The Devil of Solitude

A story by: The Devil of Solitude


I do not own any of the characters, places or anything in this story, except those dark places in between the light and dark, happiness and insanity. All credit of pre existing things go to their respective owners,without them we would never have been inspired to write Fan Fiction.

Darkness ebbs and darkness flows, it darkels and tincts

She is the light that shatters my darkness...

Chapter One...

Lusk Hollow...and the Witch

From the silent darkness from where I was pretty much resigning to because of the endless feeling, though there were no senses that worked to tell weather I was alive or dead, breathing or still and zero any thing audible . But then at some point a strange feeling started seeping through the ink black, it took me seemingly a long time to figure out that is was sound. At first I could not identify it but soon enough it started coming through and my brain registered it, it was white noise and then was rain.

A crack of thunder sent a shock through my extremely sensitive and deprived systems. Then came feeling, I felt cold as hell but it wasn't the cold from the was wet and cold I could start to feel each and every rain drop as it hit my flesh. It seemed to take forever to do, but after trying for what seemed like forever my eye's began opening and things started focusing into view. Now comes the question I would never find a definitive answer for...what the HELL happened to me?

I heard a strange noise, unfamiliar.

But a moment after it ceased I registered as coming from me, a low groan...of pain, grogginess or what I had not the faculty to ascertain yet. My body felt lifeless and hollow as I lay powerless, my eyes still trying to focus the world that surrounded me. My sight was blurry and the rain falling into them was not helping all that much, it was more like a thunder storm down pour, the cold liquid running into my eye's stung a bit and seeping between my slightly parted lips tasted slightly acidic.

My sense of smell returned before my sight focused, I was assaulted by a dank musty smell with damp old paper like smelled like a dump wherever I was. Now focused it was dark but not totally, there were light sources all over but I happened to just be in a dark spot what appeared to be an ally likely. The sounds and scents and what I could see suggested that some how I was in a dark stinking ally of some city, surely wasn't a town from all I was beginning to hear and smell.

After a while letting my senses return to some thing recognizable as normal I tried moving, my body was stiff as if I were frozen but proceeded to begin moving as I wanted. Stiff as if frozen...that theory was likely to become true if I did not get my ass to moving soon, this downpour would most certainly start the effects of hypothermia sooner than later if I didn't. Rolling over from my side onto my back seemed sluggish, and it took me quite a bit longer to get to my feet.

My first steps were unsure and wobbly and I nearly tripped and went face first into the steel corner of a nearby dumpster, I caught myself and worked my way around it under an old awning just to the side of it attached to the building.

I got stable a bit later and started trying to warm myself up by doing some simple mechanical movements to limber up my joints and try to get some internal heat building, though if I did not find a warm place and some dry clothes or at least a place to dry my own and warm up I would be screwed any way. Rubbing my arms to try to get the feeling back into the skin my arm's kept bumping some thing on the front of me, I wasn't wearing a jacket and wondered what the hell that could be. Stopping my warming I looked down curiously and what I discovered made my eye's bug out and I stopped breathing for a moment, what the HELL?

"What the!"

I damn near tore my shirt off by the collar as I practically jammed my head down inside it as if I were near sighted and blind as a bat, and there they were and real as day and I had a head spinning bout of anxiety I cannot classify. I have no clue as to what terminology or name for a disorder that would be caused by waking up in another persons body or just one not your own any way, not separation anxiety that's wrong and just stupid in this case...but it did not matter...any of it...I was STILL looking under my shirt to my chest and I was STILL seeing what were plain as day breasts!

On a different note though, they were...Ahem! of the best sets I had ever seen. Joking aside I was not currently amused with this development at all, I let go of my now stretched out black t shirt and tilted my head back blowing out a startled and nervous breath of air I had apparently been holding till I got light headed. Still I did a double take and looked again this time not jamming my head into the shirt, still there, still perfect, nipples hard as rocks from the rain soaked shirt and...

I let go of the shirt asking myself what the fuck am I doing? And what the fuck is going on, what the fuck happened to me and what the hell am I going to do now and where in the blue hell was I? My first thought was going to the cops, strange enough...I hated cops mostly except when they were to my advantage. Checking my clothes for pockets I found a few, fishing out what felt like my wallet I yanked it out and it seemed to be a small pocket purse not a wallet but...*Close enough for government work* I figured to myself, opened it hoping like hell I had my id and everything and low and behold it did...just not mine...

