Epilogue: And What Morgana?

The pounding of Morgana's bare feet echoed through the wide corridors as she ran, her white night dress flying behind her. Just like she had so many weeks ago, she had woken up from a dream…a vision…and rolled out of bed, with one goal on her mind: to reach Gaius's chambers.

The moon crept in through the windows, lighting her path. So intent on her purpose was she that she didn't see the ugly purple vase that had been placed just a tad too far out into the hall. She tripped over it, falling into the nearest wall.

This whole pregnancy-baby-heartache ordeal had started for her with one of those stupid, purple vases of Uther's. Clenching her teeth, she thought about it and then, relaxed.

She would let this one live, she decided.

Thinking once again of her dream, Morgana pressed her head against the stone and smiled.

She was in the forest and she was beyond hopeful. She was holding tightly and nervously to somebody's warm hand. She was thinking that she didn't know what she would do if this didn't work.

The clearing was much too big. She almost felt as if she would be swallowed up by it, if her own anxiety didn't swallow her first. And then…

A little boy burst from the trees, running towards her. A smiling old woman followed behind, keeping her distance.

The little boy had curly, dark hair that bounced as he ran and his green eyes were lit up in excitement. Hardly daring to breathe, Morgana let go of the hand and knelt to the ground. Did he remember…? Although her arms felt heavy, she opened them wide, unable to keep an excited smile from her own face.

The little boy leapt happily into her embrace and threw his little arms around her neck. "Mother!" he squealed in her ear.

Morgana hugged him tightly and laughed as a few stray tears ran down her face . "Ywaine!"

She scooped him up and spun him around as he giggled. He was so happy, so full of joy…

And he knew who she was…

Morgana set off at a run again as the joy of her dream welled up inside her, over and over again.

So intent was she on getting to Gaius's chambers, to find Merlin, to tell him about her dream, that she didn't notice the dark shape that loomed ahead. She crashed right into it and heard the sounds of heavy objects falling to the floor.

Morgana squinted in the darkness as the shape knelt down to gather what looked like armor, and in the shifting moonlight, Morgana found exactly who she was looking for.

"Merlin!" she exclaimed as she got down on her own knees and threw herself at him in excitement. She felt him slowly put his arms around her in return, as if he weren't really sure what he had done to deserve such a welcome.

"Merlin!" Morgana said more urgently, pulling back and clinging his jacket. "I had a dream! I had a vision."

Merlin froze and waited, looking as if he was not quite certain if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

Morgana lowered her voice to a whisper, her eyes wide in disbelief. "I found him. I found Ywaine. And he was happy! He knew who I was."

Merlin's face slowly broke into a smile.

Morgana sat down completely on the stone floor of the hall. "I'm going to see him again, Merlin!"

Merlin opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again as a new smile forced his words away. It was a few seconds before he could find his voice, along with what he wanted to say.

"I…I'll take you to see him, if you want."

Morgana remembered how she had been holding on to a supportive hand in her dream, and she realized whose it was.

She smiled genuinely, finally becoming calm once more. "Thank you, Merlin." She let her gaze drop to the armor on the floor, with the thought that she should help Merlin gather it up. But among the glinting pieces lay a red rose.

Morgana opened her mouth to tease Merlin about who he could possibly be bringing a rose to in the dead of night, but as she lifted her eyes to his, she felt suddenly paralyzed. He stared back as he slowly picked up the rose and held it out to her, his blue eyes burning, before an awkward, shy demeanor took over and he smiled and blushed slightly.

Morgana suddenly felt very strange, sitting on the ground in her nightgown, her dark hair everywhere, taking a rose from Arthur's servant…

…who also happened to be one of her best friends.

As the night slowly wore on, Morgana sat in the cold, stone corridor with Merlin, among Arthur's scattered and forgotten armor. They discussed every detail of their new plan to find Ywaine. Morgana trembled with cold and excitement. Merlin's magic seemed to radiate out and warm her with his support, friendship and…

…and what Morgana?

Morgana was too content and overwhelmed with everything that had happened in the previous few weeks to think about much more. And yet…

…and what Morgana?

That question would be a story for another time.

The End.

A/N: I know, I know, that ending was probably a bit unfair and cliff-hangerish and vague. But I think it's rather suggestive and speaks for itself. I love the idea of Mergana but when I write, I can't help but keep it a little out of reach or just underlying. But it's there! So, I had so much fun writing this fanfic. SO much fun. I can't really believe it's done, but I suppose now I can move on to my other, neglected Merlin fanfic...maybe. Thank you so much to everybody who added this story, reviewed this story, and read this story. I appreciate it SO much.

Happy Holidays, everyone! :)