Jeff was in an airplane with 16 contestants.

"We're above the beach nation of Treasure Trove Cove. On this plane are 16 unique people. Already separated into 2 tribes of 8. They may not have spoken yet, but they are quickly sizing eachother up!"

"There is a boy in white with a stupid little pink sphere bobbing up and down. I hope he is easy to manipulate, as I want the numbers." - Ren

"There is an alien among us! I do not trust the thing as long as it wears this proud green buff on it's head. If he proves no worth, he's done!" - Hartman

"On my tribe, we have a blue squid-like person. He looks full of regret, just like me. I hope his past wasn't as tramatic as mine." - Regal

"So, we have this blue-haired man... wearing handcuffs. I'm not sure if he's a prisoner, or it's just for fashion sense. I just hope those shackles don't hurt the tribe." - En-Tee-I

"There's a teal pony on our tribe with rainbow colored hair. I hope she's nice, strong, and helps the tribe out to win challenges." - Sam

"However! There are 2 major twists coming their way! They are not sure what they are, but I can assure you, they aren't prepared for it."

"39 days, 16 people, 1 survivor!"

Hapino: Bomberman, En-Tee-I, Fluttershy, Hartman, Raine, Regal, Ren, and Squidward

Nokowawa: Bambi, JD, Kratos, Muraki, Niko, No-Face, Rainbow Dash, and Sam

– – – – –

The 2 tribes got off the plane, and moved onto their respective mats. Hapino wore green, and Nokowawa wore purple.

"Welcome to Survivor!"

Everyone cheered loudly.

"However, we haven't completed your tribes just yet."

Everyone was confused.

"We have two more coming to join you right now."

Jeff turned around, and waved his hand. On cue, a helicopter flew into view.

"I wonder what the occasion is, unless it's like another SEGA All Stars twist, and we get two previous players." - En-Tee-I

The helicopter landed, but no one got out of it.

"Before I call them out of the helicopter, let's guess who they might be."

Jeff pointed at a white tailed deer.


"Bambi." replied the deer.

"So, Bambi, who do you think will come out of that helicopter?" asked Jeff.

"I'm guessing two previous players." replied Bambi.

Jeff pointed at a man with his eyelids and mouth stitched shut.

"Got a name?"

"I'm referred to as No-Face," replied the man. Everyone was surprised he could talk, "I'm speaking through telekinesis. But this is as close as I can get. I can't read your minds."

"I'm immediately gonna be a threat, just due to my status as being a sympathy vote-getter. I really hope it doesn't come down to that." - No-Face

"Any idea on who it'll be, if what Bambi said was true?" asked Jeff.

"Could it be Nerd and Limberg?" asked No-Face.

Jeff shrugged, and pointed at a boy with white armor.


"Call me Bomberman." replied the boy.

"Bomberman. Alright then, do you hope it's the Angry Video Game Nerd and Limberg?" asked Jeff.

Bomberman shook his head.

"I can tell you, your wrong. It is not the Nerd or Limberg."

Jeff whistled, and the helicopter doors opened. Out popped out a brown bear and a red bird.

"Hey!" cried a small blue boy, "It's Banjo-Kazooie!"

Indeed was Sam correct. Banjo, from SEGA All Stars, and Kazooie, from Cuties, were returning for another shot at the money.

"As most of you know, it's Banjo and Kazooie. Banjo was the runner up in Survivor SEGA All Stars. Kazooie was the merge boot in Survivor Cuties. One of them will join your tribe."

Jeff gave Banjo and Kazooie each a map. Inside the map was their buff. Banjo got a purple buff, and Kazooie was given a green buff.

"Banjo, your joining Nokowawa. Kazooie, your joining Hapino."

Banjo and Kazooie joined their respective tribes.

"Hmph. We've got the brown bear on our tribe. No matter. As long as he does good things, and doesn't screw around with me, he'll be fine." - Kratos

"Kazooie? That little birdbrain? I'm pretty sure she'll end up going home quickly. She's that annoying. More annoying then Spongebob." - Squidward

"I have one more twist to announce."

Everyone listened to him.

"When you are voted off, you will not go home."

Everyone was shocked.

"You'll instead be taken to a place called Redemption Island, where you will live alone, and await the next person voted off. When that time comes, you will duel eachother to decide which one stays on the island, and who goes home for good. At 2 separate times, someone will be brought back into the game to continue their quest for the million dollars."

Everyone was interested in the twist.