Flipping through the small purse I found id, it looked odd but it looked as legit as any I had ever seen.

Mega Tokyo

Japan Citizen ID

Operator DL: 4961-68-9948

Iss: 11/04/2031 Exp:07/31/2036




5-15-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku

CBN%: 0

Yadda yadda, the normal jagger except it was in Japanese and I could read it. Who was this woman who's stuff I had? My mind returning to earlier I looked down at my chest where there under my shirt bulged to ample breasts, I sighed and looked back at the ID then shrugged after a moment. I needed a place to clear my head and gather my wits, and this damned rain and cold wind and being soaked was not doing it.

Rifling through the small purse after replacing the ID I found a few other perhaps useful items, the most useful I found that would meet my current needs was a thick lining of bills. It was of course to my dismay Yen, guess it was not as dismaying as I found I could not only read Japanese but also had prior knowledge that normally a native would. It flipped in my mind that this cash would be far more than enough to get a decent hotel room for the time being, but I also am in great need of a change of clothing, later I would worry about my grumbling gut and also the questions in my mind about what happened to myself and why I have boobs and so on.

Also I found a pass card for a Maglev, heard of those there trains of some sort. Assorted cards likely credit and bank cards as I passed them up looking for more immediately useful items, but other than the ID and cash there was nothing atm that I seen that would help me out so I closed it and replaced it in my back pocket checking the rest and found nothing but a soaked pack of smokes and a nice zippo lighter that would more than likely not be affected by the dampness and a set of key's that I was willing to bet would unlock a door some where at 5-15-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku as I guessed that is where...someone...lived this woman.

Deciding to get a move on as my body began the shivers in an attempt to warm itself, early beginnings of hypothermia. The mouth of the ally opened into a fairly busy street, not a main one but it was for the better as I likely looked like hell but exactly what I looked like I had no friggin clue because of the surprises in my shirt. I got a good look at what I was wearing though before I ventured any further. A plain black sleeved t shirt, baggy black cargo pants and a pair of what looked like athletic trainers which were also black but with red swatches on the toe and sides...all soaked of course.

Thinking of how much money I had I figured it to be quite a bit and I could likely afford a good new outfit, shoes and hopefully a umbrella or some thing before venturing to find a place to stay the night in this place. Eventually I did find a clothing outlet, it was the single most awkward situation in my life and I am glad it went quickly thankfully due to a very nice and not to mention cute sales girl that practically ran up to me upon my entering the establishment, of course I looked like a drowned rat she stroked my ego though and to my shock called me Miss! I did my best to not be a weirdo and went along with it, trying to shop in the woman's section about made me freak and I told her I had absolutely no clue as I'd never worn anything like what they had.

She swallowed this bit eagerly and helped me pick out some thing that was sensible yet not all frilly or any thing near that and went for a decidedly more sporty look. In the end I got a good deal on it all, a very nice pair of jeans, a pair of lace up medium flat heels that resembled combats I seemed oddly used too, a decent shirt and a black hoodie and also they had an umbrella that I got as well. I went out the door and stood there under the store front overhang looked around my wet clothes in a bag in one hand, my other in my jeans pocket hood up wondering where to go next.

My mind wandered, and yet I could not recall what happened to me or even who I used to be except I got the feeling I was not a female before. I seemed to be having some sort of split personality but not really, it was although kinda like I came from another body and was dropped into this one and set loose in a strange land. I shook my head pushing these thoughts away quickly, figuring it would just drive me insane. It was then that a motorcycle went by close to the curb barely missing me as I was too close to it's edge at that point, I staggered backward startled at how close it came to me nearly falling on my ass. The bike stopped for a moment, I could not see the riders entire face but could barely see the eye's they were a woman's and they were red and they sent a shock through me that was like a partial memory recollection though nothing much came except a name and that was Priss. Was that really this woman on the bikes name, everything was uncertain but what was certain was she was telling me off curtly and gave me the finger before she sped off. I stood there for a moment and sighed, and promised myself no more day dreaming while out and about.

