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" Lord Noah. You called?" said a man who was dressed in dark green and turquiose garb. His eyes were dark, close to black. He was tall, with excellent build. He stepped forward, out of the shadows that plagued him so.

" Herrick." Noah said, turning to face him.


Roya! Both I.C and Kira heard someone yell from outside the window. Instantly, they were at the windowsill.

" It's Roya!" They both exclaimed, their spirits lifting.

They instantly fell when they saw the swift arrow that hit her shoulder, causing her to fall from her perch, and to the harsh ground sickening thud made Kira's stomach drop.

I.C looked away.

" No, Roya!" Kira yelled, as she tried to jump off. The expert murderess held her back as she tried her hardest to fling herself from the window in an effort to save her friend.

" There's nothing we can do! Stop it Kira! There's nothing we can do now!" I.C yelled, stubborn tears finding their way to her eyes. She hated them. A loud crash to her right shocked her, causing both Kira and her to fall on the floor. The large double doors were splintered on the floor in front of them, as heavy footsteps trodded over them.

" It's them!" Sachira yelled, when the door to the harem was burst open by the guards. He pointed at both murderesses, as the soldiers charged into the room. They ransacked the room, destroying everything, and tearing everything apart. Gin, who had been in her bed, scrambled off, to Sachira.

" Please, sir, they have done nothing wrong!" Gin said, pulling at Sachira's shoulder. She was shaking her head vigorously, unable to believe that everything was crumbling down in a matter of minutes. Giving her a look of distaste, he unsheathed his sword.

" No-!" Gin gasped, as he plunged his sword up to the hilt in her stomach. Blood spurted out, and she was dead before she hit the floor. Her lifeless body was trampled on by the oncoming soldiers who were already drawing their weapons.

" No, Gin!" Kira cried, her heart wrenching. I.C stood, unable to take the sight she was seeing. Sachira gave both the girls a smug smirk, and it was quickly wiped away as I.C began to levitate in the air, the air around her crackling with electricity. It rippled around her, the slightest tint of blue.

"You will all rot in hell." She screeched, as the wind picked up around her. Sachira dug his large sword in the floor of the room in order to avoid being picked up by the fericious wind. The temperature in the room dropped drastically, as the lips of the soldiers tinged blue.

I.C's eyes began to flash from sapphire to light blue, as Kira's eyes seemed to change as well. Kira stood in front of I.C, taking the brunt of the wind as she held her hands up.

" I'll feast on your bones as you pay for what you have done." Kira said, standing despite the fact that her bones were partially frozen. The power I.C had lent her in the cells were proving to be useful, as she stood.


In the trees. She has to be somewhere in the trees. Zed thought, as he frantically ran through the smal forest below. Please be safe. He stopped when he saw an unimaginable large trail of blood leading to a tree.

" Roya! " He yelled, as he saw her perched upon a high branch. The only movement that told him she was alove was the shifting of her eyes as she looked at him.

He stabbed his sword in the tree as he began to climb it. She watched her life blood trail down her shoulder as he did so. He stepped on a branch that had seemed stable, but nearly had him plummet to the ground. He latched onto a brach above, his legs dangling from them as he tried to hoist himself up.

Even as she was slowly dying, Roya's eyes were full of amusement.

" You need a lot of training if you can't get up a simple tree. I did it, and I'm dying." She said, her eyes alight with merriment. Their hot pink depths seemed warmer, and less glazed.

" Shut up. I'm comin'." Zed snapped, playfully, as he finally made it to her branch. Carefully, he stepped onto it, slowly walking towards her as he tried to keep his balance. She pulled up a knee in order to keep herself from falling.

" If you move anymore, and I fall, I'll kill you." She said, weakly. Smiling, he sat next to her.

" Sure you will." He said, as he shrugged off his red jacket. The wind blew stronger, and Roya held on to the branch as she felt herself topple.

Zed was at her side, steadying her.

