"Nice hair, Simone." Brass pointed his pen at her.

"Shut the fuck up. What do we got?"

"Barry Shickle. Wallet still on him. With cash. Recently voted class clown."

"That's funny. People aren't usually scared of the class clown." Grissom mused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, look at him." Simone gestured to the dead boy's body. "Shot in the back. With his zipper down and hands otherwise engaged. Coward."

Grissom, having forgot a ladder, had to stand on Simone's cupped hands to reach part of the batroom mirror that was broken.

"So it's okay for a student like this victim to return to the school after hours to use the bathroom facilities?"

"Hand me an envalope?" Grissom called to Brass. The Principal turned and glared at Grissom before turning back to Brass.

"Yes, the doors aren't locked up until the janitor ends his shift at eight to eight-thirty. Until then the kids at after school events are free to use the facilities." Grissom removed the bullet from the wall as the Principal was talking.

"Brass!" Simone grunted, loosing her balance slightly.

"Excuse me! One of my students is dead. Are we interrupting you?!" The Principal snapped. Simone cast him a wide eyed glance.

"Yeah, Kinda."

"It's okay, I'll drop by your office later, we'll finish this up."

The Principal continued to glare at Simone as he left. Brass came up and held the envalope for Grissom.

"A slug? So the treasure hunt paid off, huh?"

"Yeah, it better." Simone grumbled. "We have a point of reference now."

"Yeah. Well the nerd squad is off and running. I'm gonna burn a little shoe leather and see if the victim had beef with anyone."

"You do that. I'm sure I'll still be here, holding Grissom up, loosing circulation in my arms." Simone called at Brass's retreating back.


Cathrine and Warrick walked into the bathroom. Simone was in the corner, shaking out her arms.

"Hey, Construction on Flamingo. I'm sorry." Warrick sighed.

"Give me a hand, will you?"

"Don't do it! You won't have a hand left when you're done!" Simone snickered.

"Whoa, girl. Your head looks like a blueberry."


"Brass said that the vic had a can of spray paint, right?" Catherine asked. Simone nodded.

"Orange, by my kit." Catherine took a picture of a print on the wall, and then looked at the spray paint. "What is it, Cath?"

"Paint from another source. Come on, we have to go find out who that locker belongs to."


"That's Dennis Fram's locker." The school counselor, Julia Barrett, informed them.

"Was this a first, or has Shickle done this before?" Simone gestured to the word "Stick" on the boys locker.

"Look, I'm the counselor, I don't know every move these kids make."

"Obviously." Simone murmered. She didn't like this woman. She smelled weird. "Otherwise a kid wouldn't be dead."

"You look like a kid yourself, Miss."

"It's Doctor. Dr. Sanders, and I'm 23. Thank you very much!"

"A doctor? With hair like that?"

"I swear to god, Catherine, if one more person brings up the hair-"

A hand covered Simone's mouth, stopping her from talking.

"Tell us what stick means," Catherine suggested.


"So what do we got?" Grissom approached.

"Mr. Fram was bullied all year by our vic. 'Stick' has something to do with his build. 'Skinny' and 'Shorty' were also on that locker at one point." Simone stated.

"Can we meet the kid?" Grissom requested.

"Of course, but he would never hurt Barry, He's a good kid."

"Doesn't matter if he's a good kid or not. I was a genius in highschool. Trust me, if you get bullied enough, you can get pushed to do anything if you don't have a good enough venting session." Simone shook her blue hair out of her face.

"We can call him from my office." Mrs. Barrett sighed.

When the boy got there, Simone smiled at him, holding her kit behind her back.

"How tall are you, Dennis?" Grissom started the interragation instantly.

"5'3 and a quarter." He answered hesitantly. Grissom looked at Simone to take over.

"Have you washed your hands within the last hour or so?"

"Yeah." He took a subconscious step closer to the less intimidating presance in the room.

"Well, did you change your shirt?"

He shook his head.

"I'd like to do a test on your shirt, if I may."

"W-what kind of test?"

"A forensic one."

Dennis nodded and peeled off his shirt, revealing another, white t-shirt underneath.

Simone sprayed his shirt, slowly revealing a large blue spot in the center.

"What is that?" Dennis asked, confused.

"Gunshot residue." Grissom replied. "It means you've fired a gun in the last three to six hours."

"Dennis!" Mrs. Barrett gasped. Simone closed her kit.

"The police are going to want to talk to you." She murmured.


"So you admit to firing a gun." Brass asked. Grissom and Simone both sat at the back of the room, reading the boy's movements.

"I was down at the shooting range. On Desert Way."

"So the same night that Barry Shickle was shot and killed you were out taking target practice?"

"Yes, sir. I go every Monday night. You can ask my sister, she goes with me."

"Where's your gun?"

"I rent different ones there."

"Have you rented a .44 caliber?" Simone spoke up. Dennis turned and looked at her, nodding.


There was a commotion outside of the door and a young woman pushed her way through. She cupped Dennis's face in her hands.

"Denny, are you alright? I got your call."

"We're conducting a police investigation here."

