Title: Had Enough

Author: PermanentlyFrozen

Revised: 8/26/11

Rating: T/Slight M


She smirked as she held the man up over her head, squeezing his throat tighter and tighter with every gasp he made. He hopelessly kicked his feet from his place against the wall, struggling one last time before he expelled his last breath, and his eyes lost the life remaining in them.


Kira made a quick scan of the room by using her powers, causing her eyes to turn into a flourescent shade of blue. She saw no finger prints and no evidence that could be traced back to her. She nodded, leaving a note behind her.

Should you cross the path of the Huntress, your unborn descendants will cry your name.

She left through the open window, leaving a cold, desolate aura behind her.


How easily she could blend through a crowd. With long, powerful steps, she out-walked everyone in the crowd, heading to her safehouse. The commoners around her gave her strange looks, as if they were in the presence of a goddess. She was clad in a black tank top, with a see-through black tunic over her clothing. She wore tight black pants, and black army boots that have seen better days.

Her getup decieved her looks. She had a striking face, one that looked as if it were of royal bloodline. Her full lips looked the slightest bit pouty, and were comparable to a rose. Her violet eyes were startling, framed by long, thick black lashes. Her light mahogany hair fell in waves down her back. She was tall, and lithe, with the grace of the Kaletica. She blended in, by standing out.

She turned her head, glowering at the castle that seemed to tower over everything. In there lied her ultimate goal: Lord Noah of the Huidan. Pure, unadulterated anger coursed through her unpure veins as she clenched her fists in anger, and continued walking.

She bumped into a Kaletica woman as she walked. By the looks of her age, she must have been let go from the palace's harem years ago. She felt compassion for the woman who was apologizing as she picked up her spilled produce without meeting her eyes. Kira bent over and helped her.

" I am so sorry, Miss, It's all my fault-" The woman started, but Kira held up a hand as she shushed, cowering. Kira's eyes filled with sympathetic pain. What had they done to her in there?

" No, It's my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going. Please, be on your way." Kira said, with what she hoped was a reassuring smille. The woman nodded and left quickly. Kira rose from the pebbled ground, and once again glowered at the castle. It was their fault. Their fault that woman was so ashamed of what they did to her, that she couldn't even look a woman in the eye. Kira resumed her fast, angry pace. She would infiltrate the castle. Oh yes, she would. And she would obliterate every Huidan that did so much as look a Kaletica in an inapropriate way.

She would destroy every last bit of the despicable Huidan. Especially their beloved prince.


" Lord Noah, please walk out and leave the shadows. You haven't left your post in this room for three days." His doctor said. He glanced about the room. The dark aura that hung about had always unnerved him, which is why he was scarcely around.

Noah shushed him, his black hair falling in his light, auburn eyes. He resumed his meditating stance, closing his eyes and focusing all of his energy into his mind once again. He was trying to locate her. He had seen a flicker of an image of her in the past three days, straight. His mother once told him that the shadows were the closest path to someone's mind, so there he stayed.

His Huidan powers allowed him to sense his surroundings, even those that weren't living. The shadows felt like a cold snake like arm encircling him, but once they realized it was their frequent visitor, Noah was once again thrown into The Haze. He tredded there, trying to find the link that led him to her. He knew little of her, only what she looked like. Those purple eyes haunted him day and night, and even here, in The Haze, the land of Unknown, Inbetween, and Connection. It was neither here nor there, and had no materialistic evidence of it's existence. It just was, like time was.

Noah sighed, and once again started looking for her line. He knew it was different from the Kaletica. Hers was darker, and much more black than the others. He knew she had gone through much more pain and torture than the regular Kaletica, and she hadn't even been used. Noah located it in a far corner, where it usually preferred to be. He hoped the link worked and allowed him to finally enter her mind.

He closed his eyes, and the mark that proved he was Huidan glowed, burning his chest. He grit his teeth, and concentrated, despite the pain. He felt the barrier that distinguished the end of The Haze, and the beginning of a mind. He pushed, and was shot with several bolts of electricity.

He flinched, and let go of the link. It floated off, slithering away in the fog despite his attempts to catch it. ' No, no, no! Damn!' He said, cursing at himself for his stupidity. It would be impossible to find the link now. He cursed at his luck. He was constantly failing, and constantly getting shocked by her link. The eletricity pumped through his brain painfully. He ignored it, used to the pain.

