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"Shit" thought Kakashi, leaping to avoid a random attack from his student. For many readers, they would believe it to be an attack from Sasuke, or perhaps Kakashi was training with his team. Both ideas are incredibly…wrong. Kakashi was fighting Naruto not for training, but for survival. The young boy had tapped into too much of the Kyuubi's chakra, and was becoming corrupted by it, becoming little more than an animal. He was attacking anything and everything. Kakashi was running out of options. Although Naruto had only tapped into a tiny bit of Kyuubi's power, he was slowly drawing on more and more, losing more of his conscious thought the more power he drew.

He was stuck with little to no options. Naruto's power was steadily growing with every draw from Kyuubi, and he was becoming even wilder. He could either attempt to fight, but at the rate Naruto was drawing on the demon Youki, his attacks would more than likely prove ineffective. The way he saw it, he only had two options left. Let Naruto's rage subside, or use the special ability granted him by his Mangekyo Sharingan. Kamui, a technique able to send anything he focused on to another dimension. However, even that was nearly pointless as he still had trouble with fast moving targets. But as Naruto continued destroying, Kakashi saw that he had little choice. He did, however, have an idea.

Naruto, three tails of youki behind him, caught sight once again of his sensei, and let out a roar as he charged. Kakashi stood his ground, waiting for the opportune moment. As Naruto got closer and closer, Kakashi began having second thoughts, though he knew he couldn't turn back now. Was he really prepared to die to stop his student? He didn't know what waited on the other side of Kamui. However, as he looked to Naruto, his face beneath his mask hardened with resolve and he lifted his forehead protector off his Sharingan, which shifted into its Mangekyo form. As Naruto brought up his now clawed hand to slash at his teacher, but at the last moment, Kakashi leapt into the air, grabbing onto Naruto's back. A feat in itself as the youki shroud was incredibly hot.

"I am sorry it has come to this Naruto" said Kakashi, before the air around them both began to swirl and warp. Naruto struggled, but Kakashi held him firmly. He couldn't get away. Any onlooker would have seen the air around them both distort, with them both seemingly pulled toward the focal point of the distortion. And in a moment more, they had vanished.

Gotham City-February 16th-12:32 EST

Kakashi was hit by something cold and hard. Or he had hit something cold and hard. He couldn't tell. Opening his eyes, he found himself on a concrete ground, an inch or two of snow covering it. Through his mask, he could see his breath as he exhaled. Looking around, he saw Naruto, also unconscious, lying in a pool of water, more than likely snow which melted from the youki shroud. Looking around, he put away his Sharingan, and looked toward a large group of people.

"You have to help us" he said weakly. "We need to find a hospital." The group of people merely stared in confusion, and Kakashi tried again. "Do you hear me? We need medical attention." Once more, everyone looked confused. One of them tried to speak, but Kakashi couldn't understand a single word. That explained their confusion. They were speaking two different languages. One of the members of the group looked up and pointed, before the rest of the mob looked as well. Many seemed to panic as a large shadow overtook them and appeared to become even larger. As they ran away, Kakashi saw a large black object land before him, back turned towards him and his student. The large mass stood and Kakashi saw it was a man in a strange suit. It was dark grey with a black Bat symbol on the front. He had a black cape and a cowl which hid the majority of his face. Two pointed ears extended from the top of his mask. Kakashi, while not feeling a great amount of chakra from the man, could see that he was built for combat, meaning he was obviously a Shinobi or some other form of warrior. When he spoke, Kakashi was relieved that he could actually understand their language.

"Who are you?" he asked in their language.

"We are Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf" replied Kakashi. While he was happy that someone spoke their language, he was still a Shinobi, and he wasn't about to give more information than that on the off chance this person might be a foe. The man frowned, recognizing the military protocol, though he seemed confused as to what a Shinobi, or the Hidden Leaf were.

"Both of you need to come with me" he said, flipping a button and Kakashi saw a large black, metal vehicle of some kind moved on its own behind the man. Kakashi looked suspicious, but realized now was not the time to act that way. Rather, he needed to do what was necessary to make sure he and Naruto were safe. Lifting the young blonde, Kakashi supported the unconscious student and moved him into the odd vehicle, before getting in himself.