"C'mon, do we really need this twist? I mean, it does seem very unfair, especially to someone like me. I'll win every single one of them damn duels." - Niko

"I'm not afraid of going to Redemption Island! Why? Cause I'm not going anywhere! If I do end up going there, I'll just come back!" - Rainbow Dash

"Enjoy the 39 days together!"

– – – – –

Nokowawa Day 1

The purple buffed survivors entered camp.

"Here we are!" cheered Sam.

"We are totally gonna kick the Green team's ass!" hollered Rainbow Dash.

All 9 members of Nokowawa placed their hands together in one.

"NO!" chanted Kratos, Bambi, and Rainbow Dash.

"KO!" chanted Muraki, Niko, and Sam.

"WA!" chanted Banjo, No-Face, and JD.

"WA!" everyone chanted.

"This tribe certainly has the energy to compete in these challenges, according to their united spirit. But, this is Survivor, let's see how long this unity stands." - Banjo

As soon as the cheer ended, Kratos spoke up.

"I suggest we get camp started as soon as possible," suggested Kratos, "I would like to be one step up the other tribe."

Most of the others agreed with him, and they separated into groups.

JD, Bambi, and Rainbow Dash were looking for a spot for the shelter.

"Man, I wonder what Redemption Island is gonna be like." thought JD.

"I rather not learn anything about it!" muttered Rainbow Dash, "I don't want any of us going there. Let Hapino go there instead!"

"Redemption Island is a silly twist, but it's kind of dangerous. You get one shot per duel, and if you go and blow it, your done." - Rainbow Dash

"Hapino tribe better be full of players that we shouldn't want to deal with," hoped Bambi, "I mean, they DO have Kazooie."

JD nodded, "Yeah, but she'll be gone quick. If not, she's playing that tribe well."

"Kazooie doesn't scare me!" smirked Rainbow Dash.

"Kazooie is such a aggressive player. Will she play the interns on the other tribe? I don't know. Maybe a daydream might be in order. (daydreams)" - JD

Meanwhile, Kratos, Niko, and Muraki were working on the fire.

"This will be a difficult task," noted Kratos, "Be patient."

Niko was moving a piece of wood back and forward against another piece of wood.

"Damn." muttered Niko, wiping sweat off his face.

Muraki watched Niko waste energy on the wood.

"I'm not sure if Niko has a brain worth having. He's using wood to make a fire, and I'm wearing some spectacles that can be used to get fire." - Muraki

Muraki made a coughing noise to get Niko's attention.

"Hmm?" wondered Niko. Muraki handed him his glasses, "Thank you."

Niko held the glasses over the stack of wood, and a spark appeared in the wood.

Kratos nodded in approval, "Excellent."

"With fire Day 1, I'm pretty sure Nokowawa will be up in the ranks quickly." - Kratos

– – – – –

Hapino Day 1

All 9 green buffed Survivors entered the camp site.

"Here we are guys," noted Regal, "We've made it to camp Hapino."

Bomberman and En-Tee-I head-butted eachother in praise.

"This is where we live. Excellent! I lived in the hellholes of Iran war bases. This shall be no different." - Hartman

"Alright ladies," ordered Hartman, "We need to get camp built immediately! Move into groups now!"

People did what he said, and moved away from the flag. Ren, Kazooie, and Squidward were annoyed.

"Jeez, what an asshole!" muttered Ren, hoping Hartman heard what he said.

"Already someone is pissing me off! God! Hartman may be brighter then Stimpy, but JESUS! I'm not gonna be bossed around like some filthy sewer scum!" - Ren

"Who cares what he says," said Squidward, "He's going home quickly."

"But remember Squiddy," reminded Ren, "He's going to Redemption Island if he goes home. He might be given a free ride to the merge."

Kazooie nodded, smirking, "Your correct."

"Hartman will become my ally in this game when I get the chance to. Why? Well, first of all he's becoming a big asshole right now, and as long as he continues that, I'll be kept over him. I just need numbers." - Kazooie

Meanwhile, Bomberman, Raine, and Fluttershy were out looking for a site for shelter.

"Um, what's your name?" asked Fluttershy to Bomberman.

"Uh, Bomberman," he replied, "I said it already when Jeff was talking to us."

"Oh... I'm sorry..." blushed Fluttershy in shyness.

"Fluttershy is so cute, shy, and caring... and I hate to see her go home first. I just know that she might be one of the first to go. Her or Hartman, at least." - Bomberman

"I'm Raine by the way," introduced Raine, "I am pleased to be on your tribe."

Bomberman smiled at Raine, "Pleasure to meet you too, Raine!"

Just then, Hartman showed up.

"Any plans for a shelter?" he asked.

