Fly me to the moon

(Based on the 1963 version)The events following Astro's flight to the sun

Disclaimer:(Set at the end of episode 193, and borrows the arm cannon from the 2003 version, but that's all) and see my page for the whole "I don't own it" rant. Also, Dr. Ochanimizu and Dr. O'Shay are the same person (different name).

Astro held tight to the bomb as he floated steadily to the sun. He stared at his target face on, ready for the inevitable. While trying his best to be brave, for his family, for his friends, for his planet, something deep down told him, he might not see them again. Even still, he would keep his promise. He turned back to see his planet one last time.

"Don't worry guys; I'll get the sun back to normal." He promised the blue dot that was growing smaller by the minute.

While every human had left earth as a safety measure against the attack, Astro still felt the strong sense to protect it. Even though the humans were gone, he needed to make sure they had somewhere to go back to. Despite its many problems, there was still room for hope, still room for goodness…if you knew where to look.

It's so beautiful…

The bang was deafening, the humans up in their spaceships, and the robots watched in awe as a small red ring formed on the lower part of the sun and then disappeared. The silence was then broken by the cheering of millions; the earth was no longer in danger! However, the humans held off returning for nearly a month just to be on the safe side. Soon after though, the ships came back in small groups until the world's population was back.

By the time the year was out, every man, woman, and child, human and robot alike had been accounted for.

Except one…

"When's big brother coming back?" Uran pestered Dr. Ochanimizu for the third time that week.

"He should be back soon," he replied trying to sound certain "the sun is far away, between 147 and 152 million kilometers to be exact, and the magnetic pulls from the different planets must be affecting his navigation…"

He would always trail off with something to that effect, trying to use reason to convince others why Astro hadn't yet returned. But one would wonder, who was Dr. Ochanimizu really trying to convince? The public? Or himself?

Another month went by.

Then two.

Then three.

The Ministry of Science had calculated that with Astro moving at top speed, he would be back in either May or June. Only problem was that June was three months ago! Dr. Ochanimizu held firm to his belief that Astro would be back any day now. But many of his fellow colleagues (and much of the public), who weren't as optimistic, steadily lost hope that he would every return, sure that the bomb's impact on the sun had destroyed him.

Soon, even Dr. Ochanimizu felt that after a while, there was a part of him that also started to lose hope. As much as it saddened him, he had to keep a confident appearance at work. One day in a moment of introspective thinking, an idea came to him. The world needed their hero, a little piece of the machine called life that allowed it to run more smoothly. And what was done with machines who had missing parts? They were replaced! But while the Ministry lacked the necessary funds, it soon would be back in running order. His mind was made up.

One day, a new Astro would be built!