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The night was silent as the moon slid over the landscape, bathing everything in an eerie glow as the clouds drifted in front of the moon. To most, it was a peaceful night. It had been for almost twelve years now. But to some, it was not how they wanted it to be. In a small cabin, not far from Hogwarts, six men sat in deep discussion. It had been this way since they had lost their master. Each of them were trying to come up with a way to resurrect him, but none could come up with anything. Their leader, once Lucius Malfoy, was close to losing his temper. These imbeciles only made matters worse as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"Enough!" He all but bellowed. "We can not sit here and squabble over this. I have already put my part of this plan through. You five need to move forward on yours. Yaxley?" He asked the man across from him.

The man's dark eyes seemed a stark contrast from his grey hair as he sighed before answering.

"No luck Lucius. I can't get close enough to that bloody woman to remove her. Every time I get close, one of her Aurors ruins it." He seethed.

Next to him, Agustus Rockwood nodded in understanding.

"Despite Fudge being a blundering fool, the rest of the Departments heads are fairly competent. We can't do anything on our end…at least not yet."

Yaxley nodded his appreciation to his fellow Death Eater.

"I do have good news though." Thorfinn Rowle responded. "I've caught wind of an interesting rumor about the Albaina Forest. Seems a Dark Spirit is haunting those woods. It could be a lead on our Lord." He told them.

The assembled wizards looked in surprise to the one who had spoke.

"Perhaps it is of the duplicate he spoke of." Rockwood muttered.

"Perhaps. But why has he not shown himself yet?" Lucius pondered. "No matter. We shall wait and see if it is indeed our Lord. I want Mcnair sent to verify. Surely that fool of a minister can be conviced of a lurking danger in those trees…" He trailed off.

"It shall be done. I'll need your help though Yaxley."

The man in question nodded. Lucius looked over them once more.

"Very well. This meeting is finished. We shall have our revenge soon enough when the Weasley girl uses the diary. It is only a matter of time before Hogwarts is cleansed of its filth!" He sneered.

However, Lucius didn't count on one thing. One thing that would be fatal to him. And that was a highly pissed Harry Potter. The Colonel took a deep breath as he and his team of Albus, Serverus, and Sirius. The three men nodded, each understanding just what they were expected to do. And for Albus, it would be the hardest. Harry had to admit that it was hard to take a life, but even he knew that if these six weren't dealt with, it would mean a harder war for them in the future. A future Harry hoped to avoid. Two months into term and finally, Harry had hit pay dirt after using Dobby, who didn't know it, to keep tabs on Lucius. His mind briefly drifted back to that day a week ago…

(Flash Back)

Harry frowned as he looked over the map of the UK. From what he could remember from the onset of the war, he had mapped out the Death Eaters attack plans, which started from London itself and had spread outward from there. The bad part was that the Death Eaters had set up along the coast and simply swirled inward back to their starting point, cutting off many lines of retreat available to the Allied forces. Albus himself was pouring over Harry's memories of the war as Serverus and Sirius discussed possible avenues of attack should the war start in this time line like last time. Harry sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose before leaning against the table.

"I still wish there was some way to track down that blasted clone." He muttered.

"Who knows pup. He would have hid it away in a place no one would be expected to find it."

"Indeed. Tom is not foolish enough to leave the clone some place that myself or someone with just as much information about would look." Albus stated, dropping into his arm chair.

Serverus himself frowned as he looked over the map.

"Despite all the enemies between you and freedom, you and your forces were able to push a hole in their lines and get to safety. How was that accomplished?" He asked.

Harry gave a heavy sigh.

"A nuke."

Albus and Sirius looked confused, not knowing just what a nuke could do, but Serverus did, and his eyes widened as his faced paled.

"They didn't! Not on our own soil!"

"Not our guys. The Americans." He grabbed his marker and circled a spot between a pair of mountain ranges between the coast and the heart of the country.

It litterally was the quickest way from the main population centers and the atlantic coast.

"American B2 bombers dropped a tactical nuke in this valley here. Lucky they did too because this area was crawling with giants and Death Eaters." He stated. "We did have to deal with the radiation exposure, but we were able to cross it quickly enough that the medication provided was enough to counter act the effects." He explained to Severus.

