Chapter Seven:

Kate sighed as they entered their dorm room and she looked to Tony in the dim light, "Thank you." she told him and smiled a little. She saw Tony nod and she blushed a little, "Tony..." she sighed, not wanting to ask but she knew she had to, as it was about to define their relationship, "Did anything with happen with...?" Tony looked to Kate and winced. He bent his head down and sighed. She felt the lump catch in her throat and she bit her lip to prevent herself from crying.

"No..." he told her.

"No?" she looked to him, with a confused expression etched across her face, "But..."

"I know. I have a reputation to keep up, Kate...but, I love you and I wouldn't ever sleep with some other girl while I'm with you." he looked to her before reaching for her hand and smiling tenderly, "I mean that."

"You wouldn't?" she looked up at him, seeing the genuine truth in his eyes. She saw the nod Tony gave her and she smiled up at him, gently moving closer to his face, building up to the inevitable that had been waiting to happen. She pressed her lips to his. Kate moved her hand to Tony's face, touching his cheek as they shared their kiss.

"Kate, I love you, I really do." Tony told her tenderly, touching her face with his fingers, he then told her, "I'm in love with you."

Looking into his eyes, Kate felt her heart miss a beat, and she found herself whispering to him, "I want to make love with you..." it just came out and she didn't think twice about it. With Tony, it would feel so right for her to lose her virginity to him, because that's what would be happening.

Softly, Tony pressed his lips to Kate's and slowly pressed her down and back onto the bed. Her bed. She moved her hands to his shoulders and smiled as she felt his lips once again press to hers. Tony was laying beside her, kissing her softly as she tugged at his shirt she was trying to pull it off. Kate knew how much Tony had wanted her from the day she had agreed on being his girlfriend, and now that feeling was mutual between them. She was ready to be with him, in every sense.

Tony looked down at Kate before he gently touched her cheek, he peppered her jawline with kisses before her leaned up and pulled off his shirt, revealing to her his toned torso, ripped from hours spent training in the gym and on the court. He felt her fingers trail the contours of his pecs and she smiled up at him when he gazed down into her hazel eyes. They were burning; amber, russet and chocolate. Tony knew then and there that Kate was most definitely the one for him.

Once again, Tony pressed his lips to Kate's before he tested her, lifting up her shirt to see if she were ready to take the next step with him, no regrets. Just love. She agreed, nodding to him before arching up to him and allowing Tony to remove her shirt, catching sight of the chill that quickly spread chills across her chest and down her arms. Kate pulled Tony down into her, feeling his skin against her own before she bit her lip, reaching her hand behind herself to unhook the clasp of her bra.

"Kate, just tell me if you're ready. We don't have to go all the way..." Tony whispered to her, softly.

"I want to.." she smiled, whispering back before she kissed his lips gently and lay back down, "I want to." she repeated.

It didn't take the pair long before they were both naked, in each other's arms. Kate laying underneath Tony. Tony with his arms protectively around her head as he gazed down to her lovingly. Tony knew how it would hurt Kate, he'd saw it plenty of times before with other girls he's slept with, so he pushed into her slowly, and not fully yet. With Tony being gentle, Kate felt more relaxed, she could trust him and she loved him, it didn't hurt her as much.

By the time she wrapped her legs around his waist, they had developed their own rhythm and were rocking against each other, moaning, clawing and kissing one another so intensely, they forgot the world around them. Kate and Tony got lost in their moment of love for one another. It was all just perfect for them both. And, as Tony pulled out of Kate as he released, she smiled to him, pulling his head down onto her now heaving chest and she ran her fingers through his hair, "I told you, I'm a lot of fun in college...and I can see myself in years to come, saying the exact same thing; I was a lot of fun in college..." she smirked before pressing her lips to the top of Tony's head and closing her eyes, feeling his breathing even out as he drifted off in her arms.