I was making my way to find a hotel or a motel which ever I found first, the rain had let up and I was able to fold up the umbrella and place it in my bag. Not long after that I was passing another ally much the same as all the others when suddenly I was grabbed and yanked suddenly and viciously into the dark, being slammed into the concrete wall of the adjacent building making my head spin slightly and damn did it hurt. Gaining my wits quickly my eyes focused on 4 punks, several of them with cyber implants others looking all human. The big guy of the bunch had hold of me and he had this shit eating grin that was missing several teeth, they all reeked like shit and looked like your garden variety street gang ass holes.

"Well well well...lookie what we got here boys, we gots us a cutie pie!"

They all laughed catering to the big mans ego like a bunch of tools, Oh great! I thought to myself, I'm in deep shit. I hadn't struggled up to this point because I was too busy freaking out in my mind and not knowing what to do, I guess I was frozen for a bit.

"Hehehe...I'll bet your gonna feel and taste so fine baby...c'mere and let old Geist have a taste..."

That big smelly fucker practically breathed in my face he was so close and when I felt him grab one of my breasts some thing in me snapped, I had no clue as to what the hell happened but it was like I was no longer in my own body and I was watching all this stuff happen through the persons eye's like a first person type video game. The gangsters eye's opened wide as dinner plates and he chocked and gagged making sick sounds and it was my hand on his throat suddenly, WTF! I thought and next I had lifted him single handed off the ground and tossed him into the brick wall of the building across the alleyway. He hit super hard with a loud sickening crack and he fell to the ground leaving a big blood splash on the dark brick and did not move, the other three stood shocked for a moment...hell I was feeling the same way but snapped myself out of it as the eye's turned to them and one up and ran the other two pulled out weapons.

One had a rather large fixed blade hunting knife while the other had a baton with electrodes built in that threw sparks when he activated it, oh well this is just great I'm blacked out and some how winning...shit now I'm going to get fried and sliced to death and I'm not even in my right mind or know who I am yet!

"Your gonna pay BIG TIME for that you little whore!"

This guy just ran right at me and swung the big hunting knife right at my stomach and thudded to a stop, Oh Fuck! I thought swearing to god that I now had that knife in my gut...what the HELL is going ON?

Suddenly though the guy looked up with a face of terror that turned his face white as a ghost, he squealed as his hand holding the knife came up into blood on it at all and I was relived. His wrist snapped the sound echoing slightly off the brick and concrete walls on either side of us, the knife dropped and so did he. Silence for a moment after this, the other guy held his weapon at the ready but did not strike oddly and then came a voice that was strange and yet familiar and after a moment realized it was coming from my mouth. My vision came to the man with the weapon still standing, then back to the one holding his wrist and cursing and crying.

"Well...are you two men still so willing to die in the gutter for nothing? I once wore an oath to never kill PEOPLE like you deserve to be called people...but in this day and age I have no qualms about killing you and leaving your bloodied bodies lying in this dank alleyway., DIE!"

At this the guy with the shock baton dropped it and it clattered hollowly to the concrete and he began to stutter at first then became clearer, his voice shook with fear like a vibrato.

"Wha, what...WHAT the FUCK ARE you! Your eye's man! WTF ARE you! You can fucking have him and his money or what the fuck ever you want lady just don't kill me!"

He ran like a marathon runner out of the ally and around the corner not to be seen again, his buddy looked up at me and got the same look on his fave and he babbled the same, some thing about my eye's and he too did his best and scrambled his miserable hide up and out of there away from me. My vision started moving along the ground and soon came to a puddle on the ground, gazing into it I saw a females face and like the license it was fair and fine but then I noticed it and a shock of fear went through me as well. My eye's, the woman's eye's. They weren't normal at the moment, they had turned a bright gold color that seemed to glow in the darkness they were so bright and they were slitted like a cat's eye's. After a moment of gazing into this puddle they suddenly went back to normal, at first sight in the license I thought them to be gray but now I know the eye color to be silver.