" You need to put some pressure on that wound to stop the blood flow." He said, gently holding her injured arm as he made a makeshift sling. She cringed as his fingers touched the raw part of her wound. " Sorry." He mumbled, securing the sleeves as straps.

As soon as he was done, he quickly turned away. His gaze seemed troubled. He watched the green leaves fall fitfully from the branches below them, as he felt the wind pick up.

The wind. He thought, reveling in the feeling of fresh, clean air. He remembered the hot, stuffy air in his other world, Calm.

Go wherever the wind blows. Zed remembered his mother saying at the hospital.

Slowly, he stood, the leaves falling faster from the branches below them. Roya's eyes widened as she took in the sight.

" We have to go. They'll come looking for us." He said, extending a hand. He hoisted her up, over his shoulder.

" Wha-" She began to protest, when all of the sudden they were airborne. Roya's short hair flew wildly around her as she felt weightless for a moment. Zeds white spiky hair contrasted against his tan-like skin, making him look almost god-like with his olive green eyes.

What is he? Roya mused, as she slowly closed her eyes.


Noah saw the ground quickly pass by him as he ran as fast as his legs could take him, towards where the crash had sounded. He was absolutely livid at the fact that anyone would make so much noise. Everyone knew that when in the castle, they were silent. Even the servants were to tip toe whenever near the Lord's room.

Deep within his chest, he felt the tumultuous anguish within the connection that he believed to be Kira's. He would have to visit The Haze once again to see if he was able to enter this time.

" So what is this about you having new harem girls? It's not like you. You're unlike your father, Noah." Herrick said as he ran along side him. Noah cast him a sidelong glance.

I will never be like my father. He's the reason mother hung herself in my childhood room, because he wouldn't stop using Kaletica women.

" They're not Kaletica. They were caught kiling Huidan. We suspect that they're behind all the dissapearances. Nadee thinks so too. He's handling the more difficult of the two, we believe she came from another world." Noah said, sharply turning a corner. He saw the harem door had been busted open, and there was ice scattered all over the floor.

He carefully tredded the ice, staying near the blood red walls that framed the hallway. He entered the room and gaped. Dav was fighting with the blue eyed girl, failing at shooting her as she jumped around the room with verile agility. She seemed to dance as she dodged his attacks, the places where she had been seconds before scorched, yet she was unscathed.

The next thing Noah saw had his blood boiling.


Had a large hand clamped over Kira's neck.

" What will the Lord do now? When he realizes his little toy is gone." Sachira said, as he closed off Kira's only air way. She choked and hissed, kicking him as hard as she could.

The entire room was plunged in dark red fire as Noah entered, his eyes flaring from red to black. " Sachira!" Noah snarled, whipping out his sword. He elongated it so it became a whip.

He expertly grabbed Sachira around the ankle and flung him up, his body colliding painfully with the ceiling as he was flung. Kira's weak, oxygen deprived body sllid to the floor as she clutched at her neck, struggling to breathe.

Sachira crashed back onto the floor, as the loud crack of ribs breaking resounded in the room. The heavy footsteps of the quickly approaching palace guards became louder. Noah told the accompanying general to imprison Sachira until he was further notified. He was about to tell the guards to grab I.C, when he saw that Dav had succeeded in encaging her in fire, and she was unable to go anywhere. The blue-eyed Kaletica wasn't any of his concern, so he left her to the Nadee.

" You're coming with me." Noah said, as he grabbed Kira's arm.

You're coming with me. You will never amount to anything if you don't.

Kira pulled away as she remembered what he had said so many years ago. Could it have been that she was remembering it wrong? She stumbled into Herrick. He grabbed her arms and turned her to face him.

" You're the one, eh?" he said, peering at her skeptically. Gray eyes searched amethyst ones.

Amethyst eyes analyzed clouded gray ones.


She looks familiar. I think i've seen her before, yet she seems completely unrecognizable.

