Hi everyone! Sorry this took way longer than expected to write. I went on vacation and wasn't able to upload until now. So here it is, the last and final chapter of the Fourth of July story. I think its okay; it was a bit rushed though. And I apologize if it's too OOC. Still don't own anything (I wish I had Tiva though) Enjoy! Reviews are lovely too!

Nine o' clock. One hour until Tony had to decide. He wanted to take her but something didn't feel right. As they re-entered the fair grounds, Tony found a food stand where he bought a cotton candy for them to share and a soda for them as well. Ziva thanked Tony and tried the cotton candy.

"This is great!" Ziva smiled her mouth full of pink fluff.

"I knew you'd like it." Tony grabbed her hand and proceeded to walk around some more. They looked at other couples who were kissing and holding hands together. Tony ached for that kind of closeness.

"Let's go on that!" Ziva pointed to the Ferris wheel.

"The Ferris Wheel?" Tony asked not so sure if he wanted to go on it.

"Yeah, it'll be nice!" Ziva began walking over to the Ferris wheel, her and Tony holding hands, swinging their arms.

"Okay, I wouldn't normally do this, but I will for you." Tony replied waiting in the line. He threw out his empty soda cup and cotton candy cone as they proceeded to get on the ride in their blue basket.

"Hey you two!" A familiar voice called from above. The ride started. Two baskets above Tony and Ziva, in a green basket were Abby and McGee.

"We saw you guys!" Abby smiled. Ziva's face began to flush a pale pink around her cheeks.

"What exactly did you see?" Tony asked a little bit too quickly.

"You two were like-"McGee couldn't find the words. An idea popped into Ziva's head. She smiled and grabbed Tony's hand and held it up as he was shocked because of her quick movements.

"This?" She asked smiling a huge smiled. Abby squealed with delight and fell back in her seat causing it to rock. The rest of the ride, they didn't talk to each other. That made it easier for Tony and Ziva to talk to each other. The ride stopped when Tony and Ziva were at the top. They looked over the edge. It was very dark out and the fair was all lit up with lights.

"This is—"Tony was cut off by Ziva.

"Beautiful!" Ziva finished looking into Tony's eyes. "Thank you for today Tony, it was so much fun!" Ziva even began to sound a bit tired.

"The night isn't over yet!" Tony told her brushing the hair out of her face. Ziva smiled.

"What do you mean?" Ziva asked.

"What time is it?" Tony asked pulling out his phone. The ride continued as he checked the time.

"You'll see in fifteen minutes." Tony replied placing his hand on Ziva's thigh. She put her hand on top of his.

"Okay." She said as they got off and walked around more. Tony won Ziva a stuffed bear from a water gun game and she hugged him tight, thanking him.

Arms full of stuffed animals that they each won for each other, both Tony and Ziva walked back to the picnic area and set the stuffed animals down on one of the two remaining blankets. One blanket was completely full of stuffed animals and other prizes from that day which belonged to McGee, Abby, Tony and Ziva. The other blanket had a very chatty Ducky and Gibbs lying underneath the stars. McGee called Tony after he set down the stuffed animals.

"Tony!" McGee called. Tony could barely make out where McGee was until he turned on a blinking light that Abby had bought. Ziva grabbed Tony's arm and they walked over to a blanket with a beautiful clearing of the trees above them.

"Fireworks in less than five minutes!" Abby clapped her hands. McGee smiled and laid down next to Abby on the blanket.

"Come sit with us!" McGee insisted. Ziva smiled and looked at Tony.

"This is a lovely surprise!" Ziva said lying down next to Abby. She patted an empty spot next to her for Tony to lie down next to her. They all laid down looking up at the sky. Tony touched his hand to Ziva's as she interlocked fingers with him and sighed.

"Want music?" Ziva tried to hide her and Tony's hand at the sound of McGee's voice. McGee turned on his Ipod and played 'Every Morning' by Sugar Ray. The fireworks started as everyone 'oohed' and 'ahhed'. Tony rolled over to face Ziva. The song changed to 'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj.

"Thanks again." Ziva said.

There was silence all around them except for the music and booming fireworks in the sky, not to mention the occasional 'Look Timmy!' There was more silence and Tony gently squeezed Ziva's hand. The song changed again to 'Love in America' by jtx. Tony leaned in to kiss Ziva and she returned the favor back as well. They broke apart for a second, sat up and resumed kissing, even after the fireworks ended. Mcgee and abby noticed but stayed quiet. Gibbs and DUCKY CAME over offering to help pack up until they stopped dead in their tracks.

"What the-"GIBBS didn't look amused as Abby and McGee but, he was still laughing. Ziva opened her eyesrealizing who was watching and she pulled away from tony, causing him to open his eyse as well.

"um-" Tony tried to explain.

"get a room!" Abby and mcgee said laughing. Ducky laughed as well and turned to gibbs; tony and ziva laid down on the blanket kissing more followed by abby and mcgee doing the same.

"What did I tell you jethro!" ducky laughed and pointed to the two couples lying down kissing on the blanket in the dark under the stars.

The end!