"I'm going to need you to cover your eyes. Where we're going is a secret location. I'm sure someone such as yourself can understand, and understand that it's not a request." Kakashi did not question the odd man, merely slipping Naruto's forehead protector over his eyes, regardless of the fact that the boy was unconscious, before slipping his own forehead protector down over his other eye. Once the man seemed to be sure that there would be no peeking, Kakashi felt the vehicle begin to move. He let out a deep breath, trying to maintain his calm, cool demeanor. He was unsure of what was going to happen next. What he couldn't see though, was beneath Naruto's clothes, the seal flashed, before fading into the skin…its purpose filled.

Washington DC-July 4th-14:30 EDT

"Kore wa totemo taikutsudesu." Kakashi sighed at his student.

"Naruto, it was nice enough that Martian Manhunter took the time to use his telepathic powers to give you an understanding of English. The least you could do is put that knowledge to good use" he said, making Naruto glare at him.

"Fine…But I don't see the point in having to do this. Just because you're being inducted into this 'Justice League' doesn't mean I am" replied Naruto. "I could be using this time to train in my new powers." Kakashi just sighed again. Apparently, his Kamui had altered Naruto's seal, causing it to absorb all of Kyuubi's power. With the Fox now drained of his strength, he now had begun teaching his jailor in the use of his powers. The main thing Naruto had learned was shape-shifting, which he was glad of, as he had gained quite a few…interesting physical features. He now had hidden a pair of elongated fox ears, clawed hands, red eyes with slit-pupils, and nine flowing fox tails. Another part of his training was learning to fight with the tails, because he as of yet couldn't fight without tripping up on them or stepping on them.

"That may be true" said Kakashi. "However, as a 'sidekick' it is kind of expected."

"First off" countered Naruto, "I'm not your 'sidekick'. I'm you're partner. Secondly, we're not even heroes technically. Plus, your 'superhero' outfit is just your Anbu uniform and mask. By the way, what kind of nostalgia freak keeps that on their person at all times?"

"It never hurts to be prepared. It's stronger than most armor. Plus, it allowed me to be able to replicate it for you." Naruto sighed. It was true. He was wearing a custom Anbu uniform. He even had a porcelain mask like Kakashi. His however was of a fox rather than a dog. Together they had gone to New York after Gotham, becoming Inu and Kitsune. Now, Kakashi was being asked to join the Justice League at the request of Batman, who had apparently found them after they had arrived in that world.

"Besides" he said. "Some of the other 'Partners' will be here as well for an induction into the League, so maybe you'll be asked to join too."

"Uhh, But besides Robin I don't know any of the 'partners'. And even with Robin, we're not exactly good friends" said Naruto, walking out into a large library type area, while from the other side of the room entered Martian Manhunter, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Flash, and Robin, along with three other boys, more around his age than Robin.

"Dude, who're those two?" asked one of the other boys, dressed in a yellow and red outfit with a symbol of a lightning bolt that allowed Naruto to see he was connected to Flash.

"Hey, Inu, Kitsune, what's up?" asked Robin.

"Kurappu ā" said Naruto quietly, getting an elbow to the side from Kakashi. "Oww, Sensei" said Naruto, rubbing his side. The adult League members aside from Batman all spoke Japanese chuckled. The archer boy, who appeared to be Green Arrow's apprentice didn't know whether to glare or smirk. However, the other three boys did nothing. Naruto knew for a fact that while he did understand a little bit, Robin wasn't as well versed in Japanese as his mentor.

"Glad you both could make it" said Batman.

"Yes well, luckily for us, New York isn't quite as loaded with super villains as other cities. Just run of the mill criminals for the most part. It saves time" said Kakashi, pulling out his little orange book.

"Seriously Sensei, even Batman there isn't as prepared as you" said Naruto. "What did you do, seal everything you owned into storage scrolls to carry wherever you go?"

"Well then, Robin, nice to see you again" said Kakashi, changing the subject to avoid Naruto's question. "Batman, J'onn, Tornado. Always a pleasure. However, I don't think I've ever personally met Green Arrow, Aquaman or Flash."

"Yeaaah, I have no idea who you are" said Flash, getting elbowed in the ribs by his sidekick. "Hey" he said, looking down at his yellow-clad partner. Kakashi and Green Arrow shook hands before the same was done between himself and Aquaman before he finally shook with Flash.

