

Beth looked at Dog who in turn looked at Leland. Leland sighed and walked over to the little girl. He leaned over and picked her up and walked out the back door. Leland sat the girl down on the hood of the Suburban and looked at her.

"Do you know where my mommy is?" she asked.

"Mommy had to go away for a while," said Leland.

"Did Coby take her away?" asked Kai.

"No. Coby didn't take her away," said Leland.

"Mommy said she would have to leave for a while, but she didn't say where she was going," said Kai. "Is she going to be gone a long time?"

"I don't know. Where does your daddy live?" he asked.

"I don't know. Mommy doesn't know either," she said.

"Do you know who your daddy is?" asked Leland.

"No. But mommy does. She said he's a really good man!" said Kai.

Leland sighed and picked the girl up and walked back into the office. He handed her off to Beth who was going to meet Leilani's mother. Leland collapsed in the chair and ran his hand over his face. It had been a very long day.