"My father will be back in town tonight and you'll be sorry you harassed my little brother." Kelsey Fram snapped.

"Questioned." Brass corrected. "A student was shot and killed in this building tonight."

"Listen, Dennis has explained to you about the gun powder and I'm sure his sister will vouch for his whereabouts. And- he's a minor."

Brass went to open his mouth. Simone slapped Grissom in the arm from her spot leaning on the wall next to him.

"Jim..." He interrupted. Simone jerked her head at the door. Brass nodded.

"We'll be in touch." Brass sighed.


"Don't you just love the scent of decomposition in the midnight air?" Simone grinned at Greg as they passed people in the hallway. Greg paused next to Sara.

"You smell like death."

"I've heard!" She snapped. Simone grinned.

"You know, a real man wouldn't mind." Greg grabbed his sister's arm and walked away. Simone cracked up laughing.


"Catherine was a bully." Warrick announced in the break room. Simone looked up from her magazine, a cherry flavored Airhead sticking out of her mouth.

"No way!" Nick protested, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"She was, I've seen her in action."

"Catherine?" Nick shook his head in disbelief.

"I was what?" Catherine walked in as Nick started adding sugar to his coffee.

"I was just telling Nick how you were a big bully in highschool." Warrick grinned.

"Okay, so maybe I was. But not the kind that people wanted to take a gun out and shoot!"

"No!" Nick took a sip of his coffee. "No, you were just the kind that guys fall all over themselves trying to impress."

"Like you, Nick? Hmm?" Catherine put her hand on his shoulder. Both looked over at Simone. She waved her Airhead at them threateningly. Nick grinned and went to sit next to her. "Well, what were you in high school, Nick?"

"Me? I was, uh, dependable."

"Dependable." Catherine repeated, smirking. "Dependable Jock, Dependable Stoner?"

"No, never a strap, never a smoker. Just an all around dependable guy."

Warrick and Simone shared a look.

"Unpopular," They chorused.

"Hey!" Nick slid an arm around Simone. "I was popular with the right people, I'll tell you that. I can also tell you what I wasn't. I wasn't a Mac Daddy wannabe with a members only jacket, putting his swerve on all the ladies."

Warrick laughed.

"Hey, Nick!" Sara walked in. "Ronnie's got something on Liquid Man, says it's hot."

"Alright." Nick pecked Simone on the lips but she brought her hand up to the back of his head, holding him there. Nick breathed out slowly and kissed her longer. She pulled away, a grin on her face.

"You smell like dead people. Take a shower. Lemons."

Nick snorted.

"Hey, Sara, what were you in high school?" Warrick called.

"Science Nerd." She shrugged. Simone chuckled.


"Okay, So here's the thing." Simone sat on Grissom's desk. "Dennis didn't do it. There was a trace of perfume in the boys bathroom, that matches the older sister's perfume and Dennis said she did it. But I don't think that Dennis saw his sister. I think he saw someone else."

"Well, you're right." Brass handed her a piece of paper, and another to Grissom. "She had a parking ticket at the same time that the victim was shot. Fremont Street. Look who else got a ticket that night."

"Who's Jeremy Spencer?" Grissom asked.

"The football coach." Brass stated.

"Oh..That's gross. I'd never nail my high school football coach." Simone shook her head.

"Too much info, Simone." Grissom rolled his eyes. "But if the sister didn't do it...Who did?"

Simone grinned.

"I think I know."


Grissom placed a bottle of perfume on Mrs. Barrett's desk.

"We recovered this from your townhouse."

Simone pulled a picture out.

"We also found the gun...It hasn't been cleaned."

"Well, I don't know how to clean a gun. That was my husbands." Mrs. Barrett smiled.

"Everyone can shoot a gun, though."

"Do you know how many kids come to school and kill, just to get relief from a bully? You talked to them. Boxing practice and target practice? How long before one of them came in here and opened fire on a hallway full of kids, hmm? I just thought that one life was better than twenty. Or thirty."

"Or eleven." Grissom pulled out a file. "Brass ran a search on you. Arizona, eleven kids shot after Columbine. You were the Assistant Principal."

"I watched them die. At my feet. All because some sophmore couldn't take the jokes about his glasses."

"You know, as hard as highschool is, Mrs. Barrett, eventually it's over. But too soon for Barry Shickle." Simone grabbed the evidence and walked out of the room.


"What is that smell?" Stacey complained as soon as Nick, Simone and Greg walked into the room.

"It's the stench of death!" Simone crossed over to the fridge, grabbed a lemon, cut it in half, and pushed Nick down the stairs to her bedroom. She paused for a minute, looked back at Stacey, and cursed. "DON'T USE THE HEAD AND SHOULDERS SHAMPOO! THY HAIR WILL BE SMURFIFIED!"

Nick's laugh drifted up the stairs, leaving Simone with a look of satisfaction.

"You're still weird, Sanders. No wonder you didn't get laid during high school."

"You're still a Hoe, Beaumont. Surprising you didn't get pregnant in high school."

"Ladies, please. Lets not have a cat fight." Greg sighed.