"Excuse me. But what is a 'nuke'?" Albus asked.

Harry could understand his question as the magical world had stayed mostly ignorant of the technological advancements of the Mundane for over a hundred years. Though Sirius seemed to start to understand what it was as he narrowed his eyes.

"I think Lily told us about it once. It's an explosive capable of leveling whole cities and instantly killing anyone with in a certain radius. And even outside that radius you can still get sick and die from the after effects."

Albus immediately became concerned.

"They have that much power?" his voice had a shocked tone to it.

Harry nodded and began to explain to Albus just what a nuke was and could do. At the end of the explanation, Albus had dropped into his chair and gave a dry chuckle.

"And those pureblood idiots believe Muggles can't compare to us. I'd give my whole bag of lemon drops just to see Lucius' face if one of these bombs went off inside his home." Albus mused.

Harry blinked in surprise before his eyebrow rasied.

"He wouldn't say anything as he would be instantly vaporized if he was that close."

Out of no where, Sirius started laughing and grabbed his side, prompting the others to look at him concerned. After a few moments, he started to speak, albeit through chuckles.

"I can his face now." He laughed, "'Why is this inferior Muggle item in my home? Why is it beeping? Why is it counting down? When my master-' and then boom!" He roared with laughter before falling over.

The others smirked and chuckled as Padfoot continued to laugh his flea ridden ass off. Harry shook his head before getting the meeting back on track.

"Alright. So we need to get caches of supplies ready. Potions and medical supplies and ammo just in case." he started.

But he was cut off by what sounded like a car backfiring. A look behind him showed a nervous Dobby. Harry knew the elf wouldn't be here unless it was important. Harry had usurp Dobby from the Malfoy's using a ritual that they had over looked. It allowed the elf to be placed under a new master's control, superceding the requirement of the elf to be released by it's previous Master. All that was required was the witch or wizard in question to use their own magic to literally undue the bound between the old Master and the Elf. It was basically a brute force method that had been phased out as most elves could not handle the stress of the attack, and it was an attack for all intents and purposes, and the fact that it had not been used since Merlin's time as he was the only magical able to even accomplish it. After the bound is severed, a blood ritual is required to bound the elf into service of the new master. Since the process was more complex than the mainstream one, it had been pushed aside. Now, Dobby was in Harry's service. The little Elf had been ordered to follow any and all orders from the Malfoys that did not conflict with Harry's orders. And Harry had given him a very specific order. Keep watch on Lucius and alert Harry of any information pertaining to the Death Eaters. And now, the little Elf was here and looked a little scared.

"You have something Dobby?" Harry asked, turning to face the elf.

Dobby nodded before responded.

"Dobby has followed Master Harry's orders. Malfoy is meeting with several dark wizards one week from tonight."

Harry smiled and nodded his head in appreciation.

"Bloody good job Dobby. Anything else my friend?"

"They are meeting in a cabin to the north of Hogwarts. Dobby can point it out on the map." The elf offered.

Harry stepped back and allowed Dobby to look over the map. It only took the little guy a few seconds before he jabbed a place on the map. Harry looked at the spot and recognized the area. It had been a resistance staging area during their final assault on Hogwarts that culminated in the defeat of Voldemort and his followers.

"I know this place. Smart of them. It's an abandon Muggle camp ground. I know the are well." He remarked.

The rest of the night passed with them discussing options and tactics before it was decided that the best move would be to eliminate the Death Eaters. If Lucius was involved, it would also have several members who were high on the chain for Voldemort. Albus sighed and looked Harry in the eyes.

"Is this our only option?"

Harry looked at the Headmaster and Albus didn't see the twelve year old boy in front of him. Instead, he saw the man who had seen more war and violence in his life than many and the veteran of combat.

"It's our only option."

