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So to tide you over, I will give you four chapter titles and a preview of the next book. Book three is going to have a prologue that takes place before the events of the story proper, but is an important part of this universes history. So that will not have a title. Some titled chapters include…

The Boy in the Kitchen

Slugs, Slime, and Slander

The Goat Man

Battling the Boggart

Lucy Weasley and the Goblet is the working title, it is subject to change. It should round out the arc of this mysterious wartime figure and plant a few seeds for the rest of the series. This book is actually better planned then book 2 was. Then from book four on, well, I won't talk about that yet. So here's your preview and see you all in two months!

Audrey felt a raw, primal terror rising in her throat, a scream that could not escape. He had not changed in the years since they had last seen each other. His mask was the same one he had worn during the post war Ministry attack that had left Lucia to slowly go blind and sent Audrey and a number of others to the hospital. He had fled afterwards, leaving no one with any possible idea as to his whereabouts.

"It's been a while, how are you Audrey?"

She reached for her wand, not wanting to answer any questions without it in her hand.

"Is that any way to treat an old friend?"

"You're no friend of mine." Audrey snapped, her wand now in her hand, the violence around them failing to reach her ears and eyes as she stared him down. "I really don't think you have any friends left after what you did."

"Many of my friends are outside the old circle. Can you say the same? Or are you still hiding?"

Audrey shifted her feet so she could move easier when they started dueling. Septimus had always put emphasis on unpredictability and footwork when he taught her to duel. Also to be aware of her surroundings, there was more than one way to take an opponent down then with a flashy curse.

There was a large brick a few feet away, a broken board that appeared to have a very sharp point, but those would be very messy…

"Audrey, you know what I'm after, just a little item that is of no use to you or the old man."

"It's long gone, Septimus destroyed as soon as he got the chance."

"You are lying."