A/N- I was writing this and I realize something... Blaine is a bit of a rapist in this story. Huh. Guess it's gotta be rated M then.

"Kurt, please, will you just look at me?"

"No." The genie kept his eyes trained on the images that flashed past his window.

Blaine pursed his lips. He didn't want to do it, but it seemed necessary. "I wish for you to look me in the eyes."

Kurt let out a small gasp of anguish. He snapped his shaky fingers, and after the swirling smoke cleared, his eyes couldn't leave Blaine's. "There. Now you have ten wishes left, Master." He spit the name with utter hatred. Kurt had been betrayed. Used. Forced to remain under the thumb of this cruel man. He thought Blaine was nice, he thought he wouldn't need to lay down rules like 'no wishing for more wishes.'

Clearly he was wrong.

"There's no need to cry. I'm not gonna hurt you." Blaine reached out to wipe away one of Kurt's tears, but he pulled his hand back when Kurt flinched. "Honestly, Kurt. You're overreacting."

"I hate you."

"No, you don't." Blaine scooted closer to the genie and was happy he didn't try and move away. He didn't want to coerce Kurt into things with all his wishes. "I'm still going to set you free! But you were right back there; I found you through fate. What if I wanna hold on to you a little longer? What if that's part of our fate too?" Kurt didn't answer. He just stared Blaine down, letting his angry tears flow freely. "Look, you may be mad now, but I think it's for the best. I- I really like you. Don't you like me, even a little bit?"

Still, Kurt kept his mouth shut. "I wish you would just be honest with me," Blaine said in a soothing maner.

Kurt whimpered, but he knew he had to snap his fingers and make it so. The smoke cleared, and Kurt was once again fixing his watery eyes on Blaine's. "Nine wishes."

Blaine didn't have time to focus on that. "Are you attracted to me?"

Kurt looked like he was trying hard to fight the answer that tumbled from his lips. "Yes," he choked out. "But you're not who I thought you were! The Blaine I first met was nice, and you're not him."

Blaine smiled. "Yes I am!" He cupped Kurt's face and pulled him close, starting a trail of kisses down his nose. He was still that person, of course! He was still the same Blaine, but now he had some power. That was something he had never had before, and by God he was going to take advantage of it. "We can spend a little more time together, just you and me. I'll still let you go! It'll just take a little longer." He worked his way to Kurt's lips and kissed him lightly, but Blaine became more forceful when he Kurt's lips remain motionless. "I wish you would just kiss me already," he said between pecks.

Another snap echoed through the air. Kurt was kissing back now, but it seemed that only his lips were responsive. Blaine pulled away, and Kurt was forced to continue by planting open-mouthed kisses and bites down Blaine's neck. "I suggest that you get more into this, Kurt," Blaine said in a warning tone. "I don't want to, but I'm not opposed to using my wishes to get you. You don't want that, do you?" Kurt shook his head, and a hot tear smeared across Blaine's throat as it brushed Kurt's cheek. "Then you know what to do."

Kurt nodded and pulled away, his lips still forced to return to Blaine's skin after only moments apart from it. He found Blaine's lips once again, and he reached with tentative hands to curls his fingers into Blaine's hair. Blaine cupped Kurt's cheeks and brushed at the streams of tears with his thumb, making note to wipe them away properly when he was done kissing this beautiful creature. Blaine worked his tongue between Kurt's lips, but the genie's teeth barred his path of exploration. He just needed to train Kurt to be more cooperative, that's all.

The limo eventually pulled up to Blaine's apartment building, but it felt like this happened much too soon. "You can stop now, Kurt." A wave of sluggishness washed over the young genie, and he fell back against the leather seats. He couldn't sit for long though; Blaine soon tugged him out of the oversized vehicle and was running up the stairs to his penthouse apartment.

"I'll just go back to my coffee cup when I-"

"No." Blaine stopped Kurt on the middle of the stairs and pressed a chaste kiss to his forehead. "I wish for you to stay in my room and share my bed." He turned back around and started running again, giving the statement an air of finality.

Kurt snapped his fingers. "That leaves seven, Master," he muttered, not caring if Blaine could hear. They finally reached the apartment door, and Blaine fumbled excitedly with his keys. Blaine turned to Kurt and said, "Go straight to my bedroom when we get inside."

"Is that a wish?" Kurt asked with defiance.

"No, it's an order." Blaine opened the door and ushered Kurt inside. He became flustered and ran to the master bedroom while Blaine spoke quickly and quietly with one of the maids.

"I want everyone out. No one is to come back until noon tomorrow at the earliest. Understood?" The woman looked confused, but nodded nonetheless and started rounding up the other servants. Blaine smiled at he thought of having the whole night and the next morning with his Kurt, all alone and undisturbed. He walked confidently to his bedroom and looked lovingly at Kurt, who was perched awkwardly on the massive bed.

"I've told everyone to go home. We have to place all to ourselves now." Kurt gulped but nodded. He didn't like the greedy look in Blaine's eyes as he scanned Kurt's body, clearly undressing him with his eyes. Blaine suddenly launched forward, forcing Kurt's lips to part against his own as his nimble fingers worked away at Kurt's suit. "So beautiful," he muttered against Kurt's neck before sucking hard at one of the defined dips in the genie's collarbone. Kurt gasped and gripped Blaine's arms tightly, which Blaine only took as a sign that his plan was working. He could make Kurt want to stay with him. He could make a life married to him seem much better than a life married to the theater.

Blaine put his hands to Kurt's shoulders and pushed him back, grinding his hips into Kurt's smaller frame. Kurt tried to push back and leave Blaine's reach, but Blaine sighed. "I wish you wouldn't fight me," he said, making mental note that there were only six left now. There was nothing for Kurt to do but snap his fingers and let Blaine do as he pleased. Blaine kissed him hard again, and Kurt turned his head to try and seem like he was enjoying it. He could feel his master's lips curl into a smirk and a calloused hand sliding over his belt. Kurt whimpered in surprise and fear. For the first time, Blaine pulled away.

"Oh my gosh, I forgot. You just had your first kiss today!" He peeled away from Kurt, who was now gasping with relief. "It's fine, I didn't mean to rush you," Blaine said, stripping down into his boxers. "We can just go to bed and do this when you're more comfortable." He climbed under the covers and gave Kurt a meaningful look. Blaine wished for Kurt to strip down as well and curl up with him.

Then he wished for five more wishes.