He let his concentration slip, and the shadows once more brought him to the real world. He sighed as he felt himself gaining consciousness in his body. After a minute, he was able to move. He stood and picked up the small towel beside him, wiping off the sweat on his face and chest. Going to The Haze always took a lot of energy out of him, so he sluggily turned to his doctor. " What do you want?" He said, wiping is mouth.

His doctor, and old man in green and red robes, coughed uncomfortably. " Sir, I fear that your constant visits to are bad for your health. You are already very frail-" Noah cut him off. He didn't want to hear his constant nagging. He stepped back, and held his arms outstretched.

" Do I look sick?" Noah challenged. He was right. At one glance, Noah looked like the picture of perfect male health. He was 165 pounds of pure muscles, and he had the chisled, washboard abs to prove it. The doctor swallowed his fear.

" No sir, but we both know the truth, and -" said the doctor, and Noah cut him off again.

" The truth," he scoffed, " is nothing but a lie. Do not pester me, I have work to do." Noah said, pulling his dark red tunic over his body.

" And send in Sachira on your way out." Noah said, calling out after the doctor. His doctor nodded and slipped out of the doors. Noah collapsed onto a chair nearby. His long fingers rubbed his temples, trying to relieve the headache he felt coming. The door opened, and in walked Sachira. His right hand man, Sachira, stood at the side of the large room, awaiting Noah's recognition. He was wearing black robes, with dark red fire like signs running from his waist down. He looked deathly, his white hair and blood red eyes standing out and unnerving anyone who saw him.

" Oh. Your here." Noah said, standing.


" So, Kira, did you do well at work?" I.C asked, as she drank her tea. Kira nodded. All three girls at the table, Roya, Kira, and I.C, their leader, knew what she was talking about. All three girls vowed to stick together, and destroy the Huidan. All were victims of their actions. And they were all murderesses.

Roya saw everything with a tactful eye. She tried her hardest to improve, and was the most stubborn. When ever the girls had a problem, she was the one to go to. Her dark brown hair reached just past her shoulders, but she normally put it up in a hat. She had the most petite form, and used it to her advantage, because she was the fastest of the three. Her reddish-pink eyes never faltered in being reassuring.

Roya's parents were killed in thirst for power. Out of all of them, she was directly affected by the Huidans. Her mother died protecting her, leaving her an orphan at the age of six. She was a Kaletica concubine for a year before I.C got her out. They were now best friends, and never seen too far apart.

I.C was the most dangerous. For many years she worked alone, taking down thousands of Huidans. She knew every possible way to kill someone, and did it the swiftest. Relying on her anger for strength is what helped her survive this world. She was also the one who had suffered the most.

She was constantly in pain, and sometimes the girls would catch catch her with the indescribable look of pure pain in her eyes. She was thin, and rounded in all the right places, but ultimately deathly, because she contained power from her world. Giving up her family and title had ruined her life, but made her stronger, and immune to care.

Her black hair fell in waves down her back. Full, thick lashes framed sapphire eyes that were set on caramel skin. Her lush, pink lips formed a grim line, and rarely smiled. She was the one the resorted lastly to, whenever they had someone to get rid of.

Kira was the newest addition, bu equally as deadly. She was the most manipulative, and the nimbest. She could easily slip in and out of some place unseen, and cause a lot of damage. Taken away from her parents because of scandal, she was shielded by the Huidan, until she turned 16. And that's when they started to use her, scarring her for life and ruining her. She escaped with the help of other Kaletica women and wandered the streets aimlessly, before being captured again, and given to the prince.

He's the reason she was so jaded.

You'll never amount to anything. She heard his voice in her head say, again. She slammed down her tea cup.

" I'm going to bed." She said, standing abruptly. She walked away from the small kitchen where they were sitting, and walked down the hall, running up the stairs and slamming her room's door.

'I will fight, and I will kill him, if it is the last thing I do' She thought, punching her wall in anger.


Okay, a few tips so you can understand the story:

Kaletica: Women who are bred to be seductive and temptresses. They are used as concubines in the palace, and are also treated as if they are less important than rats.

Kaletica women have powers, that are normally supressed by drinking a solvent. They can sense those around them, shoot shards out of their bodies, and have infrared vision, as well as the ability to shoot lazers out of their eyes.

Kaletica ( Kah-Leh-Tih-Cah) is also a word that is synonomous with 'woman' or 'female'.

Huidan: Men. They are the dominant species and for cenuturies have held a lot of power.

Huidan men have the power to connect to the NetherWorld, which is why they classify themselves as the dominant species. They have the power to transport, and shoot shards out of their bodies. They can move elements to their will, such as air, and earth that are fairly common.


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