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I. September 1, 2009

Victoire Weasley had her first kiss (and, by default, the first important kiss of her life) at age nine. Unlike her Uncle Ron (but very much like her Uncle George), she was very forward. She left the shyness to her five-year old cousin Lucy. It was Victoire's belief that shyness was just about the worst trait a person could have. How was a girl supposed to get people to listen if she wasn't loud enough for them to hear?

The setting was Platform 9 and ¾ at King's Cross Station in London. Victoire was accompanying her Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny, cousins James and Albus and Lily, and the grandmother of Uncle Harry's godson. They were all there to see off Teddy Lupin, Victoire's best friend and Uncle Harry's godson, who was starting his first year at Hogwarts.

Victoire was never a girly-girl (nor was she a tomboy; she was fairly in-between), so she wasn't one for overly-emotional displays. Normally, the departure of a person she cared about would never bring her to tears. But this wasn't a normal situation. Teddy was really Victoire's only friend, and only playmate. She was home-schooled, so she didn't really interact with other children her age. Her only relatives close to her age were her younger siblings Louis and Dominique, who were two and three, respectively. Besides, who wants their only friends to be their siblings?

Teddy going off to Hogwarts was, what the young girl perceived to be, the worst thing that could ever happen. Who was to fill all the empty hours of her day? Who would help her prank the adults at family get-togethers (which Teddy frequently attended)? Who would Victoire be without Teddy?

So, when Teddy was about to get on the train, Victoire had to do something. Almost without thinking, she yelled, "Teddy, wait!" She ran towards him as he turned to look at her. She had been planning to just hug him, and make sure that he wouldn't forget her while he was busy making a gaggle of friends. But when was the last time things went according to plan?

She ended up kissing him. It was quick, a bit sloppy, and ended with her saying, "Don't forget me," before rushing off, but it was still a kiss. Victoire was blushing from her position behind Aunt Ginny, and watched as Teddy boarded the train, the train's smoke preventing her from discovering his reaction to the kiss. The train pulled out of the station, with Victoire burying her face in Aunt Ginny's coat, hoping to prevent any awkwardness should Teddy see her as the train passed.