Suddenly a flash back rocked through my brain, it was actually painful really really painful. But I began to remember some thing I had lost, memories about myself and some other things and who and 'what' I was. A symbol flashed through my mind, it was a bloody fire like crimson color . Other silver eye's and swords, a cloaked figure in black, the clacking of metal armor and the smell of fire. All of the memories were of grim sadness and of tremendous pain and long time suffering and loss, these things made me feel like wanting to end it but soon the emotions went away and all I had to deal with were images. Names as well though these were foggy enough where I could not put them together into some thing tangible yet, my memories felt very old at least the prominent ones and they felt old enough to be hundreds of years old.

Soon it all stopped and I was back, or at least it felt like I was back to normal. I found myself on my knees on the wet concrete, picking myself up I made the decision to first seek out this place in Shinjuku. Placing a hand in my left hoodie pocket I felt the key's, slim and cold and began my journey and hoped that reaching that place would hold some more clues.

Some time later I reached the place, ended up on the 25th floor of this high rise building. Pretty swanky I thought, then I used the key on the door that had the same markings and the door opened. Closing it behind me I had no sudden flash backs or anything, it was dark an I sought out the switch and found it. Light cascaded along the rooms expanse from the hall way I was standing in to the main room which was huge, it was decorated lavishly and furnished by what looked like medieval like plush furniture. There were standing suits of armor and swords adorning the walls in places all of them looked very real and not the pieces of shit you normally see, like a center piece there was a huge cabinet looking box it looked about ten feet tall and upon touch it confirmed what it was made of...some real heady duty steel.

It was starkly plain and just matte black but as I ran my hand along it I came upon the was the very same that was in my flashback some time ago in that alleyway, and it was filled in slightly with a deep red epoxy or some thing that looked an awful lot like it. As my finger traced the symbol it began to glow startling me my hand instinctively jerking from it, but it returned and caressed it's light and surface and I felt like I longed for some thing while touching it.

"Ma'am...are you thinking of that old business again, I thought you said the world has not had a place for 'that kind' in time out of mind."

I jumped nearly out of my skin when the voice came from behind me, flipping around I saw a very old man standing there calm as could be like he knew me and a smile on his face. He looked like a butler of some sort,he looked kind enough so after taking a moment to collect myself I tried my best to talk.

"I...don't know who you are, I don't know who I am...but am trying to find out and excuse me if I am extremely confused but it has not been a good night for me."

For a moment he looked puzzled...and a split second later he got this very worried look on his old face.

"Oh are in terrible sorts, come sit here and I will put on some tea and I will do my very best to help you Ms. Maeda."

Some time later things were dawning on me a bit, and then it started to get REALLY strange when he started to recount my past. He told me what that symbol meant, and explained as best he could or at least relayed what "I" had once confided in him that I was. That symbol was My symbol, it stood my my real name, and that it was given to me a long time ago. Exactly 'what' I was he explained as this...

"You look the very same as you did when you first hired me my lady, I am now a very well aged 71 years old...and I began work for you specially when I was aged exactly twenty seven years old...I remember because I had celebrated going to work for you at my twenty seventh birthday party two day's before I began working here for you. Your name is Kei Umiko Maeda the second, then again that is...not...your real true name you once told me...and you once told me the danger of knowing too much as well."

"Danger? I'm not who this id states that I am either? And how can it be possible that you have aged so much and I have aged none? Sorry, I think I am even more confused now than I was before..."

I lowered and shook my head, suddenly I felt my head being risen by a couple cool feeling fingers on my brow. It was the old man, and he was wearing a smile that wasn't happy but hopeful yet.

"I don't know how you managed to lose your memory Kei...BUT...I DO have some thing that you gave me a very long time ago for safe keeping, and it is to do with that huge strong box that has resided here since you came to settle, allow me to go get the envelope."

He was gone a few moments and I couldn't think of any thing to do but try and calm my nerves and sip the green tea in my cup, a lot of things did not make sense and I felt that I had never been so lost before in my life. And then he returned, holding in his hand a ancient looking envelope it was even sealed with a red wax seal.

