NCIS Fourth of July

I was thinking I needed to write something a little festive, even though it's kinda early. Whatever.

Still don't own anything NCIS related, just a weird obsession. And the songs- don't own them either. Enjoy!

It was Monday, the first Monday in July. That meant it was the fourth of July. Everyone on Team Gibbs received the same standard text from Abby; where to meet up that day, times, what to bring, and the days' festivities. This time they were going to meet up at a park right on the outside of a fair. There were also supposed to be fireworks that night to follow the festival.

Ziva was waking up and getting ready for that day's activities. She was styling her hair right after she finished her shower, in curls, just how she thought it might impress someone. She got out of her tan towel and changed into a white cotton tank top and short jean shorts. This was one of her new outfits that she hadn't worm out before. She felt too exposed in it for her liking, but today, she was dressing to impress. She glanced at herself in the mirror and ran her fingers through her wavy, wet hair one more time making sure she was flawless. Her phone went off in her shirt causing her to jump. Her short pockets were just too tight to contain her phone. She looked at the screen, Tony's name across the screen in big letters. Ziva smiled, threw her hair over her left shoulder and picked up the phone.

"Hey." Tony's friendly voice came through the phone.

"Hello." Ziva replied looking through her apartment for her flip flops.

"Are you getting ready to leave yet?" Tony asked.

"Yeah. What time is it now?" Ziva asked sliding on her gold flip flops and exiting her closet in her room.

"Almost eight, do you want me to pick you up? I'm on my way." Tony said biting his lip. Ziva had to think a moment and exited her bedroom.

"That would be nice- but I thought Abby was going to pick me up." Ziva grabbed her wallet off the kitchen counter and had to shove it in her pocket.

"That's why I'm calling; she told me to tell you that McGee is picking her up and they would meet us there." Tony parked his car in the apartment parking lot next to Ziva's car.

"Oh, okay then, when can you be here by?" Ziva asked locking up her apartment and walking down the stairs out through the front doors to the parking lot.

"How about now?" Tony asked hanging up his phone as he saw Ziva. Tony was shocked. Iva was stunning. Tony smiled and looked at what he was wearing, a white cotton t-shirt and blue shorts, and then back up at Ziva. Ziva walked over to Tony.

"Wow. You look-"Tony was cut off by Ziva.

"I don't know. I feel too… you know." Ziva ran her hands up and down the sides of her body brushing up against her curves on purpose making Tony notice. Tony smiled as Ziva walked to his car and they both got in.

"Well, it is hot outside." Tony tried to convince Ziva that she looked amazing in what she was wearing.

"Don't try to convince me otherwise Tony!" Ziva said putting down the sun visor in the car. Tony pulled out of the parking lot and began to drive to the park.

Tony put on the radio and 'Fly' by Sugar Ray came on. It was beautiful outside other than it being really hot. Tony rolled down the windows when he got on the main road and he started singing along with the radio. Ziva smiled as her hair blew in the wind and went everywhere. After a twenty minute ride, and more karaoke to the radio, they arrived at the park before nine.

There was a really big blanket laid out under some trees, and there was a clearing of trees where it was all flat grass, that is where there were three tables set up and a few grills. Abby was setting up the tables with McGee and Gibbs was setting up the grills. This would be a long and fun day.