I Was A Lot Of Fun In College: Chapter One.

She'd transferred from Indiana state, studying Law after her first year there, she'd found it to be too boring for even her. So, Kate had thus found herself studying Criminology and Social Sciences at the University of Southern Virginia. Although she'd requested a single room and had almost pre-paid for the room, Kate had been assigned to a room with a roommate.

Opening the door, the first thing that graced her eyes was the poster of a half-naked Jane Seymour on the wall facing her. She swallowed and blinked, blushing before she cleared her throat, "Hello?" she called out before she looked around the shared dormitory, "Oh my God! Really?" she picked up the obviously masculine shirts, "I'm sharing with a guy? I'm rooming with a guy?"

"Tony." a voice spoke up from behind her, "Anthony DiNozzo and you are...Caitlin Todd?" he smiled, flashing his big trademark DiNozzo grin at her in a charming sort of way.

"Kate, and I'm not sharing my room with a guy. I'm sorry but it's just not going to happen." she shook her head and began to back out of the room, "I'm going to the administration office to sort this out."

"Can't we at least chat a little?" Tony asked her, moving closer to her as she backed away, "I mean, we're going to be seeing a lot of each other I would imagine."

Kate smirked a little and shook her head, "Not if I can help it..." she told him.

"Aw come on Kate, lighten up a little, it's college." Tony said, still with his Cheshire Cat grin, "We need to make friends for all of the college social events that'll happen."

"Social events?" she frowned.

"What rock have you been living under?" You've never heard of the college Spring Break or the ABC parties?" Tony asked, raking his eyes over Kate's body, taking in her figure.

Kate noticed this and she frowned, "Will you stop that?" she glared at him, pulling her jacket closer over her chest and swallowing gently as she watched Tony, "I don't think it would be a very good idea to get to know you better." Kate told Tony, as she grabbed for the handle of the door behind her, so she could leave.

Tony frowned and he shook his head; a girl who was not at all charmed by his smile and good looks? Something was obviously very wrong with this situation and with this Kate chick. Seriously wrong. He raised a brow before he spoke up, "No, no. I think it would. In fact, you should. I'm going to be on the police task force, I can totally protect you from all the guys who'll try and steal your heart."

"You mean guys like you?" she responded nonchalantly.

"A sense of humor, I like it." he smirked and chuckled, "I think we'll get along, you and me."

"If you by get along, you mean never see each other again, then I have to agree." Kate replied, Law school had taught her to have a sharp tongue and be quick witted.

A little while later on, Kate was just about ready to down with her lunch, she looked around the canteen for a place to sit down with someone who had a friendly face, but most of the view was blocked as a a group of about a dozen footballers stood up and dispersed around her. When they finally cleared, Kate saw one face she'd rather not sit by but, he pushed out the chair beside hom and he beamed to her, an invitation to sit.

Kate sighed and she rolled her eyes before walking over to sit with Tony, she sat down without a word but felt Tony's eyes upon her, "What?" she glared at him as she felt his smile upon her.

"I knew we'd end up sitting together at lunch, and sharing."

"We're not actually sharing lunch though, are we?" she pointed out, with a raised brow.

"Lunch, a table, a room, it's all the same." Tony winked to her.

"I am NOT sharing my room with you!" Kate shook her head.

"I checked with the administration office already, Kate. No more rooms at the inn. Looks like we're roomin' together." he smirked at her.

"I'm putting up a partition then, and you're taking down that poster of the semi-nude woman." Kate told Tony.

"A partition Kate? Get real!" Tony chuckled, "And her name's Jane Seymour."

"I have a feeling I'm going to need it...or perhaps not..." she a snide repsonse.

"Why? Do you want to be sharing my bed?"

"No, but I get the feeling you won't be using your bed very often, so I probably won't be needing a partition." Kate quickly smirked to Tony.

"Or, we'll be sharing a bed." Tony smirked and winked.

"Hm, we'll see. I don't think so." Kate shook her head, just as Tony grabbed his tray to leave.

"We'll see."

Kate scoffed as she watched Tony standing and leaving the canteen. Okay, she wasn't going to lie, but she did find Tony to be hot. Just he was Italian and well...Italian. She couldn't be dealing with that. No, Kate was a true, good Catholic girl, especially after the years spent at the school with all of the nuns. They, as well as her parents had instilled into she and her sister, Rachel that they should wait until marriage to breaks vows and values the Todd family had all been brought up with.

But, as she looked over Tony, watching his masculine swagger, she found herself biting her lip and daydreaming, reasoning with herself that this school year may not be so bad, while she was rooming with Tony DiNozzo.

A little later on, Kate made her way back to the room she was to be sharing with Tony, and she braced herself as she opened the door. The first thing she noticed was that there was now an empty space where the semi-nude Jane Seymour had once hung, in its place was one of Kate's bright pink heart-shaped Post-it notes reading; SPACE RESERVED FOR YOUR CHRISTIAN BALE POSTER! in Tony's barely legible scrawl.

Kate glared and she narrowed her eyes before swiping the Post-It note from the wall and turning, almost bumping straight into Tony's football amour chest, "You went through my things! What do you think you're doing?" she interrogated Tony, with obvious anger showing through.

Tony smirked and nodded to the empty space, "You told me to take down the poster, so, I did." je gave a shrug, nonchalantly before he once again raked his eyes over her figure.

"Will you stop that!" she demanded, sticking the Post-it with great force, to his chest, feeling the football amour under her hand, "I thought I made it clear not to touch my stuff, Tony!"


"No? Well now you know!" she glared at him with narrowed eyes before she hissed at him, "Next time, you lose an arm." she stepped closer, flicking her eyes between his before she then moved away. She moved over to her bed, glaring at Tony the whole time until he huffed and sat on his own bed.

"Look, katie, I thought you'd like it. I took my poster down, I just wanted to show you that I can respect your wishes should you ever want me to do something." Tony told Kate as he gave her a genuine smile.

'Don't let him see he's affecting you. Don't let him see!' her mind was screaming at her before she sighed and keeping her glare focused on him, she nodded, "Okay, but I will hurt you next time."