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We are going to meet some new characters in this story and see some old friends. Let's start our new journey. I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as the first.

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Summary: After defeating the Volturi, Jasper and Bella are made the new rulers of the vampire world. How welcoming will the vampire world be to their new king and queen?

The New Reign



My name is Isabella Marie Whitlock, mate, wife and queen of Major Jasper Whitlock, God of war and ruler of the vampire world. Today, I am officially two-hundred and fifty years old. My family is honoring me with a big party. Normally I'm not one to allow celebrations in my honor, but after everything Jasper and I have been through to get here, I don't mind celebrating.

Oh I'm sorry, you have no idea what I'm talking about do you? Well let me catch you up on my story…

In the late 1970's a war had broken out between vampires and humans. Vampires had grown tired of being forced to live in secret so they decided to take matters into their own hands. The war only lasted a few months of course, before the humans realized that they were no match for the vampire world and surrendered.

Since that time, vampires have ruled the world and have often taken humans for their mates. When I was ten years old, I discovered that I was one of those lucky humans.

When I was seventeen, my mate Jasper came to take me from my family's home to live with him and his brother Peter, Peter's mate Charlotte, and James, Jasper's third in command and my very best friend.

Because of a few unforeseen circumstances, I am now a vampire too. Much to my delight, but before I had time to enjoy my new life, the Volturi came to try and take me away from Jasper. This, of course, led to a fight with which the Volturi obviously lost.

Alright now for the rest of the story, hmmm let's see, the night we defeated the Volturi seems like a great place to start….

Jasper and I were now racing to my parent's house to assist Alec and Jane in handling Bree, a human girl my parents had found dying and insisted on changing. I knew my father was behind this; Carlisle Cullen was the most compassionate man I'd ever met in my life. I knew it hadn't taken him long to convince my mother Esme that "keeping" Bree was the right thing to do, her chances at motherhood had been brutally taken from her in her human life but her maternal instincts were still very present.

Going to assist with a rowdy newborn was normally something that Jasper would send Peter and James to do. But since we'd defeated the Volturi tonight, he'd given them the night off to spend with their mates Charlotte and Heidi. We had a lot of work ahead of us and since James and Heidi had just found each other, we knew they needed this time.

We arrived at my parent's house quickly, and the noise from the struggle going on inside was evident before we'd even gotten close. Once we stepped inside, we saw Carlisle and Alec unsuccessfully trying to restrain Bree. She shook them both off very easily.

"Jane!" I yelled as we stepped inside. "Why haven't you incapacitated her? You see that she is out of control."

Bree was throwing the men across the room easily and growling furiously.

"I've tried Majesty, but my powers don't work on her. I think she is somehow blocking me."

Jasper leaped over to where Carlisle and Alec were struggling with Bree and pinned her to the ground. She fought in his grasp.

"Listen to me, young one. I am not these two, now you will calm down right now or I will destroy you and we will move on. Now settle yourself." We all watched as she slowly started to settle down and I knew that Jasper was sending calming vibes her way.

One of the many perks of being mated to an empath.

"Where are Edward and Emmett? Why the hell aren't they helping you guys with her?" Jasper asked as he got off of Bree.

"They went hunting with Alice and Rose. We tried to call for them when we couldn't get her under control, but we couldn't get them." Esme explained.

"I don't understand how Alice didn't see this coming. I mean even if they are away hunting she would have warned us of what to expect with Bree." Something was off. I know my sister and if she saw something like this, she'd tell us immediately. "Major, I think something is wrong."

Just as the words were out of my mouth, Edward, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie entered the house.

Their clothes were torn and they looked like they'd had the fight of their lives.

"Well I'm used to Emmett looking like this after hunting, but what on Earth happened to the rest of you?" Carlisle chuckled but none of them even cracked a smile.

"That's not funny, dad. We were attacked while we were out hunting. We barely made it out alive!" Edward was clearly irritated.

"Attacked? Attacked by whom?" Esme was shocked.

"Wolves." Alice stated calmly.

And that one word was the beginning of a battle we never expected we'd have to fight.

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