" Chelsea, get back! If you don't hide, I'll find you, and you'll lose!" Little Herrick said, as he made sure he could peek through his fingers. Chelsea giggled as she picked up the final flower, and set it in her hair. Her yellow sun dress fluttered in the wind. She was always wearing dresses. He, he preferred his favorite green shirt, and blue overalls.

" Alright, Herrick! Start counting!" his little sister yelled from her hiding spot. Her voice sounded slightly muffled.

She's probably in the shed. She's always hiding there. Herrick thought as he started to count. He could count to twenty, but no more. It was just as well, because Chelsea was a very quick hider.

" Okay, ready or not, here I come!" Herrick yelled, pushing away from the tree. He pretended to look around the flower bed, knowing that she wasn't there.

" Where could Chelsea be?" He mused, scratching his head. He heard a muffled giggle. Fighting back a smile, he continued to pretend to look around. Once he was near the shed, he heard her try to become really quiet.

" Chelsea, could you be in here?" He said, opening the door. He saw her huddle against the corner. " Found you!" He said, pointing at her in triumph. She bolted across the shed, knocking down the extra pots and pans they had kept there. She sprinted past him easily, always being the better runner despite being a few years younger than he was.

" Wha- cheater!" He whined, chasing after her. Her merry laughs rang inside his head as he pumped his legs harder.


" Herrick." Noah warned, and he let her go. She looked exactly like Chelsea. Her brown hair cascaded down her back in the small curls she had as a child. Her bright purple eyes were now dulled by all the pain she had endured.

" You used to hide in the shed." Herrick said, pushing her towards Noah. Her puzzled gaze as Noah led her out of the room. Herrick watched as Dav grabbed I.C, and immobilized her. The Nadee had cleared a path by burning the ice in front of him. Without glancing at Herrick, he carried the girl away.


She hated the feeling of the cold floor. He had thrown her into his room and promptly locked the door as she fell. She shrieked as he grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up, and against his large frame. She felt his hand tred upon her thigh. Her skin felt as if it were on fire, but she held back the scream that was lodged in her throat. His hand slid higher, and she gasped. He chuckled at her reaction. His hot breath was on her ear, and she snapped her eyes shut.

" Unhand me." She ordered, venom dripping from her voice. She only heard him chuckle as she was thrown on the bed. Her eyes snapped fire as she saw him walk towards his black dresser, and take out a glowing orb.

She watched him carefully as he set it in the middle of the room. Soon after, incensed candles were around the orb, forming the symbol of Absolute Law. He lit all of them carefully, seeming very concentrated on what he was doing. She edged away from the bed as the foul scent of the candles hit her. Holding her hand over her nose, she coughed.

" That's disgusting." She said, staring at the blazing flames with her lips curled to show her objection to the candles. He ignored what she said as he sat in the middle of all the candles.

" Come here." He ordered, holding his hands together. His eyes were closed, as he began to concentrate on the shadows around him.

Kira shook her head and pressed herself against the cold wall. One eye shot open when he saw that she didn't do as he had asked.

" Come here!" He snapped, losing his patience for the third time that day. She narrowed her eyes at him, still not budging. He sighed, his muscled stomach heaving.

" I'll make the Shadows get you." He said, already drawing them from the walls. Tentatively, Kira inched closer to the edge of the bed, and got off. She stepped over the candles, her foot getting shocked as electricity tore through her ankle.

" Ow!" She yelled, recoiling and pulling away. Noah's gaze hardened.

" Come here." He threatened, fire dancing on his palm. She scoffed, but stepped over the candles again, this time ignoring the pain that shot through her bones. She quickly stepped over them, and sat on the edge, as far away from him as she could. Her untrusting gaze never left his for a second.

Realizing that she wasn't going to get closer, he closed his eyes once again, concentrating on his surroundings. She saw the Shadows around the room dance their dark dance.

" Close your eyes. It's less scary if you do." He said, but that was the only thing that allowed her to realize that he was actually beside her, for his body started shimmering.

And then it dissolved.


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