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Everything after "Videl learns how to fly" is nonexistent, therefore Goku is still dead and only Videl knows Gohan is the Great Saiyaman. No one is capable of super saiyan 2, not even Gohan, because he didn't train at all during the 7 years. His strength did not decrease though. Also, the human Z fighters' power levels are around Frieza's final form because I am TIRED of the fact that they are just like chopped liver now since the saiyans outstripped them. (That also means they've been training all the time.)

~~~DBZ ~~~

Somewhere out in space, there was a gigantic spaceship full of nearly 300 saiyans. They've been around for 35 years already, looking for resourceful planets to conquer. No one really knew about them, because all their work was done quietly and secretly.

The saiyans had changed slightly. Their class system was slightly modified. Now there was a Super Elite level. That level was only for those who have achieved the super saiyan level, which there was only 10. The prince (age 19) was among the 10, and from what everyone hears from the rumors, he's about to reach a level beyond that. Whether that level really exists or not remains to be seen.

The Queen sat in the throne room. A scientist approached her and knelt down.

"What is it, Norc?" she asked.

"My team has been working on the Blutz Wave Generator for 2 months already. The progress is so far very successful. It will be ready to use within another 2 weeks," he replied. "But, my lady, which planet will you use it on?"

"I have decided on planet Earth. Also, I want my son to go against the super saiyan there. Have you not heard the talk about an Earth-raised saiyan who reached the legendary state and defeated the Cold Family?" the Queen said.

"Of course, your Majesty, who hasn't? The Prince will surely win," he responded, a tiny hint of pride in his voice.

"Now, Norc, do you know anything about that saiyan? Why has he been evading us?"

"We do not know. Perhaps he thinks we are the enemy."

The Queen sighed. "You may leave."

Norc slunk away.

~~~DBZ ~~~

It's been nearly a year since he was brought back to life for whatever reasons. The whole thing was still very strange to him. One moment he was in Hell, punching Frieza in the face, then the next, he appeared on another planet in the living world.

Then, he managed to get some information out of the natives. Apparently, 35 years passed since Planet Vegeta was destroyed. Questioning further, he found out that an Earth-raised saiyan had reached super saiyan and defeated Frieza.

That must be his son then…

And now, there was some group who intended to capture him. He didn't know who, but he knew that the best thing to do would be to evade the group until he discovered who they were.

He decided his next target would be Earth, then. He would try to find his son there, and hopefully get some answers.


In the Otherworld, Check-In Station nearly a year ago…

"KING YEMMA!" An ogre raced to King Yemma's desk.

He peered down at the blue ogre. "What is it?"

"Wretimus! It momentarily created a portal from here to the living world and brought the prisoner back to life!"

"WHAT! Who revived and escaped?"

"The saiyan," then the ogre said his name, "I don't even think he was aware of what happened! He was fighting Frieza when that happened!"

That saiyan, King Yemma mused, didn't he die by Frieza's hand? So why was he fighting him in the first place?

The ogre continued to blab about the scene he just witnessed. "And he was in this strange state. His hair was golden and sticking upwards. I think Goz said his eyes were emerald!"

Huh? How could he reach the super saiyan state?

"King Yemma? KING YEMMA!" The ogre jerked him out of his reverie. "What are we going to do about him?"

King Yemma thought for a moment. "There's nothing we can do now, since he's alive now. But, if this ever happens again, I will send you to work at the 18th level of Hell [1]." He cracked his knuckles in a threatening manner.

The blue monster gave a squeak and scampered off into the distance.

[1] Hell in Asia has always been described as 18 levels, the 18th been the deepest and worst.

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