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Arthur Is Dead

By: Santiva Potter

Summary: After a bloody message is delivered to Ariadne, the young architect must find a way to either bring back the dead or avenge his death.

Chapter 3 - Paris Never Changes

On the plane she dreamt of him again. They were lounging in another hotel. He was telling her a story about his first job with Cobb and all of the things had went wrong. He was smiling through the whole tale, especially when he spoke of Mal.

"Were you close?" Ariadne asked.

"Maybe in another time," Arthur replied answering the question she had been to scared to ask. "Everyone loved Mal, but she had already chosen Cobb."

There were so many more questions she had wanted to badger him about but she felt the mood in the room become colder and she hadn't been sure when she would see him next-why make him uncomfortable?

"Why Paris?" Arthur asked after a moment. "Was living at home with your step father in Worcester that bad?"

"Who-" but Ari stopped herself. She could hear him in her head reminding her that he's the Point Man. It's his job to know everything about everyone.

"My mother," Ariadne answered, smiling softly. "She loved Paris. When I was a little girl she used to tell me stories about her adventures here, but you probably knew that."

"Yes and no. I'd love to hear the stories."

"Well the first thing she would say is no matter how many times she would go, Paris never changed...

Paris hadn't changed while she was gone, though she wished it had. The city smelled too strongly of her good times here, rang too vibrantly of a life she once knew, a man she knew. Damn him, in honest truth she barely knew Arthur, but his infectious style, his slightly standoff but yet inciting presence were all too much Ariadne to handle. How could she have not fallen for him? And how could she have not lied her way into a trip to Paris. Or rather have her sister-in-law lie for her. God bless Angela for because if her brother were to ever find out that she was in Paris and not Worcester, New York...even she didn't want to think about that. But the ramifications of her actions were killing her. What if she did find him, saved him an in her emotional wreck admitted things that she would be better off keeping to herself. There was no hope for a mutual—

"Madam? Vous desirez?"

"Un cafè s'il vous plaît," Ariadne answered softly.

She was sitting in the back corner of Café de Solange trying to keep out of sight, but in view for the right person. It was easy enough to find with great service-almost too good. She was still reeling from the young waiter who served greeting guests into the small restaurant. When she had approached, he instantly smiled at her handing the young architect a small envelope that he claimed had been left for her. Though a half hour had passed, the envelope was still sitting unopened on her table. She'd worn one of her signature scarfs—a red one—a favorite of Arthur's. Hopefully from the outside she looked like just another customer, just another tourist just another—

A single gunshot sent her world into madness. In her daydreaming state she did not notice two men approach the greeting waiter at the door. She did no see the innocent man identify her by hand and clearly missed the reveal of a thick black revolver once the two gentlemen were passed the greeter's gaze.

Adrenaline rushed through her veins as she ducked under the table scanning the room for the nearest exit. Of course her obsession with being inconspicuous had placed her in the farthest corner from any exit in the café.

Someone above seemed to think that she was worth a second chance. A hand grabbed her arm amongst the chaos and shielded her from the array of gun shots and screaming guests. The man who had saves her pushed her out of café and slimmed against the brick wall in the alley. He could barely breathe and she could see that he was clutching his side and the blood that was beginning to seep between his fingers. He stretched out his other hand, giving her a crumpled white paper, which she quickly identified as the envelope the waiter had given her when she'd walked in.

"Gare de Lyon," he stuttered. "Le train. Go!"

She almost couldn't leave that man in the middle of the alley bleeding to death. A man who had saved her life, a man she had never seen in her life. But the incoming voices of angry Perisan men sent her running again. The Gare de Lyon was a train station one that she could take to the Charles de Gaulle airport, buy where was she supposed to go from there?

When she had run as far and as fast as she could, Ari soothed against a nearby store window. There were plenty of others still walking the streets unaffected and unaware of the shootings just a few blocks away. Taking the moment to catch up on some much needed air, Ariadne pulled out the envelope and out fell two airplane tickets. Turning them over Ariadne could see that both were one way tickets; one leading back to New York and the other going towards Mobassa, Kenya. As began to stick the two tickets back into the envelope Ariadne noticed a beautiful cursive phrase me that was written in handwriting that was neither Arthur's nor anyone that she could recognize.

"Trouve-me si tu puis," Ariadne read. She gripped the envelope and one of the plane tickets and bolted down the street headed for the train station, the plane ticket back to America lying idly in the street.

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