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Worst for Everyone

Dark, gray clouds covered the sky, blocking out any sunlight that tried to get through. The wind was in a fit, blowing as hard as it could, trying to make a hurricane out of the ocean. The waves were violent, tossing and churning. The sea was in a rage.

Water crashed hard against the rocks, splashing everywhere. The wind blew harder. It looked like the earth was in a turmoil. It was angry.

The wind blew hard, blowing Stoic's large cape, making it whip back, the only thing stopping it from blowing off completley was the pins. He stood silent, and solumly. He didn't speak. He didn't smile.

His expression was one of stone. Solid as a rock, making it impossible to see what he was feeling. But even if the villagers couldn't see his feelings, they knew what they were. The cheif had ran back to house and locked him self in there with his son's dead body, refusing to leave or unlock the door. It had finally taken twenty three villagers yelling from outside, and ten beating on his door to make him come out.

Today was the first time he had been out. And he swore to himself that it would be his last. For without his family, what was he?... A broken, depressed man.

The prye had been built over the last three days Stoic had locked himself in his house. It was now sitting before him.

He held his deceased son, to his chest not wanting to let go. The whole village saw this and felt a tinge of sorrow for their chief. "Stoic." Gobber whispered and Stoik closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to start the ceremony.

He sighed before deciding that it was time to let go, no matter how much he wanted to hold on.

Everyone watched as Stoic stepped forward and gently lowered his son onto the prye. Snotlout stepped forward beside him, and handed him some of the things that would go with Hiccup. Stoic took the items and laid them beside Hiccup. It was Hiccup's vest and journal.

Gobber stepped forward also, and laid a small hammer and a apron on the prye. They were Hiccup's from the forge.

The elder stepped forward and soon, there was complete silence, the only sounds were the crashing waves, the harsh wind, and the distance sound of thunder.

The teens all stood together and watched along with all the other villagers.

The elder spoke in a quiet, raspy voice. "We are all gathered here today, to mourn the passing of a fellow viking. Now, Hiccup wasn't like a normal viking. He was something different. He was unique. But we all failed to notice this. We think that different is bad, and that we all should be tough and strong. But no one can be alike. We are all different in some way. Hiccup, he wasn't strong, or tough. He could hardly hold his own battle. But the boy had brains. He was a briliant blacksmith. He was a loyal and brave person. We failed to notice these things about him because we pushed him aside. Because he was different."

Everyone hung their heads in guilt.

She continued. "Hiccup may had been different, but he had something that we all didn't. He had true courage. What is true courage? We all think that courage is just the strength to do some kind of brave act. Does killing someone or something just because you can, signify an act of courage? Or does facing danger head on, show true courage? No."

The people were confused by here words.

"Such things can not be called an act of courage because they are wrong. Let's look at what Hiccup's true courage was. Now, one may say that suicide is an act of courage, because it is a very difficult thing to do. Killing one self is very hard to do. But it is actually an act of cowardness. All of you called Hiccup a coward, and what I just said might be going through your mind, but let me finish. Taking your own life or someone else's is just wrong. It just means that you can't face life the way it is."

The people were puzzled by the elder's words. If Hiccup had killed himself, then why was he not a coward?

The elder continued her speech. "True courage is living life when it is difficult, trying to come in your own way, doing the duties that you are supposed to do. That is true courage. And if it is to my own understanding, Hiccup did just that. Every day we all pitched in to make his life difficult, teasing and taunting him. Putting him down and shunning him. But Hiccup lived through that for twelve years. He faced everything life threw at him. But Hiccup was also generous. He thought of everyone, not just himself. He took his own life, because he thought it would be for the best. How many of you would give your own life because you thought that it was the best for everyone?" The elder asked.

No one answered, they all knew that deep down they wouldn't have the courage to do that.

"Now, some might say that what Hiccup did was an act of cowardness, and a tiny part of that was true, but for most of it, it was an act of courage. He took his own life because he thought that with out him here, we would all be better off. But we won't be. Hiccup had a great destiny laid out for him. If he hadn't done such an act, we would some day be looking up to him, realizing that being different was a good thing, not a bad thing. One day, Hiccup would have stood up for what he believed in. But because of us, that day is not going to come. A part of Hiccup proabably wanted himself dead, but if he was a coward, he would have already killed himself before this. But Hiccup didn't, and over the years we made him believe that if he was dead, everything would be better."

Her words made everyone realize what they had done.

"So really, we are the true cowards. We fear things that are different. We are afraid that if we let something different into our lives, it would destroy us. But in reality, we destroyed what is different. It may seem that what Hiccup had done was suicide, and it was, but most of all, it was sacrifice. He sacrificed his own life because he thought it was the best for everyone. He sacrificed himself for you. That's what you wanted right? I'm sure that most of you had told him that everything would be better off without him here. Without his screw ups."

