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Chapter 12

Himeno Awayuki: Thanks for all your help everyone! I'll take care of the rest. :)

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Sasame: And what do you mean by, "I'll take care of the rest." ;)

Himeno Awayuki: It's not what you think Sasame.

Sasame: Mhm

Himeno Awayuki: It's not!

Sasame: If you aren't, then why are you freaking out?

Himeno Awayuki: Umm, you pretty much started it.

Sasame: Mhm ;)

Himeno Awayuki: You have such a perverted mind.

Sasame: Thank you, I know I do! :D

Himeno Awayuki: ... -_-

The waning moonlight danced across the carpeted floor. And went on through the clear clean glass of a door, leading in to the room only of a 16 year old girl, but in her bed lies a man of 19 years. Such a man with long navy hair and a handsome complexion, it's easy to mistake him for a man of 20 years. But for the long years only seem like a week to him. So his age was stopped by time, but his own personality and heart never grew old, as if time has stopped that as well.

Himeno rested her knees on the floor and propped her head and arms up on the bed. 'It's been awhile since I've actually go to see him face to face.'

Not only looking at him made her heart race, just hoping for a moment of impossibility made her quiver in undying love for him. "Hayate," she whispered to herself before closing her eyes pretending to sleep.

Feeling the rustle of the sheet startled her a bit, but decided it was nothing, only 'Hayate tossing and turning in his sleep', is what she thought. Although she did make a mistake, he just happened to sit up in the bed in such a surprise to find himself in her room, in her bed, but especially with her at his side. 'Has she been here the whole time?'

Without thinking, he reached out to pet her head. He jerked back a little in hesitation, but slowly progressed on through by stroking her hair. Himeno jerked up, flabbergasted to see Hayate awake and anew from his fever. "Hayate..," Himeno's eyes gleamed.

"Himeno," Hayate shocked to see her looking at him when he only thought she was sleeping. "Hayate... I.."

"..." Hayate drew back. He was afraid of how she was going to respond to him for all the stress he put her through. "This has to be a dream," she said to herself. "And if it is, I don't want to let it end." Himeno reached out for his arm, pulling herself closer to him. All Hayate could do was watch and let her crawl up to him. "H..Himeno.."

"Mmm?" Such a simple answer gave him the courage to speak even more. "H.. have you been thinking about me this whole entire time," his heart rapidly smack the inside of his chest, waiting for a crucial answer.

"Of course I was, I still love you so much," she looked up in to his eyes. "Himeno it's not a dream...," Hayate said. His eyes started to pour out with tears.

"Himeno, I'm so sorry," he coughed out with tears. "I was wrong. I'm sorry that I broke up with you for no real reason, I'm sorry I didn't believe you.. I just-" he was cut off by two arms encircling around his neck.

"It's okay. I just want to be by your side again," she nuzzled at the crook of his neck. Hayate couldn't help to give in to the sensation of holding her tight. So he lifted her arms from his neck and she gasped as if she were rejected. But he did just the opposite.

Using both arms, he took her in to an embrace. He held on to her as if he haven't touched her for years, but it felt like years since they were apart. "Himeno, I.. I'm so sorry." She laughed a little bit to herself, "I told you already, it's okay." Himeno brought her face up to his, smiling from all the pain she tried to hide. But she was happy, finally happy once more. With out a thought, Hayate took her in closer to where there wasn't anymore space between their lips. The passion flowed from just one kiss and one after the other.

Finally together again; nothing was ever going to tear them apart again.

Himeno Awayuki is in a relationship with Hayate.

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Kei: Wow

Mannen: That was unexpected.

Sasame: Great, its about time you guys made up!

Takako: I'm so glad you guys are back together! I thought I was going to have to make Himeno go on blind dates.

Himeno Awayuki: Blind dates...?

Hayate: ...

Takako: But now that you two are back together, I don't have to ask some of my other friends from work to come comfort Hayate.

Hayate: WHAT?

Himeno Awayuki: TAKAKO?

Takako: I was only wanting to help...

Sasame: I think you have helped enough by at least being there for them.

Himeno Awayuki: This conversation is starting to p*ss me off... -_-

Goh made a group: Leafe Talk


Mannen: Leafe Talk?

Goh: Shut it brat...

Goh messages the group.

Goh: (I guess I'll change the topic) So... how'd you guys make up?

Himeno Awayuki: -/-

Himeno Awayuki: Uhhh

Hayate: Ummm

Sasame: YOU DIDN'T... O.O

Goh: Holy crap, really? I thought Hayate wasn't that kind of guy!

Mannen: I'm too young to be knowing about this...

Natsue Awayuki: Himeno, you wouldn't! How will your father handle this?

Mawata Awayuki: O.o My stepsister and her boyfriend...


Himeno Awayuki: HONESTLY

Sasame: Sure you didn't. ;)

Hayate: We didn't!

Himeno Awayuki: All I did was crawl up in to bed with him!

Hayate: Himeno don't tell everyone!

Sasame: Hahahaha seriously?

Goh: The girl's got guts! XD

Hayate: Oh God.

Takako: Wow Himeno...

Himeno Awayuki: What?

Hayate: ...

Takako: Did you try to seduce him?

Hayate: !

Sasame: Takako... why ask such a question?

Takako: I was just curious.

Himeno Awayuki: NO, if I tried, I would have to be drunk first.

Hayate: !

Sasame: :O

Goh: O.O

Takako: OoO

Kaoru Awayuki: Himeno!

Mannen: I'm too young for this..

Hayate:... Himeno... umm... you do know what you just typed?

Himeno Awayuki: Huh? No, what did I type?

Hayate: Are you serious?

Himeno Awayuki: Oh crap, that was suppose to stay in my head!

Goh: Hahahahahaha how do you manage? xDDDDD

Himeno Awayuki: Can we change the subject.

Goh: No, this is comedy gold!

Himeno Awayuki: How is my embarrassment funny?

Goh: Not yours, Hayate's!

Hayate: Huh?

Goh: I'm looking through the window right at you Hayate! You are red as a tomato! XD

Hayate: mfahcalknv

Himeno Awayuki: Huh?

Hayate: Sorry, I dropped my phone for a second there.

Goh: Owww Hayate... you didn't have to punch me... TT~TT

Hayate: Shut up will yah?

Sorry guys that its been so long! Had a little of a writers block for awhile.. Thanks for being patient with me! :D