Chapter 1: First day

*Kring.. Kring…. Kring.. Kring.. 'This is Teru. I can't get to the phone right now but leave your message right after the beep'


"Kurebayashi-kun, Ore… think.. I'm"

A guy's voice woke me up from my beauty sleep.

Ore? A guy… calling me this late? I hurried myself to check my voicemail

to find out who he was but once again, no clues were left behind.

It's been like this since my brother died.

Sometimes I thought that my life is in jeopardy

or it's just my students, trying to get revenge just because I'm giving

them a failing grade.

Ah. Yes, Who Am i? I'm Teru Kurebayashi, a 22 years old English teacher at University of Tokyo and welcome to my life.

"Hey,Class. I'm Teru Kurebayahi, your English teacher for the whole year. Let's make your dreams come true, shall we? In order to be a great musician,

you should know how to speak the universal language to make all your fans understand and feel the emotion of your songs" I said with a smile.

I was checking the attendance when I heard my students scream like fangirls. Just as I thought, it was Arai Tetsuya, standing outside my front side door and

sawing his killer smile. Arai-kun is a gym teacher who is famous for his look and for being a ladykiller.

" So, Babe. Wanna have some dinner tonight?" Arai stroke an unexpected question.

'KYAAH! Arai and Teru sensei are going out!'. Their screams just keep on roaring loudly.

Before I could reply, I heard a loud *thud* from the back side door. 'Hey,Kurosaki. Where you going?' A student said.

I can see the silhouette of a blonde-hair guy vanishing as he walks through the corridor, trying to get away from something.

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