Rain's Struggle
By: Lestat's Companion ~*Jaydiekins*~
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Rain's Struggle

I was going to die.....

I peered at the child hologram in shock. Transfered through bodily fluids..... blood..... saliva.... deffinately a bite..... As if on cue, the wound on my hand throbbed, God it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, that fucking zombie bitch had bit me.

Bit me.....

The fucking bitch had been infected.......and now.....I was infected.

Soon enough...... I would be like all those other wasted mother fuckers....

Alice was watching the Red Queen. Her attention completely focused on her words, as well as the other survivors, Matt, the cop we had picked up earlier was silent, his gaze locked on the Red Queen, the only thing I could see in his eyes, was a mixture of fear and determination, Spencer Parks stood next to Alice occasionly asking the Red Queen a few questions, Kaplan was fiddling with the remote, earlier I had been tempted to snatch that thing out of his hand and fry the little brat that got us all into this mess, but they had held me back, Alice had insisted she would know the way out....

Bull Shit.....like we all stood a chance anyway....

And what then if we did escape? What would I do?

I knew I was infected.....I could feel it. Deep inside I felt as if something was growing inside of me, something spreading, taking over, a nautious feeling in the pit of my stomach....what was it? God could it be? Could it actually be? Fucking Christ.....

I was hungry.

Every now and then I would feel a dizzyness, my vison blurred and I would rub at my eyes, making it go away but it always seemed to come back. I felt like vomiting, but nothing would come up.

God this sucked ass!

The others were talking again after the Red Queen finished explaining some bullshit to them. Alice was asking the Red Queen if she knew another way out of the Hive. Hell what was she kidding? We weren't going to survive this.....no chance in Hell! But she seemed to believe so.... well what other choice do I have? I would have to follow.

I scratched an annoying itch at the back of my neck and realized I was burning hot in my suit. I wiped at my brow, drenched with sweat then reached over to undo the velcro of my vest.

Alice looked over at me as she heard me tear the velcro, she watched me pull off the annoying garment and toss it aside. I felt her piercing blue eyes burning on me, making me shift uncomfortably.

They didn't know...... Only J.C. knew I was bitten and he was dead now. My heart sank as I thought about J.C. We had been close, team mates, friends, even lovers at one point, and now he was dead, food for those damned zombies.

I felt my fists clench and unclench again, God I just wanted out of this Hell hole...

Alice was gripping my arm then. I blinked as I realized she was now standing in front of me...her bright blue eyes held mine. I couldn't help but stare back at those lovely azure orbs, I frowned then.

"What?!" I said a bit irratably.

"Were leaving. The Red Queen says we can escape through the sewer system. She's given us the coordinates. "

"You're fucking kidding me!" I glared. Could this shit get any fucking worse? well it WAS a small price to pay to avoid those fucking zombies.

Alice peered at me for what seemed like hours in mearly a few seconds, her voice soft and full of concern "Are you all right Rain?"

No I wasn't fucking all right! I watched J.C. get mutilated and a bunch of fucking zombies were trying to eat my ass! "I'm fine...." I mumbled, scrathing again at that annoying spot on my neck, I also itched on my right arm, but I ignored it.

I checked my gun and my ammo. I had a few clips left. I would have to use them sparingly, I handed Alice another clip. She smiled as she took it from me, giving me a nod. She had that same look of determination Matt had, she was strong, she was trained for this despite the faint memory loss.

Who knows......perhaps I could believe she could get us out of here....

And then we were leaving. I walked with Alice up front, my gun ready for anything that might jump out at us. I was quite aware of how close Alice was waking to me, I glanced over at her, but her face was concentrated on the path ahead. I looked back ahead, a bit curious. Alice had been giving me strange looks ever since we passed the flooded labs and drowned scientists. I had shrugged it off at first, but now I couldn't help but wonder...

"Hows your ammo look Rain?" Kaplan asked, snapping me out of thought. He was at my back, Matt walking beside him, the two followed by Spence.

"I have a few clips plus a full one loaded" I replied. "I gave one to Alice. How's yours?"

"I got three." He replied, he looked at Alice. "How many do you have now Alice?"

"Two" was the soft reply "I'm...."

But she was cut off by the familiar moans in the distance, we all paused, looking around swiftly, as if they would jump out at us from the walls, Alice was frowning, Matt looked disturbed, Spencer seemed oddly calm and Kaplan was as white as a sheet

I scowled "Let's get going. Unless you want to stay and play with them."

Alice looked back at me. "Yeah come on."

I followed Alice down the dark and foul smelling corridior, focusing my hearing, trying to make out anything over or foot falls, but all there was was that damned moaning, making me shiver again as I was reminded of J.C.

Soon enough we were stopped again.

"Here we are" Said Alice, opening the metal grating and looking down into a dark, smelly hole.

"Now who wants to go first?" she said looking at all of us....

~*End Chapter 1*~

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