"And let me guess" said Kakashi. "You three would be Speedy, Aqualad, and Kid Flash. Am I correct in that assumption?" The three nodded, but Kakashi could see three different reactions behind the nods. Kid Flash's was fast with a somewhat goofy smile. The boy was eager. Aqualad's nod of the head was much more courteous and respectful. Kakashi believed he would come to like Aqualad. And then there was Speedy. Kakashi and Naruto were for a moment reminded of Sasuke. The attitude behind the nod was telling them than this kid thought they weren't worth his time. He seemed rather arrogant and angry.

"Anyway, make yourselves at home kids" said Flash, as the sidekicks all sat down on the chairs in the library.

"And where are you going?" asked Speedy.

"Quick debriefing and discussion of the coincidence that four ice villains attack all on the same day" said Batman. "It won't take long." Heading over to another door, a something came from the roof of the doorway, shining a light over each of the league members. "I've already taken the liberty of entering your information into our computer banks" he said, turning to Kakashi. As the light flashed over each member, a computerized voice spoke the name of each of them.

"Recognized" it said. "Batman, 02. Aquaman, 06. Flash, 04. Green Arrow, 08. Inu, 17. Martian Manhunter, 07. Red Tornado, 16." As it finished, a door marked 'Justice League Members Only' slid open.

"That's it?" Naruto sighed as Green Arrow's partner Speedy asked the question in protest. "You promised us a real look inside" he continued. "Not a glorified back-stage pass."

"It's a first step" said Aquaman, trying to reassure him. "You've been granted access few others get." Speedy wasn't buying it however.

"Oh really?" he said, indicating a viewing platform above, separated from the library room by thick glass. "Who cares what side of the glass we're on?" His voice was rising in anger.

"Roy" said Green Arrow. "You just need to be patient." Once again, Speedy was having none of it.

"What I need…" he began. "Is respect." Turning around, he looked at Naruto and the other 'partners' as Naruto called them. "They're treating us like kids" continued Speedy. "Worse…like Sidekicks." Naruto nodded in understanding, but didn't make any attempt to say anything. "We deserve better than this." Finished Speedy. He looked at the other 'partners' for agreement and found nothing.

"You're kidding right?" asked Speedy. "You're playing there game? Why? Because you think they play fair? Today was supposed to be THE day. Step ONE in becoming full-fledged members of the League."

"Well…Sure" said Kid Flash, uncertainly. "But I thought step one was a tour of the HQ."

"Except the hall isn't the League's real HQ" countered Speedy, causing all but Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter, and Kakashi's eyes to widen. "I bet they didn't tell you that the hall is just a front for the tourists…and a pit stop for catching Zeta Beam teleporter tubes to the real thing…an orbiting satellite called the Watchtower."

Batman glared at Green Arrow, who looked a bit embarrassed, much like a child with their hand caught in the cookie jar. "I know, I know" he said. "But I thought maybe we could make an exception." It was said more like a question than a statement. Batman merely glared harder. "Or not" said Green Arrow, whose face fell ever so slightly.

"You are not helping your cause here, son" said Aquaman, stepping up to Speedy. "Stand down…or-"

"Or what?" asked Speedy, cutting him off. "You'll send me to my room? And I'm NOT your son. I'm not even his" he said, turning toward Green Arrow. "I thought I was his partner but…not anymore" he continued, throwing his hat on the floor. He turned and began to exit the room, but shot glances at the other four, Naruto being one of them. "I guess they're right about you all" he said as parting words. "You're not ready." With that, he was out of the room.

"Bakageta shashu" muttered Naruto, only to receive a bop on the head from Kakashi. "Gah, ok, ok, I'll speak English, just stop hitting me" he shouted, serving to lighten the mood just a bit. Suddenly, an alarm began blaring, and all of a sudden, several computer screens lit up, on one was a man Naruto learned to be somewhat of the head honcho, regardless of the fact that Batman was technically the Justice League's leader. One of the founding members, Superman.

"Superman to Justice League" he said, "There's been an explosion at Project Cadmus. It's on fire."

"I've had my suspicions about Cadmus" said Batman. "This may present the perfect opportunity to-" Batman was cut off by another alert and another League member.

"Zatara to Justice League" he said. "The sorcerer Wotan is using the amulet of Aten to block out the sun. Requesting full League response." Batman looked to the Man of Steel.

"Superman?" he questioned.

"It's a small fire" he said. "Local authorities have it under control."

