Chapter 1

"Protect the Princess! I repeat, protect the Princess!" .

My bodyguard said to his fellow men while holding my shoulders so tight.

Paparazzi were everywhere outside our palace gates. We were being followed and ambushed every single day.

The paparazzi were just nuts; I can't even have a simple shopping spree.

Several guards were to accompany me wherever I go.

But lately, the security have been doubled ever since that my brother died. I can handle my obligations, I guess.

It's the accusations that are driving me crazy.

"Princess Teru, is it true that you're the reason behind that your brother is dead?". The paparazzi once again

striked their accusation and they won't stop at nothing. It just keeps on attacking me.

"Princess! Is it out of jealousy that you've done this?"

"Were you there during the killing?"

"times like this, what will happen to Japan?

"Princess! Look here, answer me first!"

"No, me first!"



All their voices are speaking all at once. I can't hold it any longer. My head is becoming more heavy, I think I'm

going to faint.

Kurosaki saw the princess' pale face and he knew that they are being so hard at her, he held her hand for


"it is Teru Kurebayashi , the princess of Japan who will carry on the duty as the last heir.

Any accusations will not be answered. Now, will you please excuse us? The princess needs some rest". He said

while securing her with his arms.

He signaled to our guards to close the gates already. "whatever happens, I'll protect you… My princess" Kurosaki

said to himself.