"Maybe by the beach?" replied Bomberman quickly.

Hartman looked around the beach, "Hmmm... I like that idea. How about now you go build it!"

Hartman gave Bomberman some wood, and then left.

Fluttershy whimpered, Bomberman scratched his head, and Raine spoke up.

"You know," said Raine to no one in particular, "You could be a bit more considerate."

Bomberman nodded, "Right you are Raine, right you are..."

"I might sound hypocritical here when I say this, but I believe Hartman is being a bit too harsh with us. True, I'm harsh with my students, but I'm a teacher, that's my job. He's not our teacher, or drill sergeant." - Raine

– – – – –

Nokowawa Day 2

Banjo and Sam were sitting by the fire, trying to cook the rice.

"Was rice ever a bad situation during your season?" asked Sam.

Banjo shook his head, "Not really. I mean, all we needed was a couple of bowls, and ration the food."

"I like Banjo, he has a good head on his shoulders. He should've been the true winner of SEGA All Stars, but Beat stole that victory from him." - Sam

After some silence, Sam spoke up, "We should be in an alliance. I trust you more than the other 7."

Banjo nodded, "I would like that. I'm trying to change the way I play the game. I don't want to be the pawn anymore."

They shook hands.

"I made an alliance with Sam, and even though he's the youngest person on our tribe, I actually see some trust in him. But just the two of us won't be enough." - Banjo

"If we're gonna be in an alliance," noted Banjo, "We need more players on our side."

"Like who?" wondered Sam.

"Probably JD, Rainbow Dash, Kratos? I'm not too sure, but any one of them would be good choices." thought Banjo.

Sam nodded, "I like JD, and sort of Kratos. Dash seems way too overconfident."

Banjo shrugged, "She's sure strong in challenges. We'll need her later."

"Right now, it's just me and Banjo, but we'll be getting more players on our side. At this point, we don't have to worry about tribal council. Let's not ever worry." - Sam

Meanwhile, Niko and Muraki were talking in the jungle, while Kratos was up a tree.

"So, Banjo's going first," asked Muraki, "He did play this game before."

Niko shook his head, "Ah, no. Banjo's not a threat! Bambi or Sam should go first, they are weak in challenges. With that in mind, they'll lose at Redemption Island."

Muraki nodded, "You have a point there, Niko."

"We need to keep the threats, because they will return from Redemption Island. As much as I don't care for some of the rather strong types, like No-Face or JD, they need to be kept." - Niko

"It's not just about physical strength," said Kratos, sliding down the tree, "It's about willpower. We can still vote someone strong out, and not worry about Redemption Island being a problem."

"Anyone in mind?" asked Muraki, looking at Kratos.

Kratos shook his head, "Not right now. I don't want to think about it."

"Redemption Island is all about will. Do you want to return to the game? If you do, you will prevail in the duels. If you don't, you will lose and go home." - Kratos

– – – – –

Hapino Day 2

Kazooie and Hartman were out collecting wood. Squidward was tagging along for no apparent reason.

As Hartman placed wood in both Kazooie's and Squidward's arms, Kazooie spoke.

"So Hartman, Squidward," she said, "I think us 3 would be a perfect triangle alliance."

Hartman stopped to look at her, "Hell, I was wondering when somebody would talk to me about the damn game."

"Kazooie offered me an alliance along with Squidward... oh boy... I will go along with her, but I'm not staying loyal to her. She's a threat and she knows it." - Hartman

"I trust you both," continued Kazooie, "And neither of you will be the first targets just as long as you side with me."

Squidward was confused, "What are you then, Female Limberg?"

Kazooie grimaced at Squidward, "No. I'm just that good at convincing people to vote someone other then my allies."

"Kazooie's not gonna stay in this game long. How long I'm not sure. All I know is if she makes herself to be a threat, she'll be gone. But who do I care? I'll just sit back and let her dig her own grave." - Squidward

"You got yourself a little deal missy," smirked Hartman, "Be an honest troop, and your good."

Kazooie shook Hartman's hand. Squidward also reluctantly shook their hands.

Meanwhile, Ren and Bomberman were in the shelter, fixing loose ends.

"In the challenges, Bomberman," noted Ren, not looking at him, "Just use your bombs to blow up the other tribe."

Bomberman chuckled, "Sorry Ren, my bombs have been disabled by Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst. We have to win the challenges normally."

"Damn," muttered Ren, "We would've had Noko WAH WAH in a jam."