"Then Cadmus can wait" said Batman. He pressed a button before announcing, "All Leaguer's rendezvous at Zatara's coordinates, Batman out." With that, he and the other Adult League Members, now including Kakashi, began to walk away.

"Stay put" said Batman.

"What, why?" asked Robin, who was obviously disgruntled. Naruto was feeling a bit peeved himself.

"This is a League mission" said Aquaman, before Flash took over.

"You're not trained-"

"Since when?" asked Kid Flash, cutting Flash off in his sentence.

"I meant you're not trained to be a part of this team" said Flash.

"There will be other missions" said Aquaman. "When you're ready"

"There'd better be" said Naruto, leaning back in his chair, while the others just looked at him.

"But for now" said Batman, pushing past Naruto's statement, "Stay put." With that, the League continued out the door.

"Glad you didn't bring You-Know-Who?" asked Green Arrow quietly to Martian Manhunter.

"Indeed" was J'onn's simple reply, before they too left.

"When we're ready" asked Kid Flash. "How are we ever supposed to be ready when they treat us like, like sidekicks." The way he said the word made it seem as though it left a bad taste in his mouth.

"We just have to wait, that's all" said Naruto, standing finally and stretching. "I didn't even want to be here in the first place. "Inu-sensei dragged me along."

"What" asked Robin as though he couldn't believe his ears. "How could you NOT want to come here. To be members of the League." Naruto merely walked up and ruffled the boy's hair, much to his chagrin.

"Not exactly my style. All the flash and flare. I'm trained for stealth and subterfuge, not cameras and limelight" said Naruto.

"Kitsune, you are still just as big of a mystery as the day I walk into the Bat-cave to find you sitting down, cross-legged…on the ceiling" said Robin.

"Aqualad looked down. "My mentor" he said. "My King. I thought he trusted me."

"Trust?" said Kid Flash. "They don't even trust us with the basics. They've got a secret HQ…In SPACE!"

"What else aren't they telling us?" asked Aqualad.

"I have a better question" said Robin. "Why didn't we leave with Speedy?"

"Got me" said Naruto. "I'm still wondering what Project Cadmus is."

"I was wondering that myself" said Aqualad.

"Don't know" said Robin, before smirking. "But I can find out." He made his way over to the computers, punching in a complex series of commands that Naruto watched carefully.

"Access Denied" said the same computerized Female voice that had announced each member of the League.

"Huh" chuckled Robin. "Wanna bet?" He began typing again, and the screens began to change.

"Whoa" said Kid Flash, dumbfounded. "How are you doing that?"

"Same system as the Bat-cave" replied Robin smugly. Pressing one more button, the voice once again spoke.

"Access Granted" it said, before bringing up the file on Project Cadmus.

"Alright, Project Cadmus" said Robin. "Genetics lab, here in DC. That's all there is" he finished, turning toward the others. But…" he began again, a smirk on his face. "If Batman's suspicious, maybe we should investigate."

"Solve their case before they do? It would be poetic justice" said Aqualad, his mood lightening.

"Hey" said Robin "They're all about Justice"

"But they said stay put" said Aqualad, sighing.

"Anything to break the boredom" said Naruto. "Besides, Batman was the one who told us to stay here, not Inu-sensei. Since I'm not part of the League, nor am I Batman's underling, I don't really have to do what he says, now do I?"

"Besides, they said to stay away from the sun-blocking mission, not this" said Robin, who had his shoulders grabbed by Kid Flash.

"Wait, are you going to Cadmus? Because if you're going, I'm going" he said, and the three then turned toward Aqualad.

"Just like that, we're a team on a mission" said the Atlantean boy.

"Just like home" said Naruto, who was already making toward the door.

The four arrived at the Cadmus building to find it indeed on fire. Two men, looking to be scientists, were trapped on one of the higher floors. As the firemen tried to calm down the two men, a sudden explosion knocked them out of the window. "Kid Flash" shouted Naruto.

"On it" he said, dashing off, running up the side of the building. He managed to grab the two scientists and ran up the building. Throwing them to the roof, he tried to get there with them, but he lost too much speed to keep going up. Slipping, he fell and managed to grab the ledge of a high window.

"It's what's-his-name" shouted one of the Firemen. "Flash-boy."

"KID FLASH!" shouted Kid Flash. "Why is that so hard?"