(End Flashback)

Albus was still hesitant about killing but had stated he would do what was necessary. Severus and Sirius had no qualms about killing Death Eaters. Harry looked over his team once more. All dressed in black with wands drawn except Harry. Sirius, with Serverus' help, were able to aquire a 9mm pistol. Harry still refused to use his wand outside of class work so as to not draw attention to himself. He pulled the slide back, checking to ensure he had a round in the chamber before holding up his hand before sending the go signal. Albus nodded and blasted the door off the hinges with a well placed banishing hex. Albus entered moving to the left of the entrance as Serverus followed behind him, going right. Sirius rushed in dropping low as return fire shot in their direction. Harry rolled into the room to the left and popped up on one knee before drawing a bead on Yaxley as the traitor popped his head over the overturned table. The pistol retort sounded through the small room and Yaxley slumped to the ground, a small hole in his forehead. Harry turned his sidearm toward his next target, firing once in the Death Eaters shoulder. The second shot silenced his scream of pain. The four man team moved mercilessly, dropping the Death Eaters. With in two minutes, all but one was dead. The final one, Lucius, was unconscious from a stunner on Albus' part. Harry looked at the oldman who looked upset as his gaze locked onto the remains of the Death Eater than had been blasted backwards into the wall. Harry clicked his safety on before moving and placing a hand on Albus' shoulder.

"I know it's not ideal. And I know it has been a very long time since you were forced to take a life, but think of it this way. We just removed five threats from the future. These men," Harry almost spat out, "Would not have hesitated to kill innocents."

Albus nodded and sighed gravely.

"I know. It's just after all this time I had hoped the world would move past this point."

Harry didn't know what to say and simply turned to the form of Lucius Malfoy. The Colonel's gaze hardened as he spoke next.

"The rest of you leave. I need to have a little chat with Lucius."

The cold tone of his voice left no mistake as to what was going to happen during the chat between the two.


Lucius slowly regained conciousness and blinked several times before a hand painfully connected with his cheek.

"Wakey wakey bondie. You and I are going to have a little chat." A voice sounded in his semi conscious mind.

"Wha..Who…" His eyes finally rested upon his assailant. "Potter! Let me go this instant and I may spare your life!" The man hissed, straining against the ropes.

Harry smirked darkly.

"Oh don't bother trying to escape. The area has been warded so you're stuck here with me. And I plan to have a little chat with you about your Master you worm." Harry spat.

Lucius sneered.

"I will tell you nothing. You'll need Vertiserum to get anything from me!" He declared.

"Oh I won't need it. Now. Tell me where Voldemort is."

Lucius narrowed his eyes.

"You DARE-"

His rant was cut off by another hit, this time a closed fist to his jaw.

"Yes I dare. Now, tell me without any of that trash you normally spew from your mouth." Harry hissed.

Lucius spit out some blood from his mouth before glaring at Harry.

"You little half blood! I'll make you pay!"

Harry didn't even pay any attention to him as he slowly pulled the kbar he had on his belt out. His eyes cold and hard.

"You know what I love about this knife Lucy?" He didn't even let the man open his mouth. "It's designed to inflict as much damage as possible. Straight edge and then a serrated edge near the hilt. Now, unless you answer my questions honestly, I'll have to show you just how sharp the edge is."

Lucius quickly thought over Harry's actions. Something was off. But he knew the boy didn't have to guts to go through with it.

"Lies. You speak as if you are an expert in interrogation. And you lower yourself to muggle means. You disgust me!" Lucius taunted.

Harry shrugged and stepped forward before plunging the blade into Lucius body, right into his shoulder. The blonde Death Eater screamed in pain as Harry gave the blade a small twist and yanked it back out. Blood began running out of the wound as Lucius stared wide eyed at the young Potter.

"Now. Answer my question or I go for the other shoulder." Harry threatened.


Albus, Serverus and Sirius all remained outside and glanced back to the cabin as the second scream erupted from the room. Severus looked to Sirius.

"Think he'll get anything from him?" He asked, jutting his thumb toward the cabin.

Sirius opened his mother to speak before another shriek erupted from the cabin. Sirius gulped before looking back at Severus.

"I'll say yes after that last one."

"Have faith in young Harry. He'll only do what is necessary and the evils he may have to commit will balance out by the ultimate outcome." Albus almost whispered from the tree stump he was sitting on.

