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Paring: Andre/Robbie

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André ran through the crowd grabbing Robbie and pulling him away from the people.

"What the hell is this Robbie, it was only supposed to be a few people" Robbie sighed gesturing to Rex

"Its his fault not mine" Rex nodded

"Yeah, if it had been him no one would have showed up" Robbie frowned glaring at Rex.

"Robbie don't do this right now, I'm going to get in so much-" Robbie put a finger against André lips moving closer then necessary.

"Lets go upstairs so I can apologize to you for Rex…personally" André nodded hesitantly letting Robbie grab his hand and pull him up the stairs. The first bedroom they found that was still open was a huge master bedroom, and André was about to say that it was probably Kenan's and the should leave but Robbie pressed his lips softly against André's neck, he pulled him over to the bed and sat him down. "Wait here for a minute" he waited for André to nodded before smiling shyly and waking into the bathroom, four minutes later, Robbie walked out in nothing but his hoodie. It was partly zipped going to his belly button revealing the pale, smooth flesh André longed to taste, Robbie nervously pulled the edge down with both hands, Rex was no where to be seen.

"Where's Re-" Roddie shyly straddled him, cutting him off

"In the bathroom I covered his ears so we can be loud" André smiled placing a hand upon Roddie's face, Roddie was trying so hard, they had barley gotten Rex turned around the last time they were together.

"Baby if you want him in-" Robbie shook his head

"He's…he's…he's just a doll" he whimpered out shaking like crazy "I need to learn how to be with out him and right now is a time when I'd rather not have him looking at me." André kissed Robbie lightly on the lips moving his hands to the inside of his sweater and rubbed his back as their lips slowly moved against each other, there tongues moved softly and smoothly, rubbing against the others. The music was getting louder and André could feel the bass beating from below him, his hands moved lower cupping Roddie cheeks and he gasped lightly pulling away, Robbie was bright red and he turned his face away from André.

"Your not wearing underwear" he stated and Robbie nodded, they had never gone 'all the way' groping was the farthest they went do to Robbie usually being a nervous wreck of André feeling weird with Rex staring. "So…what dose this mean…no Rex, barley a layer of cloths between us…you can't seriously think I'm not rock hard and ready to have se-" Robbie smiled brightly cutting him off.

"Make love" André apologized quickly

"Make love right here and now." Robbie blushed again and ran his hands down André's chest.

"I'm ready and this is the only time we can be together in this amazing thing of a room, in a giant house…it kind of feels like we're in a luxury hotel, which I feel would be a good place to lose my virginity." both boys smiled

"I wish I was losing mine to you, I wish I had known that we'd be together and I'd love you so much three years ago" Roddie giggled

"I love you too André…I'm sorry you had to wait so long, the past seven months must have been torture for you" said boy shook his head and smiled kissing his soon to be lovers neck and shoulders

"I'm just happy your ready and comfortable with this…you are ready right, your not just doing this for me?" Robbie shook his head.

"I've thought it over and over, I'm ready to take the next step in our relationship" And so they did, André slowly removed his cloths after laying Robbie down on the bed, he watch the other boys eyes for any hint of doubt. Robbie was already panting as every inch of chocolate skin was revealed to him. He reached out and pulled the other down on top of him, smashing their lips together, trying to devour the man above him. As the minutes went on both boys began to thrust against the other in an almost desperate way, André hands ran all over Robbie's body, he pushed and pulled as there lips and body's met in a passionate way. Robbie was moaning loudly and there was no doubt that anyone that walked by the door would know what was happening inside. "André! Oh god! Stop, or I'm going to cum!" he all but yelled, André stopped his hip movement and took a few deep breaths, before smiling down at Robbie. They moved up the bed so that Robbie was laying against the pillows, he slowly spread his legs with a little encouragement from André's hands. André grabbed right behind the others knees lifting them up and lowering his head down. His tongue swept over the tight ring of musicales before dipping in. Robbie shrieked and his hands twisted in the bed sheets, he started to moan and whimper as André added a finger. "No I'll cum…André! I'm goanna- I'm goanna-" André thrust his tongue in as well as two fingers, making sure to push right up against Robbie's good spot. "Ahhhh! OH GOD! ANDRÉ!" he screamed and André was pretty sure the whole house would of heard if not for his clever plan of making him scream whenever the music got the highest. André kissed his way up Robbie's body, making sure to lick up all cum from Robbie's happy ending seconds earlier, his fingers never leaving Robbie's body. Only minutes later André was sitting patiently, his cock buried deeply inside of Robbie, he waited for the smaller boys okay before starting to move slowly. The thrust got harder and fast as Robbie's begging got louder, his hands were clenching the head boarded so tightly his knuckles where turning white, the two moved quickly and harshly against each other until they were both screaming the others name in release…well Robbie scream while André just moaned it quietly. The boys held onto each other for what seemed to be hours only to find out it was more like five minutes because Tory opened the door and screamed

"Oh My God!" she covered her eyes "I just spent the last hour looking for you André and here you are, having se-" Robbie cut her off.

"Making love" Tory rolled her eyes but not wanting to upset Robbie's delicate mind she nodded.

"Sorry, I find you two here…making love, while I'm trying to track down my cheating boyfriend…could you two please come help me destroy him!" She yelled her arms making giant motions.

"You stay here and rest sweet heart, I'll be back in a few minutes" Robbie nodded as he watched André dress and leave with Tory. The second the left Robbie ran to the bathroom and grabbed Rex telling him in detail about what had just happened.

"And he didn't use a condom" Robbie smiled and Rex gasped

"What! But Robbie I thought you were one of those guys that can-" Robbie cut him off

"Yes I am, and hopefully I'll be pregnant and André will never be able to leave me" Rex shook his head, because deep down Robbie know it was the wrong thing to do any way.


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