Expedition Aurora

Chapter 5 - This is My Albion


Expedition: Aurora

Location: Shadelight Cave

Day 30...40...50 ?

It's been...how many days since the attack... I don't know...

Less than a fourth of our men are left. All of my generals, and most of the Auroran riders have died. William too has gone with them. It's all my fault. I should never have let him into this damned place. I should have turned around the moment I realized he was with us.

They came out of no where. These...things. These shadows. But they moved on their own and fought as well as any mortal man. Their forms were that of a human, with wings, and eyes that glow bright and red into your very soul. And their...master, creature, thing... Whatever the hell it was. The most gruesome monster, so frightening to behold... It feels like there is a part of it inside me now. Inside of all of us. A dark, heavy presence in the pit of my soul. I can see it in the eyes of every man here, but Alistair... His is worst of all. The battle has left him blind and weary. Everyone looks dead on their feet. Even Reaver. Perhaps him most of all.

We've wandered around in darkness for days, weeks, months? We brought enough supplies to last us a good while, but now our rations are starting to dwindle, and no man does not go hungry each night. But I think we've found a way out. One of Alistair's men has used a type of magic spell to seal the cave shut. In two places. But I fear there is little hope of that ever holding.

Everything is quiet now, but I can still hear the voice of that...thing. It speaks to us still. Darkness incarnate. We know now we can never escape it.

Expedition: Aurora

Location: Shadelight Cave

Day 65

Journal #2

Somewhere in the dark, I lost my journal. But that surely is not all I am leaving behind. We made it out of the cave. Physically. Our bodies may once again be standing on solid ground but our minds and souls will never leave that place, and that place will never leave our minds and souls, weighing us down constantly. Until the day we die.

Ailistair did not live. After we broke free of the cave, it was a struggle enough finding a way around the rocky cliffs. Once we found a path, we travelled half way across the desert before the old Auroran collapsed. We had to carry him the rest of the way. Kalin was distraught. I comforted her as best I could. But as I am all too aware, nothing can mend such a devastating loss.

They say we were gone a month. It feels like a decade. A century. All I know is I must return to Albion immediately.

Kalin has begged me to stay. Aurora is in more danger, she says, and they need my help. She is now the leader of her people, and as such, she offers to give her land up if I will allow her people to come under my protection. I have promised her all she has asked. As soon as I settle my affairs in Albion, I will return, and we will eradicate the darkness once and for all.

Expedition: Aurora

Location: H.M.S. Tempest

Day 73

Journal #2

It is good to be back...if anything in the world can ever be good again. Seeing Cassandra, her beautiful face so light and happy, carefree... That will be what keeps me alive each day. Even in the face of all...this. On the day I returned, she asked after my scars, noticing that I hadn't had them when I left. Of course, I did not tell her the truth. I must protect her from the truth.

I received a visiter upon my return. One I had heard of as a boy, and one I never expected to see. She seemed to materialize just before, and it was not until then that I noticed my surroundings had changed and faded into a bright, white light. All that stood before me was the hooded woman.

She introduced herself to me as Theresa. But somehow I knew who she was even before she told. She she had been my father's guide...

She told me of things. Terrible things. Things that are coming to Albion. It won't stop. Not until it has consumed the entire world in shadow and darkness. Aurora will be the first to fall, and if nothing is done to stop this...then so will Albion.

I know now that Aurora is a lost cause. I will never be able to save both it and Albion together. Kalin... I have never known such pain before this day. A part of me wishes I had never met her. It would make abandoning these people to the darkness much easier.

I have told only one person about this. Reaver. He is the only person I will ever tell - and oddly enough, he is the only person I can trust with it…. Trust Reaver. I must be truly desperate. But he is the only Hero I know, and he has said he would aid me. I would rather not need his aid, but…

I am only one man, King of a doomed country, and not even a Hero as my father was, or as Reaver is. There is no chance for us, unless I raise a worthy army. And I will not be able to do this lightly. I've seen what must be done, and nothing will stand in my way. We will be greater and we will be stronger. No matter what sacrifices we must make.

This is my Albion and I will see it destroyed before I surrender it.

Thank you all for your support in this. It is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the mind of one of my favorite video game characters of all time. :)