Everyone didn't want to admit it, but it was true.

"You got what you wanted, but is it better now? Is it the best for everyone? If you look at it through my eyes, it is the worst for everyone. You may not realize what you all have done, but one day you will. The Gods are angry with you all because the destiny they had laid out for Hiccup, can not be followed. We have all made a grave mistake."

"Hiccup was a good person. Better than all of you. He had a kind heart and a gentle soul. But we never saw these traits, and now we never will. It is because of us. From now on, we need to embrace our differences, because if you don't, it'll end up just like this. This, is because of you. The guilt will never go away. You all got want you wanted. But is it really the best for everyone?" she asked, finishing her speech.

Everyone stood in shocked silence. They all respected their elder and heeded her wise words, but could they except this.

"And now," the elder spoke after a moment of silence, "set the pry to sea."

Everyone watched as Stoic, with great hesitation, picked the prye up along with Gobber, Snotlout, and Spitelout, and set it in the water. "Push it out." the elder commanded and they did as they were told. They gently pushed the prye out to sea.

A lone tear made its way down Stoic's cheek. Gobber was full out sobbing. Snotlout watched in guilty, saddened silence. Spiteout stood motionless, still shocked of the events that happened over the last few days.

Everyone watched as the prye floated out to sea, the waves not bothering it. When it out far enough, the elder spoke again. "Archers, light your arrows." She instructed, and the villagers stepped back to make room for the archers. Five archers solumly lit their arrows on fire. "Ready." They raised their bows.

"Set." They pulled the string back.

"Fire." All five archers let go and everyone watched as five flaming arrows soared throught through the air. They hit their target dead on.

Everyone watched in sad, guilty silence as the prye burst into flames. Right about then, drops of rain started to fall from the sky. The rain fell harder and harder until it was pouring. They could hardly see the pry through the heavy rain now. They were sure the flames were no longer burning.

Up above, looking down upon the event, stood Valhallarama and Hiccup. They had watched the ceremony and listened to everything the elder said. Hiccup turned to his mom. "I didn't do the right thing, did I momma." He asked and Valhallarama looked down at him and gave him a sad smile. "I don't know, sweetheart. You had a great destiny ahead of you. I don't think you chose the right path, but everyone makes mistakes. They drove you to this point. There's nobody to blame except them." She said and Hiccup gave her, a sad smile. "Dad really loved you. Now, I think he might have loved me too, but at the time, I didn't know that." He said guiltily.

Valhallarama hugged him close. "I know he did. He just had a different way of showing it." She explained and Hiccup nodded. "You don't think he'll do anything drastic, do you?" Hiccup asked and Valhallarama sighed. "I think he might. I think we should go visit him." She suggested and Hiccup looked up at her in surprise. "Can we do that?" he asked and Valhallarama smiled. "We can do it only once, but we can do it."

Stoic sighed sadly as he sat heavily on his bed. He had lost everything. Now he had no trace of his family, no trace of Valhallarma, his love. He had failed as a father. He had failed as chief. He was suppossed to protect his son, his family. But he didn't do a good job at it.

That night, Stoic fell into a restless, dreamless sleep.

Darkness. That's all Stoic could see. "Where am I?" he asked himself. "You are asleep." A voice answered for him. It was a voice he hadn't heard in twelve years. "Val?" he asked and watched, shocked as she stepped into the darkness. "Is it really you?" he asked and she nodded. "We have come to tell you something important and you must listen. We have little time, so we must spend it wisely." she said and Stoik, still in shock, was confused. "We?" he asked and she nodded. "Hiccup." she said and Stoic watched, shocked and amazed as Hiccup stepped out and stood beside Valhallarama.

Stoic was at a loss for words. Hiccup was the one to break the silence. "Please don't do anything to hurt yourself, Dad." He pleaded and Stoic was shocked. "Why not?" He asked and Hiccup answered him. "Because it wasn't your fault. It was no one's fault. I didn't do the right thing. I can't change that. But you can by making the right one. Live. For the village, for mom, for me." he said and tears escaped Stoic's eyes. " don't blame me?" he asked and Hiccup shook his head. "No. I know you love me. You just didn't know how to show it. It's my fault I'm gone." He said and Stoic closed his eyes tightly.

"All right. I will." He said, no matter how much he wanted to go and join them. Hiccup gave him a sad smile."I love you dad." he whispered and it was Stoic's turn to smile. "I love you too, son."

Hiccup smiled as him, before he slowly disappeared. Stoic hadn't wanted him to leave, but he knew that time was up. He looked over at Valhallarama. "I love you Stoic. I always have, and I always will. We will always be with you."

Before she left, Stoic answered back, "I love you, too."

For the first time in twelve years and three days, Stoic slept in peace.

AN: And thus ends, Best for Everyone...