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Vivian looked at Gabriel from the window. If she followed now she would be his mate and the leader for life or until her pups took over. Although Vivian never thought much of pups she couldn't denied the instinct to reproduce and have pups of her own, maybe one day.

"Don't worry Vivian, I won't bite much," Gabriel smirked at her and then saw her face. She was tense and worried. Gabriel gave a soft smile and reached though the window. He placed his hand gently on her cheek. "Don't worry, princess wolf, we don't have to do anything you're not ready for. I told you we can take it slow or fast, if you want slow I will respect it, your worth the wait. I just request you run with me under the moon so our goddess can see that you are mine."

Vivian gave a smile to Gabriel. She grabbed his hand from her cheek and let Gabriel pull her through the window. She let the robe slip from her slim frame as Gabriel dropped his pant and boxer. As Vivian jumped she felt the sweet change ripple through her body. There was multiple pop and before long she landed on all four in her beautiful tawny pelt. She gave her fur a shake before she trned her golden eyes to Gabriel. She saw a smirk on the black wolf, that stupid wolf smirk of his went to his crystal blue eyes. He let out a small bark and took off running into the woods.

Vivian took off after him. Her slim body moved just as fast as his and soon she caught up with him. They ran together for awhile before Vivian felt relaxed with Gabriel. They were running along the stream before she turned and tackled him into the river. Not meaning to, she go in. She had lost her footing on the bank. Both wolves went under water. When they surfaced they half changed. Gabriel gathered Vivian in his arms.

"What was that for, Lil Vivi?" Gabriel growled playfully, but before she could respond he leaned down and kissed her, not a forceful one, but a gently sweet one. To Gabriel shock she deepens the kiss. She placed her left hand in his hair, while her other hand laid on his chest. She stuck her tongue into his parted lips and caressed his tongue with her own. Slowly Gabriel responded to her. He moved them so her back was against the bank of the river. He pulled away and dragged his mouth down to her neck. He sucked on the side of her neck. He licked and bit that one spot. He was marking her as his. Vivian let out a moan of pleasure at what his mouth was doing to her neck.

After the mark was dark enough for Gabriel he pulled away, only for Vivian to return the favor to her mate. She may not be mating with him et, but she counted him as her mate now. She has accepted him which makes him hers. Once his mark was just as dark as her she pulled away and looked into Gabriel eyes.

"I'm not ready, it's all new to me, I've never felt this way. Not for Axel or when I was with Aiden and Rafe. It is a big shock and I've never. . . " She trailed off and not look at him. She was getting frustrated she was never this soft thing. She would never admit how she felt or that she never fucked someone. Was he turning her into this softie or was love doing it? The worst thing of all, she liked this feeling. Her rebellious self was not pleased, but her heart was and her heart was far more important to her then her cerd.

Gabriel grabbed her chin and pulled her face up to look at him. "Vivian, my dear, you don't have to be shy with me. I may be. . .tough. . . and strong headed, but not for you. For you I'm a softie, my alls fall down for you. I've loved you since the fire. The way you were worried for the pack and for your father. After you passed out I carried you to the car. I thought a woman who would pass out for the lost of a love one and pack members must care. She must care." He has stumbled at the beginning to find the right words to say, like he had when Aiden had dumped her.

"Arrogant much? Who said you were tough?" Vivian teased. Then, she smiled at Gabriel. "I don't want to actual mate, I'm not ready, but I'd love to get to know you better in skin and fur."

"Then, lets head back and sleep. We can talk more this afternoon, once I'm off work," Gabriel smiled and kissed her forehead. She pulled himself out, before helping Vivian. The two changed back to their fur and padded back. They made it half way when Vivian nipped at Gabriel before running head. A game of chase was on.

She made it to a small clearing before she felt herself being tackled. She watched Gabriel run off and she stood. She chased after this. It went back and forth until they made it to the rocks by her house. She stopped her chase after him when she scented her blood, Astrid and Rafe. She let out a small whine when she looked up and saw the pain in Gabriel eyes. She padded over to them and nuzzled him. He had to kill a pack mate here and watch his mate gets shot. She licked his snout and whined again saying they were save now and he did it for the pack safety.

He leaned forward and rested his head on the back of her neck and let out a puring sound. It was shockingly calming to both of them. Then he tugged her neck and lead the way back to her house. They climbed into the window and got dressed. Gabriel kissed Vivian one last time before heading out of the window and Vivian watched him leave on his motorcycle. Yes she was in love, but to ahead to say it.