"This letter has been in my exclusive care since the first year of my service with you my lady, it was the moment you began to truly trust me I believe. Also...that strong box has never been opened since you have been here, I mentioned it once and you stated this...*With hope will remain sealed until I and everything else about me is dust...what lies within that box is no longer of this world and it should remain that way along with me.*. What you meant by that exactly I am not sure, and I am hoping that it is nothing dangerous although this letter may hold they key to opening it...however now that I have recalled 'how' you stated that, I am no longer absolute on knowing exactly what might lie within its confines."

He handed me the letter and I took it reluctantly, but the more I looked at it the more I wanted to know what was in it that I would see to be so important to have sealed up forever. I turned it over to the wax seal, and it bore the exact same symbol as the strong box. Taking a deep breath I said screw it and broke the wax seal, it was really brittle and practically disintegrated when I broke it and the fold of the envelope pretty much fell off. My hopes fell a bit at this and I hoped that the letter inside was not in such bad shape as the envelope, once I had it out though I found it was in far better shape than the paper containing it. I read the whole thing and it was nothing too special except for a small pendant that was placed with the letter and instructions of how to use it, it seemed to open the strong box.

The allure was too strong for me to resist and the old man or Gregory stood back but with a look of great worry and apprehension on his face, as I stood directly in front of that huge strong box I stopped.

"My have lost your recollection of things for the moment...are you sure you want to do this without a clear head and understanding of what it is you are about to do?"

I stood silently for a moment thinking, nothing came.

"Gregory...nothing is coming to me and nothing has since I had a flash back in an ally some ways from here, I had already lost my memory and was jumped by four thugs and I managed to do a bit more than fight them off I think I killed one of them and it was so easy it was scary. I got a feeling my answers or at least some of them are in this thing, I have to find out."

With that I looked at the pendant that bore the same symbol as that on the strong box and the very same in my flash back earlier, I carefully placed it on the engraved symbol on the box. For a moment nothing happened but then suddenly I heard a dull mechanical gears working inside, then a loud metallic clank followed by a deep thud and a seal became visible and ajar. I grabbed and pulled at this new found door until it was half way open, dust was along the seal but on the inside it was totally dust free and like it had been getting cleaned every day. What was inside shocked me, Gregory who was over my shoulder was let out a sighing shocked gasp.

Inside the first thing was the most prominent thing seen, it gleamed in the bright lights of the room as if it were new but it had to be extremely old. It was a huge sword, a Claymore from what I thought but was bigger than any and unlike any I had thought I'd ever seen...easily nearly six feet long and had a fine hilt and near the hilt on the blade there it was in blazing scarlet that damn symbol etched right into the steel. There were some sort of suits folded nicely in high stacks off to one side, all were a white gray in color there seemed to be 20 or so and every one of them had a strange black neck piece and each of these bearing this symbol as well, then on the other side were pieces of armor carefully placed on a rather rugged mock up of a human figure. It looked unlike any armor I had ever seen to this point, all the parts were so very beautifully and delicately engraved. Although there were a couple of deep almost penetrating slash marks in it in various places that marred it but it still looked like new and definitely a masterpiece.

The whole set consisted of a cape, a set of shin high, slightly high-heeled metal Roman-like Sabatons a sort of boot, a set of large Vambraces or large armored wrist guards that extended to nearly the elbows, two heavy duty looking shoulder pieces I think they called them some thing like Spaulders in Roman times, and last but not least I could not at first identify but called it 'some thing of a skirt but it was made like the rest of the armor out of extremely sturdy metal. A second later I noticed a sort of built in sheath for the huge sword mounted to the shoulder pieces, all of this seemed extremely heavy duty and a normal person wearing all of this would be hard pressed to march in it let alone fight in it and even more impossible to swing that mammoth of a sword all at the same time while some one is also trying to kill you. Asides all of this there were other odds and end's and also a huge ancient looking book bound in leather and what looked like silvered corners and spine all of it gilded, it also bore the same symbol.

I reached out for the book and instead my hand decided to take a right and I grabbed the sword instead, and that flash back thing happened again my head feeling like it was exploding multiple times in a painful super nova of bloody pain and emotional turmoil from hell. I blacked out. Suddenly I woke up my eye's fluttered in the suns brilliant orange yellow dying light for a moment along with falling rain, then all as again forgotten and myself and things began to play out on the biggest stage there is...the world within a memory.