This is the Prelude for SOMEONE TO SAVE YOU
I want to thank the people that'd read Identity Chrisis… and I hope you enjoy this new fic.
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Two boys were cousins raised like brothers. One was born of demon descent, the other angel. When the unexpected happens the wild card warrior will risk everything for the other, for family because, in the end, that's what the Halliwells do best.

The year's 2023. The once beautiful city of Los Angeles is now a battle scarred wasteland. The City of Angels is now the City of Devils; the demon infestation capital of the world. Everything is demolished, the sounds of demons rioting in the street echo beneath him as he stands on what's left of the bridge, and smoke is rising from fires burning merrily away in the streets. Huge, black clouds cover the city in darkness. Everything about this future is evil, even the weather.

But it wasn't always this way. The twenty two year old remembers blue skies that never went away. He remembers Halliwell family dinners, trips to the ocean, the sound advice of his mother, training with him… but they've faded with years. His nostalgic trance is broken at the sounds of heavy boots thudding across the steel. The footsteps were slowed in a nonchalant manner that makes the movement as unique as a fingerprint.

Chris: Hello, his lordship. I was wondering how many demons needed destroyed before you would show. (looks at what's left of street below)Fifty three, on case you're wondering.
Wyatt (looking down at the demon carcasses on the bridge): So I see. How very… demonic of you.

For the first time since his arrival, the half breed turns to look at the dark witchlighter. Wyatt was like the city due to the fact everything about him screamed evil, even that stupid evil goatee and shoulder-length, curly, blond mess of hair. His eyes, that would be the most brilliant shade of blue, are dulled to an unfeeling navy. Even his stupid clad black attire screams evil. It makes Chris sick, and he's the half-bred demon. Chris sneers at his cousin, large white teeth grinning at Wyatt like a devilish kind of taunt.

Chris: Say that again and I'll show you just how demonic I can be, Wy.

Chris's threat was hardly taken seriously by the twice blessed. Not once, not twice, but THREE times the half-bred warrior went toe to toe with his lordship and not once had he been able to bring himself to kill Wyatt, nor could Wyatt kill Chris. The blood flowing within their veins, memories within their heads, and corners of their hearts forbade it. But what it didn't forbid was Wyatt picking at Chris's demonic side and Chris picking at Wyatt's angelic side.

Wyatt: Idle threats… really Christopher. If I believed you were more than a mere thorn in my side that will eventually succumb to the darkness within his very soul and join me, you'd be in the crypt with your mother or in the dimension of despair that I thrust your father into.

Growls resonate from deep within Chris's chest, the venomous words pulling the worst part of him out. In a quick motion he sweeps the Twice-blessed's feet out from beneath him and as the villain landed hard on the beam, Chris conjures an athame and presses it to his cousin's throat.

Chris: I didn't come here to kill you, Wyatt!

Wyatt's face remained stoic as the he watched the fire blazing within Chris's eyes.

Wyatt: You've got a funny way of showing it, cousin.

As the pressure lessens on Wyatt's throat, his smile grows wider and wider until Chris wonders whether or not his face will split in two and he'd be done with this mess. But Chris shakes the thought from his head, remembering the purpose of this little meeting.

Chris: You need someone to save you, Wyatt. And I'm here to tell you, that someone is going to be me. Whatever it takes, cousin.

He accentuated the word cousin like an intended insult then shimmers out with a smirk. It was a smirk of a man with a plan. Chris has an ace up his sleeve and tricks in his pocket. For the first time in what feels like an eternity, the fearless dictator isn't so fearless. Christopher Benjamin Turner-Halliwell was now more than a thorn in his side. He is the someone who'd save him. The question is how.