His eyes were closed and his face pale. He almost appeared to be sick from what was happening, though neither man could find fault in that as a fourth scream rung in their ears.


Harry looked at the bleeding form of Lucius as he wipped the blood off his blade.

"Let me tell you a little story Lucy. About your master. Two years from now, old snake face will be reborn. You Death Eaters will get your kicks for the next three years as you strike from the dark before you surface." Harry paused and roughly yanked Lucius' head back so the man would look him in the eye. "Then, you and your lot will take control. Killing, raping, pillaging…a motley bunch of thugs. But you'll be stopped. Your master killed again. But the slimy little snake has a clone. He comes back and fucks us all over by going to war with the muggles! Oh the war will be long and vicious but in the end, your side loses." Harry told him.

Lucius weakly glared at him.

"And that is a future I came from and will not allow to happen. So…tell me what I need to know or I will destroy your mind to get what I need." Harry coldly told him.

"N…never…" Lucius gasped, the blood loss getting to him.

The last stab had been right into his stomach and he could feel his body slowly dying. Harry grinned darkly.

"I was hoping you'd say that."

Lucius looked at the boy's eyes and gasped as he saw the, glowing.

"What…what are you?"

He never got an answer before his head exploded in pain. Harry forced his way into Lucius Malfoy's mind, tearing through the defenses like they were a wet paper bag and began hunting for information. He saw everything in the man's mind. From his earliest memories to the most recent plan he and his now dead associates had been discussing. Harry pulled the memory aside and went over all the data multiple times before he pulled out of the Malfoy's mind. The man was gasping in his chair, panting heavily. Harry let go of the man's hair and stepped back, frowning as he began running through possible scenarios to use. He was pulled from those thoughts by a cough from Malfoy. Harry didn't give the man a chance to speak or move and had his sidearm in hand in one swift motion and pulled the trigger the moment the sights landed on Lucius' head. The Man-turned-boy turned and walked out the cabin, removing the wards as he left. The three men that went with him shared a look before heading after him. One thing was certain. The paper would be interesting once this story hit the paper.


Three days later, the Daily Prophet startled everyone, none more so that Draco who looked as it he was a ghost by the color of his skin alone. Harry idly grabbed the one that had just landed in front of him and smirked as he read through the article.

Six Death Eaters Found Dead

By Rita Skeeter

Six Death Eaters who had escaped incarceration during the trails proceeding the fall of He Who Must Not Be Named were found dead yesterday morning in what initially appeared to be a muggle attack until Director Bones confirmed traces of Magic in the area. However, according to those reports, the signature, while powerful, was highly distorted and the Trackers are unable to get a good enough reading on the individual or individuals behind this attack.

However, in possession of the deceased Death Eaters, were several high level security documents, detailing Ministry of Magic floor layouts and employee rosters. It appears that the Death Eaters were planning on staging an attack of some sort, however, Madam Bones declined to speculate.

What is known is that the manner in which the Death Eaters were murdered shows spell fire and what appears to be a muggle firearm meaning one of the vigilantes had to have be a squib. The evidence to support this is the fact two of the men had wounds to the head from said muggle device and a third looks to have been interrogated and executed. What information was found out is impossible to discover. This reporter hopes that whoever these vigilantes are, they will stay away from killing. The Law is in place for a reason and it is all of our duties to follow it.

(See Muggle Firearms: Page 12)

(List of Deceased: Obituaries)

(Minister's Response: Page 2)

Harry put the paper down and shook his head as Hermione finished packing her bag. Harry gave her a small smile.

"Ready to get to class?" He asked as he rose from his own seat.

Hermione nodded, smiling brightly.

"Yeah. Let's get going or we'll be late."

Together, the two headed to class. Hermione was unaware of the thoughts coursing through Harry's head as Ron joined up with them just past the bathrooms. Niether of them knew what was going through Harry's mind.

"It's time to pay Riddle a home visit. I swear, I'll kill him and all the little kiss asses that call him Master. If only just so you'll live." His thought finished as his eyes landed on Hermione.

He swore to himself he would keep her alive, even if it meant he would die. And he would do that.