"We need a plan" said Aqualad. Looking down, he noticed that Robin had disappeared, and Naruto was smacking his masked forehead.

Both looked to see the boy wonder laughing, using his rappelling line to swing up to the window Kid Flash had grabbed, before helping the yellow-clad young hero into the building. Removing his "water-bearers" out from his metallic backpack-like object, he ran to the firemen.

"I need to borrow that" he said, as the water-bearers and his eel tattoos glowed a bright blue. Suddenly, the water from the fire-hose seemed to ark and was pulled in towards Aqualad. He used it to form a large pillar of water, which he shot skyward with him aboard, to the roof of the building, where the scientists were currently trapped.

"Step aboard…Now" he said in a commanding voice, and the two did indeed jump on the water pillar. He slowly made his way back to the ground, but jumped off at the window that Robin and Kid Flash had entered, managing to keep lowering the water until it reached the ground, dropping the two off. He then ran inside to find Kid Flash, Robin, and surprisingly Naruto all in the dark room. Robin was working on a computer, while Kid Flash was more busy questioning Naruto about how he got in without either he or Robin seeing.

"Thanks for the help" he told Robin.

"You handled it" said the Boy Wonder in his defense. "Besides, we're here to investigate."

"Seriously though Kitsune, how did you get in here. I was hanging outside that window, and Robin helped me in here. Both of us couldn't have missed you entering, yet you're in here waiting for us when Robin pulled me in" said Kid Flash.

Walking out of the room, Aqualad caught sight of someone…or some-thing…enter the elevator and the door closed. "Hey, there's something in the…"

"Elevator's should be locked down" said Kid Flash, knowing where the statement was going.

"This is wrong" said Robin, holding out his wrist, a holographic computer coming out from his glove. "Ah ha, just as I thought. This is a high speed express elevator. It doesn't belong in a two story building."

"Neither does what I saw" said Aqualad. They heard a grunt and saw Kitsune force open the elevator door.

"And that's why they need an express elevator" he said. Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad looked in shock at the elevator shaft, which clearly went far down into the earth instead of down to the main floor below. Firing a line to the top of the shaft, Robin began descending. Kid Flash and Aqualad merely shrugged before grabbing a hold of the line and sliding down. Naruto sighed, and began leaping down the walls of the shaft, using chakra to stick to the walls as he did so.

"I'm at the end of my rope" said Robin, swinging over to the side of the shaft.

"Are you saying that literally or figuratively" asked Naruto, but Aqualad and Kid Flash looked at him in shock.

"Kitsune, are you standing on the wall?" asked Aqualad, before tearing open the elevator doors for the floor they were on.

"What, you've never seen a guy surface walk?" asked Naruto.

"No" said Aqualad and Kid Flash.

"Get used to it, he does it a lot" said Robin.

The dark room they found themselves in was lit only by a dim red light. Deciding to check the place out, Kid Flash took off, despite Aqualad's protest. He continued to run, and tried to turn into a large hallway, only to trip at what he saw and almost be trampled by them as well. The other three were shocked. What looked to be giant, beast-like apes were moving down the hallway, each with a small creature on its back. One of the larger creatures growled at them, but a quick blast of something snapped it back into formation.

"Nooooo, nothing odd going on here" said Naruto sarcastically. Aqualad nodded in agreement. One of the smaller creatures looked at them, before a pair of horns on the top of its head glowed red, its eyes doing the same. Hacking open a door, the group got another surprise at the tanks containing odd creatures.

"Ok, I am officially whelmed" said Robin.

"This is how they hide this place from the world" said Kid Flash in awe. "They're not on the grid. These things are providing the power for this place. It must be what these ones are bred for."

"Of course" said Aqualad. "Even the name is a clue. The Cadmus of myth created a new race by sewing dragons' teeth into the earth."

"This Cadmus creates new life too" said Robin, accessing a computer panel. "Let's find out why." Hooking up the computer with his own, he began accessing files after hacking the new computer system. "They call them, Genomorphs" he said. "Whoa, look at the stats on these things…Super strength, telepathy, razor claws, these are living weapons."

"They're engineering an army" said Naruto.

"But for who?" asked Kid Flash.

"Wait" said Robin. "There's something else…Project Kr…uh, the file's triple encrypted. I can't-"

"Don't Move" said a commanding voice that cut off the Boy Wonder. Turning, they saw a well-built man in a golden helmet. He was surrounded by several nasty looking Genomorphs.

