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Chapter 7: A Friendship is Born

Every single teacher knew about the Hogwarts Guardians and there were certain rules. That if the pendants or bracelets started flashing then the students would be allowed to fight the X Eggs with out detentions or loosing house points.

"I didn't know that." Said Ginny during a meeting.

"That's right." Said Heather, "But we can only do it when the pendants or Bracelets flash."

"But try not use it as a way to escape Snape… I tried in my first year." Said Heather.

"I did too." Said Cormac.

"You did because you didn't listen to Heather." Said Clarence.

Cormac glared at his Guardian Character.

"Try not to abuse it Weasley." Said Tracey.

"Don't worry… I won't." said Ginny.

After the meeting was over, Tracey was the first one leave.

"Oh come on, you're being too harsh on Ginny." Said Mimi.

"Why should I care, she's just another Gryffindor." Said Tracey, "They're all the same."

"I could say the same thing about Slytherins." Said Mimi.

That was when Tracey glared at her Guardian Character.

As she was leaving she walked passed Ginny's dorm mates.

"Why is that Weasley is hanging out with that 7th year girl all the time?" asked a partially snide looking one.

"That girl shouldn't be hanging pout with older students. We should." Said another one.

"She should go hang out with her brothers, after all they're the only ones that should care about her." Said a third girl.

"But don't one of her brothers hang out wit Harry Potter?" asked Marina.

"How about after we get that 7th year to hang out with us instead of her, we should do that same with Harry." Said the first who appeared to their leader.

"After all a tomboy who can't afford good clothes like us shouldn't hang out with the great Harry Potter." Said the 2nd girl.

Tracey heard this… and narrowed her eyes.

"Mimi…" said Tracey.

"All right!" said Mimi.

That was when the pink hair band made of flower appeared in her hair.

"Did I hear you're disusing Ginny Weasley? Why?" asked Tracey.

"Why should we tell a Slytherin?" asked one girl.

"Yeah… you're nothing but pure blood snake fanatics." Said the first.

Tracey's headband disappeared and she began to walk away.

She began to think about her dorm mates. They left her out all because her father was a muggle. Millicent's mothers was a muggle born, but was let into the clique? Why? Because of what Pansy told her.

"Unlike you, Millicent's children will be considered weak pure bloods by some. Her mother was a witch, a mud blood but still magical, unlike your children. If you marry a wizard you better hope that your grand children are considered purebloods."

"We in the same position." Said Tracey.

"Try to befriend her." Said Mimi, "Both are you are in the same boat."

"You knew about this didn't you?" asked Tracey.

"Maybe…" said Mimi.

Tracey sighed and shook her head, know where Mimi probably got the information, Ginny's Guardian Characters.

The day, the first year Gryffindor were having Potions class. Ginny was paired up with Colin. The two were actually doing well. The two tried to ignore Snape as much as they could. That was when Ginny's pendent started to flash.

"What's wrong?" asked Colin.

"Pro Snape." Said Ginny nervously hopping that Snape would belief her.

"What is it Weasley?" he asked.

"I just remember I have to do something…" said Ginny nervously.

Snape saw her pedant was flashing and let her go.

Ginny left the classroom.

"That was close." Said Gloria, as for some reason Guardian Character weren't allowed in Positions class, maybe it was because Snape didn't like the idea of unseen little people making faces at him.

Ginny tapped the pedant with her wand and followed the arrow.

"Ginny!" came a voice.

She turned around and saw Tracey, Penelope, Heather and Jonathan with their Guardian Characters.

That was when the egg bounced at them.

"Ginny." Said Serena, "I think we should do it."

"Okay." Said Ginny.

"My Heart: Unlock!" called out Ginny.

Serena went back into her egg and into Ginny's heart. In a bright flash of light, Ginny robes and uniformed into a green dress with many ruffles that looked much like a doll's dress. In his hair there was the water droplet hairpin but also some of hair were tied back with a matching green ribbon.

"Character Transformation: Crystal Droplet!" called out Ginny's transformation with Serena.

"My Heart: Unlock!" called Heather, Penelope and Tracey.

"Character Transformation: Rocker Note!" called out Rocker Note

"Character Transformation: Page Organizer!" called out Page Organizer.

"Character Transformation: Pretty Pink!" called out Pretty Pink.

"I don't know why… but I'm feeling a little uncomfortable." Said Jonathan blushing a little.

"So cute…" said Lance turning bright red.

The egg began to get scared a little but sent energy at Pretty Pink, which Jonathan blocked after character changing and using his shield.

"Thanks." Said Pretty Pink.

"You're quite welcome." Said Jonathan, with his teeth sparkling.

Jonathan's wish was to be more charming, this wish turned him to a guy who loved chasing after girls, it was embarrassing, but Jonathan didn't mind… that much.

"Pen!" said Rocker Note.

Page Organizer nodded.

Page Organizer took out her book.

"Paper Surprise!"

"Guitar Hero!"

The two attacks hit at the same time, immobilizing the X Egg.

"All right my turn." Said Pretty Pink, "X Egg Calm Down!"

Pretty Pink blew her kiss at the X Egg.

"It's turn Gin." Said Guitar Note.

Crystal Droplet nodded.

That was when a surge of green water came out of the Gryffindor Pendent.

"Water Heart!" called out Crystal Droplet.

The water hit the x Egg, it purified and the hearts egg flew away to go back to it owner.

The four girls separated from their Guardian Characters just as Cedric, Bowman, Cormac and Clarence arrived.

"I missed another one." Muttered Cormac.

That was when several chimes filled the hall.

"Looks like this period it over." Said Penelope.

"All right! Lunch!" cheered Heather.

Since it was almost lunch they headed to the great hall. Tracey looked Ginny.

"Ginny, there's something I heard." Said Tracey.

"What?" asked Ginny.

Mimi smiled at Gunny four Guardian Characters, meaning one thing. Tracey found out and was going to try to befriend her.

"I heard your dorm mates talking about you." Said Tracey, "I know what you're going though."

"You do?" asked Ginny, "How?"

"Half blood." She answered.

Ginny nodded, a half blood in Slytherin was not going to make many friends.

"I was hopping next time you need help with your potions homework, I'll help you." Said Tracey.

"Really?" asked Ginny, "Thank you!"

They got to the great hall just as the first year potion students. The Gryffindor Girls. Saw the Guardians and knew it was time for their plan.

"Heather was it?" asked the lead girl.

"Yes." Said Heather having a weird feeling about this.

"We were hoping that we could hang out you like how Ginny would hang out with you." Said the lead girl.

"OR maybe hang out with us instead of that poor tomboy." Said another girl.

"No." said Heather extremely bluntly.

"What's so special about Weasley?" asked the lead girl.

"You are aware that I'm a tomboy myself." Said Heather, "And she's my friend, there's no way, I'm just going to stop hanging out with her and hang out with you because you want me to."

Melody laughed at them.

Ginny and Tracey heard this and laughed at them. This was going to be the start of a good friendship.

Next Time: Ginny discovers the meaning of her Guardian Characters personalities. Meanwhile, Marina isn't feeling well. What's going on? Find out next time!