Pretear Discovering Facebook

Chapter 1


Himeno Awayuki: My dad finally let me have a Facebook! :D

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Mayune Awayuki: I just ignored him.

Hayate: I was forced into getting one... -_-'

Himeno Awayuki: Who made you?

Hayate: Everyone

Himeno Awayuki: O.o

Kei: We didn't force you to, we asked you to get one so you could add Himeno.

Hayate: Shut-up

Goh: I agree with Kei. :)

Hayate: I said shut-up.


Mannen tagged a photo of Himeno Awayuki and Hayate.

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Mannen: Yayoi let me have it.. hehehhe

Yayoi Takato: All true. I just happen to walk by the church from shopping and you two were just embracing each other about to kiss.

Hayate: Huh!

Himeno Awayuki: Aaah, Mannen, please take down this picture!

Mannen: No, I think I'll just leave it up there.

Kei: Woah, when did this happen?

Goh: Dang Hayate, I didn't know you were so passionate. O.o

Himeno Awayuki: I..I don't even remember this happening, it was 4 months ago.

Mayune Awayuki: Lier, you just said when it was.

Goh: 4 MONTHS? That was when we were fighting Fenrir!

Hayate: Go away, it was a... an accident! Yeah an accident..

Mannen: From the way you were about to kiss her, I wouldn't say it was an accident.

Hayate: Sssh.. shut-up!

Goh: He didn't deny it... O.O

Kaoru Awayuki: Himeno! *cries*

Natsue Awayuki: That was a really nice close up Ms. Takato. :)

Yayoi Takato: Thank you Mrs. Awayuki! XD

Himeno Awayuki: gah, MOTHER!


Himeno Awayuki added Hayate as her friend.

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Himeno Awayuki: So many people...

Mayune Awayuki: You're so dense Himeno.

Himeno Awayuki: How am I dense!

Mawata Awayuki: You are dense Himeno, you don't see what's in front of you until it's gone.

Himeno Awayuki: Huh, what?

Mayune Awayuki: You have no idea what she's talking about do you?

Himeno Awayuki: No clue.

Mayune Awayuki: *sighs*


Hayate: How do I do it?


Kei: Do what? Confess to Himeno?

Goh: You're so chicken!

Mannen: *immitates a chicken*

Hayate: It's not that!

Sasame: Then what is it?

Hayate:... uh...

Sasame: Thought so..

Mawata Awayuki: Uh guys, you know she can see this post right?

Hayate: D#&

Mannen: Oooooh, Hayate said a bad word!

Kei: Does this prove that you have feelings for her?

Goh: Well, he did kiss her after the battle when we thought she was dead.

Kei: Oh yeah, that's right!

Hayate: Will you guys please shut-up! I'm deleting this post...



Himeno Awayuki's Wall

Wall Post:

Mannen: Hey Himeno, meet me and the twerps in the garden.


Himeno Awayuki: Okay.. I'll be right down.

Kei: Why does she need to meet you?

Goh: Mannen, what are you pulling?

Mannen: You'll just have to wait and see..



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