"Wait" he said. "Robin…Aqualad, Kid Flash?"

"At least he got your name right" said Naruto, glancing through his mask at the young speedster.

"I know you..." said Aqualad. "Guardian…a hero."

"I do my best" said the now named Guardian.

"What are you doing here?" asked Naruto.

"I think that's my question boys" replied Guardian. "I'm chief of security…you're trespassing. But we can call the Justice League…figure this out" he said. Naruto noticed that whatever Robin was doing, he was obviously finished.

"You think the League's gonna approve of you breeding weapons?" asked Kid Flash.

"Weapons…what are you-"Guardian was cut off when the small Genomorph on his shoulder began glowing red in its eyes and horns. The man seemed to be struggling, as though being hit with a sudden, intense headache. His eyes suddenly snapped open and his face hardened. "Take 'um down hard" he shouted. "No mercy." His group of Genomorphs quickly sprang into action.

"Time to go" said Naruto, throwing down a smoke pellet, filling the whole room with the opaque smoke. Naruto and Robin quickly escaped to the ceiling, but Kid Flash and Aqualad weren't so lucky, being unable to either jump that high, or having no fancy gadgets to help. While Aqualad took on Guardian, Kid Flash used his speed to turn himself into a human cannonball, launching into several Genomorphs. He was about to be taken from behind, but the Genomorph was knocked away by Naruto.

"Thanks man" said Kid Flash.

"Don't Mention it." The speedster turned to find Naruto on his back holding off two Genomorphs. Looking back and forth, as the smoke cleared he found more and more Naruto's, each fighting a Genomorph.

"He can copy himself…cool" said Kid Flash.

Aqualad was slammed into a panel on the wall, before being tackled by Guardian. Once they had made contact with each other, the tattoos on Aqualad's arms lit up their bright blue color, before firing electricity through them and into Guardian, knocking him out. Running down the hallway, Genomorphs hot on their tail, they dashed down another hall after seeing Naruto and Robin at a door, Robin plugged in to try and hack it.

"Way to be team players" said Kid Flash, obviously irritated.

"You weren't right behind us?" asked Robin, still focused on the door.

"Hey, I at least sent some clones" said Naruto, defending himself as the door opened and the four dashed in. The door shut behind them just as the Genomorphs came within striking distance. They heard the thuds on the door, but they slowly fell away. Kid Flash looked up and saw the numbers on the now apparent elevator climbing higher, indicating they were going deeper into the earth.

"We're headed down?" asked Naruto.

"Dude, out is up" said Kid Flash, pointing in the aforementioned direction.

"Yeah, but Project Kr is down, on sub-level 52" replied Robin.

"This is getting out of control" said Aqualad. "Perhaps…" he said. "Perhaps we should contact the League." As he said that, the elevator arrived on the proper floor. When they exited the small space, they were overwhelmed by what they saw. It looked like the inside of a mine. The walls were illuminated by a dim red light, highlighted every now and then by a pale blue light.

"We are already here" said Naruto. "May as well keep looking around." Aqualad sighed, but they still exited the elevator. Eventually, they came to a split in the path.

"Which way?" asked Aqualad.

"Yeah, Bizarre looking hallway number one, or bizarre looking hallway number two?" asked Robin. Suddenly, a strange figure came into the area.

"Halt" it shouted, before its horns began to glow red and several items were lifted from the ground and thrown at the young heroes. Dodging them, the barrels that were thrown exploded on contact with the wall, forcing the group to run. Down the hall and passed a corner, Kid Flash ran into a young woman in a lab coat. Gaining his bearings, he found that she had come from a slowly closing door. One marked Project Kr.

Looking around, Kid Flash picked up some sort of cylindrical object to jam the door. "Hurry up you guys" he shouted, before entering the room. Next came Robin, followed by Aqualad.

"Hurry up Kitsune" said the Atlantean boy. He was dropping several rectangular shaped papers on the ground.

"Ok, I'm coming, I'm coming" Before he entered, he quickly threw the scientist woman around the corner, knocking over Guardian as he did so. Running at the door, he quickly dove through the door, kicking the object keeping it open as he went, causing the door to close.

"What were those pape-" Kid Flash was cut off by a sudden explosion outside the door.

"What was that?" asked Aqualad.

