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Guess what!

Seto: What?

This is the last chapter!

Yami: Wait it is?


Seto: But why?

Because I'm in school and I don't have as much time as I did so I have to finish some stories.

Yami: Okay well anyway enjoy the last chapter.


"YOU WHAT? How could you forgive that witch after what she did to you?" Joey yelled flailing his arms.

"I'm right here." Anzu said in a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah whatever but still!" Joey said looking back at Yugi.

"Listen Joey, I believe her apology and I know that Zack was a no good bastard that didn't care for me at all. He didn't try to get custody of his son so that proves he doesn't care about anyone but himself. So you can either respect my decision and be friends with her again or you can deal with it." Yugi said with her hands on her hips and her eyes narrowed.

Joey threw Seto a glance before shrugging and nodding. "Okay Yugi, I have faith in your decision. I'll be friends with ya Anzu but that doesn't mean I can just trust you again." He said.

Anzu nodded in understanding. "I know and I understand that. It's only fair."

Yugi smiled at her friends. This was how she wanted it. She had everything she needed, she had Atem, and Yami, and great friends that loved her. Her life was perfect and she never wanted it to be any different.


Okay it's over. *Crying*

Yami: Yeah, well she'll do an epilogue if you want one.

That I will.

Seto: Well we hope you enjoyed this story and hope to see you again with one of her other stories.


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