"I have very little hopes about my tribe, to be honest. We might not be eediots like the other tribe, but... ugh. We have a weak tribe." - Ren

"I have faith in this tribe, Ren," reminded Bomberman, "Nokowawa may have stronger members, but we might have a more united tribe."

Ren nodded, "We can only hope.

They continued working on the shelter.

– – – – –

"Come on in guys!"

The tribes entered the challenge area.

"Guys ready for your first immunity challenge?"

Everyone nodded.

"For today's challenge, 4 of you will be maneuvering this large stone cart. Let me warn you, it's VERY heavy. Once you get the stone cart to the end of the straightaway, you will be able to get another group of 4 to climb up the ladder in the back, and walk over to the puzzle section. First tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity. Losers will go to tribal council, and send the first person to Redemption Island."

Jeff revealed the immunity idol, which resembled a jiggy piece from the Banjo-Kazooie games.

"As usual, this is the thing that keeps most people alive in this game. If you have immunity, you are safe and cannot be voted out of this game. Let's get started."


Stone Cart: Hartman, Kazooie, Regal, and Squidward

Puzzle: En-Tee-I, Bomberman, Ren, and Raine


Stone Cart: Kratos, Niko, No-Face, and Rainbow Dash

Puzzle: Banjo, JD, Muraki, and Sam

"Survivors ready? GO!"

Hapino and Nokowawa rushed out pushing their carts as quickly as possible. Hartman was barking orders to his tribe. Hapino had a small lead over Nokowawa.

But Nokowawa quickly rushed forward when Kratos and Rainbow Dash double teamed and attacked the cart. The cart moved forward, enough to catch up with Hapino.

But that only hindered Nokowawa's performance. Hapino continued to lead over Nokowawa. Nokowawa was still behind as Hapino finished the straightaway, and the other group of 4 began the puzzle.

Hapino took their time with the puzzle, letting Raine and En-Tee-I direct the tribe, both of them being good at puzzles. Nokowawa was able to catch up, and begin working on their puzzle. It was almost neck and neck, with Hapino having a small lead.

But Nokowawa's small mishap today was not enough.


All of Hapino hugged and cheered.

"Great lead today, Hapino. You've won immunity. No one will be sent to Redemption Island. As for Nokowawa, nothing to say for you guys. Tonight one of you will be sent to Redemption Island. See you all tomorrow night."

– – – – –

Hapino Day 3

The tribe returned to camp with flint in tow.

"Great job Hapino!" cheered Raine.

"Indeed," replied En-Tee-I, "We did well. I believe Nokowawa got too cocky for their own good."

"We won flint and immunity today, and it feels really, really good right now. Hopefully, we can keep this up, because I'm not ready to lose someone." - En-Tee-I

"We've got fire too," noted Raine, "Ren, why don't you help Regal and I with the fire."

Ren nodded, and reluctantly joined Raine and Regal at the fire pit. Kazooie watched.

"If Ren's a smart player, he should be searching that flint for the idol clue. I never had my hands on one before, and I don't think I ever will. But if I can convince Ren to find it for me... that'd be perfect." - Kazooie

Boy, was Kazooie right. Ren was indeed looking over the flint for the clue. He tried to make it look like he was doing something else, but Raine was suspicious.

"Well, Ren?" asked Raine, sternly.

Ren sighed, and started chipping away at the flint.

"I was trying to read the clue on the flint, and Raine caught me in the act. I hope she doesn't figure out that I got the first clue to the idol embedded in my brain. Hehehehehe." - Ren

Ren took one last spark, and the fire went ablaze.

"Good job Ren!" nodded Regal.

"We've won the challenge, we've got fire, and we're in good spirits. I'm not sure if Nokowawa is suffering just yet... but they will." - Regal

– – – – –

Nokowawa Day 3

"Sucks that we lost the challenge," muttered JD, "I'm pretty sure we couldn't catch up anyway."

"Bull#$%#, JD," replied Kratos, "It's partially my fault. In hindsight I should have planned it out better."

"Today we lost the challenge, and I'm not that proud of that performance. I hope that tonight's vote will help increase the chances of winning." - Kratos

Kratos, Muraki, and Niko were talking in the jungle.

"Who's weaker?" asked Niko, "Bambi or Sam?"

Kratos thought about it, "Sam might prove useful later... but I don't see anything in Bambi right now. There's a reason why we sat him out."

Muraki nodded, "I'll vote for Bambi, if you two will."

"In my opinion Bambi isn't strong in challenges. Neither is Sam, but people are talking about voting for Bambi, so that's what I'm doing." - Muraki

"Deal." replied Kratos.

Niko nodded, and shook Muraki's hand.