"Those paper things" said Naruto simply, leaning against the wall. Sighing, he pulled out the same orange book that the three remembered Inu reading earlier. "It's times like these that I realize why Jiraiya writes it and why Kakashi reads it."

"What is it?" asked Robin. Naruto looked at the thirteen year old before chuckling and rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"That's classified" said Naruto.

"I disabled the door" said Robin. "We're safe."

"We're trapped" said Aqualad.

"Uhh, guys?" said Kid Flash. "You might wanna see this." Flipping a switch of some sort, lights flooded into some sort of tank, allowing them to see what was inside it.

"Whoa" said Robin. Naruto whistled. Inside the glass box was a boy, not much older than himself. He wore a pure white suit, marked only by a symbol that all four knew all too well. It was the famous S-shield of Superman. He appeared to be sleeping or in some sort of stasis. Above him were three of the little Genomorphs. Across the chamber was a square, with the letters Kr inside. Kid Flash walked up to get a better look.

"Big K, little r, the atomic symbol for Krypton" she said with sudden realization. "Clone?" he asked.

"Robin, Hack" said Aqualad.

"Oh, right, right" said Robin, snapped out of his stupor. Plugging in, his special program bypassed the system, and he began to read the files accessed. "Weapon designation Superboy. A clone force-grown in…SIXTEEN WEEKS? With DNA acquired from Superman."

"Stolen from Superman" corrected Naruto, growling in rage at the thought.

"No way the Big Guy knows about this" said Kid Flash.

"Solar Suit allows him to absorb yellow sun radiation 24/7" continued Robin.

"And these…creatures?" asked Aqualad.

"Genomorph gnomes" said Robin. "Telepathic…Force feeding him an education."

"And who knows what else" growled out Naruto. "They're making a slave out of Superman's…I guess you could call him his son."

"And now we contact the League" said Aqualad. Pressing a device on his belt, nothing happened but static.

"No signal" confirmed Robin.

"We're in too deep" said Kid Flash. "Literally." Suddenly, the horns and eyes of the Genomorph gnomes lit up, catching Naruto's eye.

"This is wrong" he said. "This is very, very wrong."

"We can't leave him like this" said Robin.

"Set him free" said Aqualad, turning to Robin. "Do it." Nodding, the Boy Wonder accessed the computer, before the sides slid down and there were several hissing sounds as the glass cage depressurized. Slowly, Superboy began to move, clenching his fists, before his eyes shot open and caught site of the four.

"Oh, not good" said Naruto, before the Superman clone shot out at them, slamming into Aqualad, rolling with him and landing on top of him. He then began throwing punch after super-punch to the Atlantean's face. Trying to restrain him, Kid Flash grabbed Superboy's right arm, Robin grabbed his left, and Naruto wrapped an arm around his neck.

"Hold on there Supie" said Kid Flash, but Superboy wrestled his arm free and sent a punishing punch to the speedster's face, sending him flying and knocking him out.

"I don't wanna do this" said Robin, before releasing a gas pellet almost directly in the clone's mouth, sending him back in a coughing fit. Bringing back his foot, Aqualad sent a kick at Superboy, knocking both him and Naruto back. Naruto shook off the landing, quickly shifting Superboy into a full-nelson as Robin pulled out a Taser, firing it at the white-clad clone boy. However, the electric shocks proved ineffective. Bending over, Superboy flipped Naruto over and off of him, before grabbing the Taser coils and pulling Robin toward him.

As the Boy Wonder reached him, he stopped his motion with one hand, catching him in midair, before slamming him on the ground, pinning him with his foot. Coming to as Robin began groaning under the pressure, Aqualad formed the water from his pack into a giant hammer. "ENOUGH" he cried, slamming the business end of the weapon into Superboy, sending him crashing into the metal table he had been propped up against. Naruto noticed that Robin was down for the count and Superboy didn't even look winded.

Standing up, he said, "We are TRYING to help you." Superboy merely dashed forward, landing a crushing blow to Aqualad, knocking him out before he turned his sights to the Shinobi.

Naruto threw a punch, but it was easily caught. Kicking him in the ribs, Naruto was sent smashing into the wall. As he began regenerating his wounds, he saw Superboy walk toward him, before sending a crushing kick to his head, and all was dark.

Chapter end.

Well, I know you guys hate when I do this, but you know, this has been a long time coming.

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