Meanwhile, JD, Rainbow Dash, and Bambi were talking by the beach.

"I have this weird vibe about someone on this tribe..." said JD.

"Who?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Muraki," replied JD, "To be honest, I don't trust him. He's a murderer doctor! Who can trust that?"

"I'm trying to get people to vote out Muraki. He's not all that special in challenges, if not worse then someone like Sam. Plus, I don't trust him at all." - JD

"Muraki would seem like the type to betray the tribe..." thought Bambi.

"That's the thing," noted JD, "If Muraki gets the chance, he'll turn on the tribe."

Rainbow Dash was confused, "Aren't you taking this a bit too literally? I mean, it's only the first 3 days. Anything can happen, JD."

"JD wanted to vote out Muraki, which I was fine with. However, I would much rather vote out Sam or Bambi, but that's just me. I'll do what JD says, because it's his idea, and if he pays for it, then it'll only effect him." - Rainbow Dash

"I'll go speak with Kratos and No-Face," planned Bambi. He ran off.

JD nodded, "Cool. Banjo should also be informed that he's safe. I'll go do that."

JD left Rainbow Dash behind.

"Hopefully, my plan comes into action, and Muraki goes home. It should be a straight-forward vote, to be honest." - JD

– – – – –

The Nokowawa tribe entered tribal council.

"Behind each of you is a torch, grab that torch, dip it into the fire, and get fire."

Each contestant did so.

"This is the ritual at tribal council, because fire represents your life. If your fire is gone, so are you. However, rules are different with this season due to Redemption Island."

Everyone sat down.

"So we begin the game with 2 major twists; Banjo and Kazooie joining the cast, and Redemption Island. Muraki, how much of a game changer is it with these twists?" asked Jeff.

"Hm, I think Banjo isn't a threat right now, so I'm okay with him on this tribe. With Redemption Island, though, it's kind of weird at first. I wouldn't mind going over there for a single day." replied Muraki.

"Sam, your the youngest player in this tribe, and the whole game. Does age play a factor on who goes home?" asked Jeff.

"I believe I am safe tonight, despite being a weaker player. But I want to help this tribe, not weaken it, despite what they might think." replied Sam.

"Niko, how are you voting?" asked Jeff.

"Sam explained it perfectly. Weak players say they want to help, but can they? I wish they could." replied Niko.

"Bambi, how about you? Do you feel in danger?" asked Jeff.

"A little bit, but I'm not too worried like some other people might be." replied Bambi.

"No-Face, worried at all that your condition might hurt you?" asked Jeff.

"Definitely. I have a reason to win this game over someone who might've played it perfectly. I hope my tribe sees otherwise. I'm not a threat to anyone in my opinion." replied No-Face.

"Okay, it's time to vote, Bambi, your up."

– – –

JD's Vote: Sorry, but I can't trust you right now. (Muraki)

Kratos' Vote: This is for your own good. I hope the tribe sees that as well. (?)

Muraki's Vote: Pathetic. I don't see you returning from Redemption Island. (Bambi)

– – –

"Once the votes are read, the decision is final, person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

First vote, Bambi. (He nodded, not surprised.)

Bambi. Two votes Bambi.

Muraki. One vote Muraki, two votes Bambi.

Muraki, tied two votes Muraki, two votes Bambi. (Muraki raised an eyebrow.)

Muraki. Three votes Muraki, two votes Bambi.

Bambi. Tied again, three votes Bambi, three votes Muraki. (Muraki began praying.)

Muraki. Four votes Muraki, three votes Bambi. (Kratos lowered his head.)

First person voted out of Survivor Redemption Island, Muraki. That's 5, it's enough. You need to hand me your torch.

Muraki shook his head, "Damn. Wrong decision, Nokowawa. You'll pay dearly."

"Muraki, the tribe has spoken."

He snuffed out his torch.

"But you will have a chance to reenter the game. Take your torch, and head on over to Redemption Island."

Muraki nodded, took the torch, and left the area.

"Interesting first boot. You guys took out an anime villain, who might've become a larger problem. Will he return? Beats me. Grab your torches, and head on back. Good night."

– – – – –

Redemption Island Night 3

Muraki walked into the lonely camp.

"Figures there'd be no fire." muttered Muraki.

"Niko and Kratos are now in a tight jam. They better find a way to better their interests, or I might have to face off against them in the duel." - Muraki

Muraki started the fire with the flint, and went off to bed.


Bambi – Muraki, Niko, and Kratos

Muraki – JD, No-Face, Rainbow Dash, Bambi, Sam, and Banjo